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Brian M
I lost my driver's license. If I get pulled over without it, what will happen to me?
I lost my driver's license. If I get pulled over without it, what will happen to me?

p.s. Nora smells awful

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you will get a ticket & hauled to jail if you have no id at all

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It varies! (By the way, this is a common theme throughout the law enforcement section of Yahoo Answers....everybody wants advice on traffic offenses, but nobody says what state or city they are asking about!!!!) Traffic laws vary from state to state and city to city!!! Regarding this question about the lost drivers license, each jurisdiction has policies that dictate how the situation is handled. Some larger cities may require that the offender be taken into custody and printed. Some smaller towns without extended resources may just call your info in and check your physical description against the DMV computer info and give you a warning. Again, it depends entirely on the local laws and ordinances.

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If you have insurance and everything else is ok with the car and you dont have a license depending on the state they would ask if you know someone that could come and get it and take it home for you. If you dont have everything else ok and dont have you license they can and just might inpound your car and make you pay for the tow, and inpound fee. The other best thing is go to your DMV and ask for a photo copy of your license while your waiting on your new one in the mail.

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Candy Mamii
you may want to get down to the dmv asap

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You'll certainly get a ticket, the cops will not allow you to drive the car so if you do not have anyone you can call to come drive it home it will get towed, and you'll probably end up in traffic court. Probably best if ya just don't drive.

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I think if you just missed placed it then you can tell the police that they will always run your s.s. number and if it comes back clean and you r valid to drive they will just tell you to go get one asap.not a big proplem if they can ID you,,good luck no worries...

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depending on where you are and what you get pulled over for... your car could be towed, you could get a ticket for driving without a license in your possession... :o)

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you may be charged with not having your license in your possession. so get some other ID and get downthere and get a duplicate!

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You are going to be in a bit of a jam. You need to apply for a replacement asap.

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A fine and/or jail time, also depends on the officers discretion. However, it might not help you, if you do in fact get pulled over for another violation, so you will most likely be ticketed for that violation and then for not having a license and possibly arrested.

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You will be cited for driving without a license.

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ornery and mean
Depends on what you mean by "lost"! Lost, as in misplaced the license card, not a big problem ... but you should go to your local DMV for a replacement. "Lost" as in suspended license, a fine for driving without a license and a longer suspension period at best, possible jail time and/or probation at worst.

In short, do not drive with a lost/suspended license

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You don't say where in the world you are?

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depens on how you lost it if you lost it as in cant find it then gt in there before the dmv opens and get a new one wait any later and you'll be there half the day pending on where you live. Most cops have a brain but if they run a check and see if your "lost" means suspended you will be spending the night at the gray bar hotel courtesy of the tax payers.

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In my state you get arrested for what's called "Failure to Carry or Present a Driver's License" and taken to jail. You are held until your identity can be confirmed via fingerprints or other means, then you get released with a citation.

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jit bag
you will get a ticket, so you may want to replace it pronto. who is nora?

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