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 My neighbour stole something from our car.What to do...?
The family car's boot mat went missing like 2 years ago after I washed it. I left it on top of the car to dry. I live in a unit so the car was out back.
I never knew what happened to it ...

 If I have a chance to go streaking should I go?
I want to but I don't. If I get caught, what are the consequences of a 14 year old going streaking? I have a great oppurtunity right now and it's about mid night and I'm still ify on ...

 What will happen with..?
my friend was told to get rid of her cats cause her apartment didnt allow cats and they were going to try and hide them so they could keep them still so she said her boyfriend put them in a thin ...

 What do you think should happen to the remaining Somalian Pirate?
For those not briefed, four pirates held a tanker captain hostage. One of them jumped overboard and surrendered, the other three stayed and were shot/killed.

Now the question is, How much ...

 What is the purpose of somebody making a snuff film?
Is it because they don't have anything else better to do with their pathetic lives or what?
Additional Details
And please don't respond with any wiseaa' answer please, ...

 Can i call the police?
A guy stole my sisters phone. We found out because he started calling random people and saying stuff. He called my friend, and said "I will kill you" and hung up. Can I call the police? T...

 Stopped by cops while walking?
Last night i was wakling at about 4 in the morning. I had not used drugs or anything, i just felt like walking. So anyway a cop stops, gets out and starts asking me questions. I tell him my name and ...

 Getting Out of RIDICULOUS Parking Ticket, HELP!?
I received a parking ticket because my inspection sticker had fallen from the windshield, although it was still clearly visible. The state (NY) had recently said they sent out millions of faulty ...

 Can a runaway be charged with running away from foster care if they return when they are a legal adult?

 Will they drop my Traffic Citation?
I live in Virginia and I was in a Car accident in late January. At the time of the accident i did not have my car insurance information on hand and was written up for "Failure to Provide proof ...

 Speeding in wisconsin?
how much do you need to be going over the speed limit to get your drivers license taken away immediately?...

 Will I get my license suspended for an accident?
Yesterday at 35MPH I rear ended the car in front of me. The airbags went off and I also had a friend in the car. I am 16 and she is 15. We just strained things and the man who was in the car in front ...

 If I'm 17 and was arrested, will my name show up in the newspaper?
I was charged with dui, underage consumption, and open container. ]:
Additional Details
I was driving. I was parked because I knew I couldn't drive. My ignition was on because I had ...

 What's your opinion on marijuana?
Pros & Cons?
Just little facts and opinions about it would be great!
Thanks everyone!...

 I need to get a copy of a police report in Phoenix, AZ, where do I go online to retrieve the info I need?
as cheap and secure as ...

 Good gun for personal and police use?
Good reliable all around handgun?...?
Im gonna be turning 21 pretty and I plan on going and getting a handgun and permit to carry. I am also currently goin to school to become a police officer ...

 Should Americans stay at home knowing that traveling abroad with a weak sister President is dangerous?

 I was arrested for shoplifting. first time what could happen.?
im 18. it was only 30$ and i have never done anything wrong befor in my life. i feel like a compleat scumbag and so much more. and i just want to dea. with what i did....

 Do you need a pistol permit to buy handgun ammunition in New York State?
Is it a ...

 Can i find the disposition of a felony charge for vehicular assault in a certain county in New York State? I?
I was wondering how the judge ruled in these cases....

If your on probation will they drug test you every time you go?
I am on probation, my first meeting was 4/7 they dryg tested me and I passed. My next [2nd] meeting is 4/21 and I want to get high on 4/20. Do you think they will drug test me at the second meeting even though I passed the first test at the meeting?.

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All probation officers are different. If you first received probation on a drug related offense you are more likely to be tested each time or if you have given them a reason to test you like you had a dirty urine before. So here is the deal PROBATION OFFICERS KNOW ABOUT APRIL 20TH. So if you are smart you will not take your chances from 4-20 - 5-20 or even at all while on paper. 5 Years down and Im finally free....... When you first get on probation they usually bust your hump for awhile

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The Drug Test Guy
They will probably not drug test you every time. But, it would not be unusual for them to test you several times in a row. Be prepared to be tested!

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not every time you go
i have only been tested 1 time since my release from prison
but why take a chance on being popped dirty
if getting high is more important than your freedom than go ahead

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Andrew S
It is 4/20 though, I can almost guess they would check the next day, but they might think that people would just assume that, therefore it's a 50/50 chance.

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If you don't mind going to prison, you can go right ahead and get high.

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U probly shouldnt chance it dumbo

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They will not test you every time, that would be too expensive.

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