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 HELP. Need legal advice? Got caught with a pill in my pocket when my friend got pulled over?
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 Child paroled to father?
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If I grabbed my girlfriend by the back of the neck??? Please read?
Last night My girl and I got into an arguement, cuz I read one of her text messages on her cell. It was about her Ex boyfriend, and I just reacted, and grabbed her by the back of the neck. Anyhow she went to her moms, and told them that I was "CHOKING" her, and I didnt even choke her. They got all mad so when I pulled up her uncle came up to me and (while I was sitting in my car) just socks me in the face. I called 911 to have him arrested for assulting me. I forgot I had beer in the car so I had to take off before the cops got there. Cops get there, and my girl tells them that I assulted her, and well now my question is What is gonna happen to me?

They took pics and I did leave her marks cuz i grabbed her when I was so mad. Do they issue a warrent out for your arrest or what happens?
Additional Details
I like how everyone thinks I dont have any feelings... I was asking if I would have a warrent issued for grabbing her like that.... Free Chris Brown!!! Lol

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More then likely there were charges filed against you. Even if your GF didn't take out the charges, the state will charge you with Domestic Violence even if she doesn't want to pursue criminal charges.

In NC, when there is a domestic violence charge taken out on someone, it's a mandatory 48 hrs in jail with no bond....(72 if you get arrested on a Friday because of court being closed until Monday). When you go to your first appearance in front of the judge they will set your bond and give you a court date.

Her uncle did assault you and you can file criminal charges, but its up to you to do so.

You can tell your side of the story when you have to appear in court.

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If she presses charges they will. The truth is that if you grabbed her neck so hard that you left marks you did assault her. You need to take responsibility for your actions. Nothing she does warrants you physically hurting her. It's not your right. Keep your hands to yourself. Whatever happens, you brought it upon yourself. You can't control what others do, only what you do (and you are responsible for controlling yourself).

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You deserve to be socked in the face by her uncle. You are an abuser, and you grabbed a woman and hurt her you are a weak coward. This is how an abuser starts, little thing, then big things. You never have any right to grab her like that.

You will hopefully be charged with misdemeanor domestic violence.

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"Girls provoke guys to hit them sometimes." You've got to be kidding me. There's no situation where it's EVER appropriate to hit a woman in response to something she said. (Or to hit a man, or to kick a dog, or whatever.) Women NEVER want to be hit. If you're hanging around with a woman and you think she's provoking you into hitting her, then you need to leave the situation IMMEDIATELY. Walk away before you do something stupid that you will regret.

In regard to the uncle hitting you: Yeah, it was a crime for him to assault you, but it's really hypocritical for you to call 911 and assume it was okay for him to assault you when you had just assaulted your girlfriend. (What would you say if that guy were posting here on Yahoo! Answers saying, "My niece's boyfriend provoked me to assault him. Guys do that sometimes because they want to get hit." You would disagree, I'm sure.) Then, you forgot that you were traveling with an open container. Really swift.

You need some serious anger management consulting and some serious self-examination. I don't know if you're really open to that, though, given your idea that it's okay to hit a woman if they're provoking you. If that's the way you feel, then maybe you should give up the girlfriend and just not date anyone until you can get a handle on your temper.

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In a domestic case, the cops can and do press charges, even if you girlfriend does not want to. The fact that they now have evidence showing that you did grab her just builds a stronger case.

You will be expected to go to court. Sadly, most guys with a first time domestic charge get probation and are expected to go to some type of counsiling, anger management, whatever, and pay a butt load of court costs.

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What you did was really wrong. You had no right to put a hand on her. What ever happened to the guys that respected their girlfriends? There is NO SUCH REASON for a guy to put a hand on a lady EVER. I don't wish you bad but I do hope you learn your lesson and never lay a hand on a lady ever again. Don't be like Chris Brown.

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ol crow
Don't be going around beating up on your girlfriend. That ain't very nice and her uncle might knock you unconstipated. They will probably come after you. Just don't do that stuff anymore, okay?

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Your an idiot. Your lucky that you only got popped once by the uncle. Wait till you go back over there and they woop your a**. As far as the police go, yep a warrant for you.

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Kasey C
Turn yourself in. If you left marks on the BACK of her neck, it's clearly NOT choking, but it's still BATTERY. You will be cited for domestic violence. Hopefully this is your first time, and you may be bailed out. You'll go to counseling class and maybe restraining order.

If there's no warrant, you'd still want to leave a record that you wanted to resolve this, so maybe contact the DA's office, domestic violence section. Someone should be in charge of her case.

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Ya heard me
You, dear boy, should stop trying to blame her and her uncle and accept your ridiculous and immature behavior. Number one her cell phone is exactly that, hers. That means none of your business to be looking at or reading. You were lucky because had you been my so called boyfriend you would had received more then a hit by my brothers and father. You were drinking while driving but feel you have the right to call the cops because you were assaulted for good reason......classic, that is classic.

EDIT - You can give a thumbs down to all the appropriate responses here and it won't change the truth. The only people that would support you are the drunk drivers and Chris Browns of the world.

LOL, after reading your added remarks, you deserve whatever you get and I hope you do drop the soap. If women are too "yappy" for you then switch teams. Being yappy does not give you "big man" a reason to hit her. If only God created men with twice the upper body strength, to bad, because if he hadn't women abusers wouldn't be an issue at all.

Yes, you are the bad guy since you got physical over a freaking text message! She may be a pig of a girl, cheating, yappy, using, etc. but it STILL does not give you the right. Hopefully you will some day understand before you get in serious trouble.

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You have some serious anger "issues". There is absolutely no reason for you to be grabbing her or otherwise assaulting her. I expect you will have a warrant issued and you will be arrested. You need to get some help BEFORE your level of violence escalates.

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In addition to what "Ya Heard Me" said, you need to get into some Anger Management counseling. My guess is that this is not the first time you've reacted aggressively while dealing with a stressful situation.

The reality is that you DID assault her. This is how abusive relationships start. If I were her, you'd be history except for the criminal charges.

Her uncle was wrong to hit you ... but how did it feel? He was angry with you for something you did, and he reacted violently. That's how your GF felt.

Violence begets violence. Put an end to the cycle by getting some help. Apologize to this girl and her family, and then get out of her life.

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