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If Police stop you for a traffic violation, do they have a right to ?
Do police have a right to go through your purse or wallet if they stop you for a traffic infraction? Further, if police ask you for your license and registration, do they have a right to go through your purse or wallet when you open it to get the license or registration?

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More facts are necessary. For example, who were the witnesses at the traffic stop and what was in the purse? The officer may have suspected a weapon.

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Only if they have probable cause.

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If they have probable cause, yes.

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My Lord
No. Not unless you give them permission to do so.

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Only if the can provide just cause to do so, they can't search your vechile without your consent, if you say no they can detain you and wait while they get a quickie court order, but if they asked and you said ok, then theres nothing you can do, or if there was something else going on, criminal history, suspected murder, ect.. but in the norm, no they can not. your state should have a state statue that will be able to help you much better. police are regulated everywhere from searches to conduct off duty. All recorded.

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Problem Child
well, its never a blanket no. Cops very rarely need your permission for anything. If they suspect something, they will check everything. If he wants to look he will and he will find the legal justification for it. He can't look for "no reason" correct. The point is, he will have a reason. Most cops could care less about your wallet. Most would refuse to touch it if you handed it to them. So if he is looking, he suspects something.

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They have no right to search your car, purse, wallet unless they arrest you. If they ask you to let them look and you hand it over, then you have consented. If they tell you to hand over the purse then this would be an illegal search.

If you have violated the law, you can be arrested. Officers are not required to write you a ticket. You can be taken into custody. What this means is that if you say you won't let them search your purse, wallet, etc., then the officer can slap the cuffs on you, thus you are arrested. The officer can then search you, your purse and your car. So I guess you choose - be arrested then searched or just consent to search.

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if they don't have probably cause(reason/evidence) to believe that you are doing something wrong they don't have that right.

most cops will ask "can I look in your car" or "I need to look in your car" during a stop, but you have the right to say no (if they don't have probable cause). You can even stop him mid search. hope this helps.

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Akbar B
Only if they expressly ask permission and you grant it to them.

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Lets face it,,if you are stopped by the Police, at that moment you are subject to search. Most police will ask you for your papers. If you refuse, you may get thumped. Hand em over and get on with it. Unless you don't have em. then you are in more trouble. Why are there so many people on this sight who are always getting violated by the police?????

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no, not normally and actually since you could accuse them of taking money from it, should not. That is why they don't take your wallet but ask you to take it out of the wallet.

If they see something in it. ( two drivers license, something that looks like a fake ID, a weapon, illegal drugs) then they can

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unfortunately the answer is no.. they can do what ever they want as long as they have suspected reason. But what is suspected reason? did you blink too fast?? maybe did you look at the officer and he feels you were acting suspicious? So the answer is don't bother.. Cops are the worst law breakers there are and there is nothing you can do except to report it to the cops superiors which are his drinking buddies and fellow law breakers!!! Ever go into a bar and see who drives home intoxicated??? Need i say more??

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nope unless there's probable cause. if they don't state there is, than tell them that their search is unlawful....that is if you DON'T VOLUNTEER or they don't have a warrant.

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Ok .. I have never seen so many people who think they know so much...Short answer ( or at least as short as I can keep it). for a simple traffic infractionary violation no the officer cannot search you or your personal belongings or your vehicle. NOW, here the issue. If any sworn law enforcment officer has reasonable suspicion(meaning any articulable justified reason concerning the totality of the circumstances to believe that you or the vehicle your in contains evidence of a crime that has been committed, or is about to be committed) then thats all the officer needs. No probable cause is necessary. 9 times out of 10 they are going to ask for your consent which is the smart thing to do in thier case. Any officer can search you or your vehicle or your belongings at anytime with your consent, If they do have solid probable cause If you refuse consent then they can hold you there until they get a warrant for the search....

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