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 Can a 13 year old boy get a criminal record for riding over somebodys lawn in the uk?
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 What is your reaction to the video of the G20 innocent man's assault by police?
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 When you get caught shoplifting from a store in the mall, does it go on your permanant record ?
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 ICE,DEA special agent (1811) requirements.?
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 How realistic are the prices in Breaking Bad for Meth?
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 Court Fines; Probation; Jail Time?
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 Who should she call animal control or the police?
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 What is classed as internet stalking in Idiana USA. My friend sent her husbands other woman 4 text messages &?
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 How or what are the lawful ways of refusing service to a rude customer?
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 If you get taken home by the police for possesing alcohol does it go on your record?
i got taken home last night for having alcohol in my bag after being kicked out a party by the police
will this go on my pernament record?
they took me straight home and all they asked for ...

 Where can I find the law of possession?
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 I got arrested, will i go on probation?
okay so last year i was arrested for petty theft, and just a couple of days ago i got aressted for petty theft again and when they searched me i had a bowl on me and yes it was used so i got charged ...

 Where can I get stats on Kern County Public School violence?

 Speeding Ticket in Arizona?
New laws, new fines, new cameras.

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 Out and about in a car when I'm not supposed to.?
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I got a possession of Marijuana Ticket unlawfully(in California) what is the best way to fight it?
I was in my buddies car and we were parked on the street when the LAPD came by and they found a baggie of pot on my two friends who admitted it was theirs, but they didn't find any on me. The cops took the weed but not a pipe (parafenilia). They wrote us all a ticket for possession of marijuana under an ounce. I have never been arreseted or charged with anything in my life and I am 31 years old. Since I am a grad student, i would lose my loans if I got charged for this slap on the wrist offense. The police officers were ******* and told me that "they were going to let me off, but because I was a wise guy they were going to give me a ticket". Should I file a misconduct complaint on the officers for saying that and for confiscating the weed but not the parafenilia? Also, how is possession defined? and what is the easiest way to handle this with the least amount of my money and time?

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I wish there was an easy way. My suggestion is that you get a lawyer. I have a friend who went through something similar, got a lawyer and it worked out well. It wasn't cheap, tho. You could fight it with a public defender, but they're known as public pretenders here, as you either know or are about to find out. Many cops don't care about you and they have too much testosterone which is not a nice combination. They see the world as black and white. Good or bad, and it's just not like that.

Any way you could get a retroactive prescription?

Sorry and I understand your pain. I have a big mouth too.

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Beau Brown
In your defense say it wasn't yours and it was the drivers responsibility for having illegal substances in the car.

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El Scott
The easiest way to handle it is for you to plead guilty. If the three of you were sitting around smoking pot then all three of you were possessing it. Nothing in your question is really misconduct. If you have a bad attitude then why let you off with a warning? It's not like you are really going to learn from it since you are exhibiting a bad attitude. There is nothing that says the officers have to confiscate the paraphernalia (if you're a grad student you really need to spell better).

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Since it was your first time, and poor judgment of friends, I don't know just say you were wrong and see if somehow they can let this go.

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You committed a crime and got caught. Quit blaming the officers and take some responsibility.

Oh, and next time be more cooperative.

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Consulting a lawyer is free the first time. You "had" to know your buddies had weed, even if you don't smoke. Tell the attorney or judge your willing to submit to a drug test right then and there. Otherwise, you should have acted like a Man, kept your mouth shut and let your friends take the fall for possession since saying it was theirs. If you smoke it yourself, but it wasn't yours, I suppose your on the mercy of the court. If you go in acting MATURE and not a smart azz, the judge "may" just tell you to get better friends. It is up to him, like the other person said, he IS God in that courtroom, so it's up to him/her...

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I clicked on this and I still don't know what I'm going to say. There's a first.

I think it's hilarious that you're 31 years old and asking this question. Sorry. Just strikes me funny.

But you did have some questions. Let's see:

Should you file a misconduct complaint? Sure. And then go down to the beach and shovel some sand. It'll accomplish about as much. Some cops are just jerks and if you ran into them (and didn't deserve it), then I'm sorry.

Should you file a complaint that the cops seized the marijuana but not the pipe? I'm not even sure why you would ask this. Honestly. But here's the thing: a marijuana pipe is not illegal paraphernalia under California law. Your complaint here would fall on deaf ears and rightfully so. We sometimes take them under the theory that they contain an illegal substance which can't be easily removed, but they're not illegal for adults. I'm still not sure why you'd concern yourself with this.

Possession if of two types; actual and constructive. Actual possession requires that I have something under my immediate control. Constructive possession is more along the lines of the things in your car when you're not there....they're yours, they're in your car, but they're not actually in your immediate possession. Some smarty-pants lawyer can give you a much better explanation, I'm sure.

As to your situation, the cops might have cited you for the marijuana under the constructive possession theory. You didn't say, but if you had the pipe and your friends had the weed, it's not a huge stretch of the imagination to think you were in constructive possession of the marijuana they were in actual possession of. I dunno...could be the cops just got irritated with you.

The easiest way to handle it with the least amount of time and money? Failure to appear, my friend...failure to appear. Just don't go to court on the day written on the ticket. Yes, you would get absolutely screwed later, but you asked for the easiest and cheapest way to handle it.

On the other hand, if you just want to accept that you might have been in the wrong place...possibly doing the wrong thing...and go to court and explain it to the judge, you might walk out with a big nothing. Hard to say.

I don't know the first thing about your student loans. If a possession ticket in California can get you screwed on your loans, close your browser and look for an attorney now. Nobody here has at stake what you do so nobody here will have the same motivation you do.

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Your problem lies in the part of your question which seeks cheap but good legal representation in the USA, this is not possible, so in your case if its of great importance then you need to spend the monies to hire a competent lawyer to get your case dismissed, while it may in the end seem a simple process not all lawyers are equal as in life, as such, spend the monies on the lawyer for in the end it will be money well spent, kind of like the old saying in divorce law why is a divorce lawyer so expensive> because they are worth it

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if you are a grad student you certainly don't want to lose your loans because perhaps with them you might eventually learn to spell.

A ticket is not a conviction. Simply state your case before the judge without being a wiseguy, because in his courtroom the judge is king and if you yap your trap the wrong way he will throw in in the slammer for contempt of court and you can kiss your loans good-bye, and we will all have to put up with your atrocious spelling from now to forever.

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You need to consult an attorney who specializes in cases like this. Hire a good one and take his advice. Remember, it'll probably cost a lot more if you lose your student loans.

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Get an attorney. Our opinions will not solve your problem.

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1. dont fight it, you smoke weed anyways, you deserve it
2. if you werent such a smart *** to them, they wouldnt have even gave you a ticket

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Cheryl P
HA HA HA - Nothing worse than a 31 year old smart mouthed Pot Head! The copper was right!

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