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If my parents hit me could I call the police?
Additional Details
Im serious like does it matter how many times a parent hits u or is i jus once im 4 real.

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lets have fun
if they hit u violently

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Dude that answers things
yes, you can.

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as a punishment no proally not but 4 no reason than turn there asses in!!!!!!!!!!

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Depend where you live. In Australia, I doubt they will do anything if its a slap on the bum. But if its like a punch, then they (DoCs-Department of Community Services) would put them in this "educational" course and if it still continues, then they take you away!

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i remember your previous post...if it's because you're once again doing drugs even though you told them you wouldn't, and they caught you, or you failed your drug test, or you stole money from them to buy more drugs, then calling the cops on them is more likely to end up with *you* being taken away - and spending time in a juvenile detention facility - that's not a fun place to end up, btw....

they were probably trying to smack some sense into you...if they beat you to a pulp, then, of course that's a whole different story...but in this case, i highly (pardon the pun) suspect that's not what happened....instead of calling the police, stop doing drugs, start treating treating your parents with the respect they deserve, and they will likely do the same in return.

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Define hit ? Nowdays the panzy asses would lock up their folk for trying to put some sense into them. I was whipped with the belt by my grandpa, and I didn't die, nor did I grow up to be gay. If a child doesnt listen, then tells their folks off, then threatens that he will call the police if they hit him while showing them little finger, I say hold the little sh*t between the legs and give him a couple of zebra stripes across the butt. However, abuse is something different, and if you truly believe that this is abuse you could act on it. Just make sure this is really it, because otherwise you can ruin your folks life and public record by being a little a**ole. Because before they whipped you, they fed you , clothed you and took all kinds of care of you.

Best of luck ! Hope you understand what I mean w/0 getting bent out of shape.

Hope you understand ! Best of luck !

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George A
yes you can if you are under 18, CALL 911 NOW!! Your parents are committing child abuse

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you could call the police, although i dont know why you would seeing as they wouldnt do anything about it unless they had beat you half to death cause they were drunk or something. if you step outta line and get a good smack take it like a man and get on with your life. a little discipline never killed anyone.

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I don't think you should call the police.

But if they are being abusive, like constantly beating you, then call a place like Haven (which is a shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic violence). Like my dad will smack me and stuff, but I mean, he's not like totally abusive so whatever.

Or if your parents are always drunk and stuff then you prolly aren't living in a good environment.

But, if your parents are just sort of punishing you, but not like in a seriously dangerous way, then you wouldn't want to do that, cuz then you might be sent to live with other people.

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You are wise to question your parent's actions. The reason I say this is that I was hit by my parents, too. I am an adult now and can see that my parents were troubled people. Because of this, they abused me and my siblings, physically and emotionally. As an adult, I went through 10 years of intensive psychotherapy and tried hard to set things right with them. In the end, I found that the only way to live sanely was to separate myself from them. I don't wish this outcome on you or anyone. You are in a tough situation. Be prepared for people to imply that you brought the physical abuse on yourself. People with this attitude may have been abused as children, too, and continue to live with the misapphension that they caused their abuse. But rest assured that you did not. No one deserves to be beaten or hit. My advice is to speak with someone with training and experience in dealing with with parental child abuse. Such a person could be helpful in putting your experience into perspective and advising on whether to involve the police or other authorities. There are a number of organizations out there, but you might start with the National Child Abuse Hotline, 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453).

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Lord Percy Wooster IV
it depends where and if its justifiable chastisement

where will you live after you call the police on your parents?

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Nick R
Unless a crime is "in progress" or "just occurred" (anything rising to the level of "Assault", "Battery", or "Physical Abuse of a Child" would qualify) then your best bet would be to call your local "Child Abuse Prevention Hotline" (look in the phone book or call 411 Information for the number) OR contact "Child Protective Services" (CPS). CPS will involve law enforcement, if they deem it necessary.

If you are the subject of corporal punishment which leaves any cuts or bruises of any size, or marks (red marks, etc.) lasting for more than a few minutes, or any blows to the head, neck or back (spine), or if the corporal punishment takes the form of kicking, knocking down, shoving forcefully, choking, or threats of future violent acts - call 911 immediately.

The law is meant to protect both the rights of the child, and the rights of the parent(s). Your question is very brief. There are not enough details provided in order to know exactly what may be going on in your home. It seems though - from what I read in your post - that contacting CPS or the hotline, and not involving law enforcement right now, would be the best thing to do.

And remember too, this is not the kind of matter to take jokingly. There are consequences from involving local government agencies in matters between you and your parents. Talk to a child abuse prevention counselor to get all the information you need.

Best Wishes to you.

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well depends on why they hit you and where like if they floored you then yeah theyed get in trouble but then youd have alot to go through like court and foster care if it went it that far

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Chocci B
yep, but only if it's serious. i've been in this situation, but i told my school counselor (not knowing it was illegal) and she wanted to tell the cops, i regret telling her ever since.

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it depends why they hit you? and how much they hit you..generally disciplining your child is not against the law unless it is in a public place and somebody else gets offended. make sure you are not waisting the cops time when you call them.

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if they do it regularly, then yeah. But if u lied or something x times in a row, they might slap u, but that happens to allot of children. I mean, when you were like 4, and you'd get spanked on the butt, would you call the aurthorties, no

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Depends, did you deserve it?

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Think first why they hit you.

What did you do wrong? And this time think deep.

If it was your mistake in the first place, then perhaps they couldn't control themselves for what you've said and done.

You know, in the early times, children respected their parents that's why parents respected their kids too.

But now-a-days respect is gone.

So, try to think. What did you do to deserve that?

If you don't see anything wrong with what you did, ask someone older.

If they just hit you for no reason at all.. Then go ahead, call the police.

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yea if it's abusive to you like with a belt and if
you're a teenager

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well technically yes but your not going to like what follows. They are just going to come over, see what happened and not do anything if they just hit you once, parents have the right not but not excessivley. And if they do see your parents unfit then they will put you in child services and u will have a life 10 times worse than now.

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If they beat you to a pulp and left you for dead then yes, but if they just slapped you for being rude and disrespectful then no.

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this is a very serious statement. yes you can but you better make sure you tell the whole truth and make sure your not making it a bigger deal bc your upset @ the moment.

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Enlightened One
Stop being a panzy. If they beat you then yes, but some love taps will make you stronger. NOTICE i said love taps, i don't encourage beatings, theres a difference all you pantie-waste flamers. Grow some chest hair

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You COULD call the police even if they didn't, but that doesn't mean the police will do anything when they come out. They actually might get mad at you for calling and wasting their time.

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