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 HELP! Has anyone seen this child? Links at the bottom have his pictures.?
Commerce, Oklahoma family searches for missing teen.

Thomas Scott Eugene Shelby, 15, of Commerce, has been missing since March 9.

“It started as a runaway,” said his father E...

 How do I find out if someone who's wanted for homicide has been caught yet? in San Jose CA?
Luis Adolfo Villa has been on the run for murder during a robbery gone wrong for a long time now. How can I find out if he's been caught yet or not?...

 Is it a law in California for a cop to HAVE to either yell "freeze" or fire a warning shot before aiming?
The question was put pretty simply. I am wondering if this is a law. This is urgent. Thanks.
Additional Details
If possible, I would like a tiny bit of proof too....

 What happens when the suicide hotline calls back?
We called the suicide hotline and it was kinda a prank. They called back. They said "Someone called from here." I was scared out of my...
Ya know. So I hung up. Then the POLICE called ...

 Owed drug dealer some money, what should I do?
I've a friend that owe some drug dealer money, he left town and now he's planning to come back. He owed them around 300$ dollars, would they come after him?? He's scare for his life!...

 Can/will a cop go threw a hhr trunk without consent?
ok well im underage, (alcohol) and i was wondering because my trunk is open if i get pulled over can a cop still search it? oh and in my car theres like a plate over the bottom of the trunk that if ...

 How do you become a criminal defense attorney?
whats the schooling, degrees, extra stuff?

also if anyone could tell me a good school in florida for it thatd be great

 Any reccomendations for true crime + forensic books?
I've been reading a lot of true crime, and was wondering if anybody had any reccomendations.
(True crime = NONFICTION)
I've really enjoyed/have been intrigued by Henry Lee's C...

 Will he come back to harm me again?
About two months ago I broke up with a physically abusive boyfriend ( we dated for six months). He seemed accepting of the breakup, but then a month later ( which was a month ago) he walked into my ...

 How do you pull over on a highway?
ok so i was just wondering this as i was driving home from work, lets say your speeding and a cop car starting flashing its lights and wants you to pull over, there are three lanes and there are cars ...

 Can i seu this guy ? read below?
well, this one guy broke a laptop of my friend, and it cost 70 bucks to repair it

anyways, the guy refuses to pay it, and says he will not pay me anything, AND HE BROKE IT
but there ...

 Are text messages good enough to put someone in jail?
My best friend and I were texting yesterday and she was telling me how her bf locked her in her house, took her keys, and phone and wouldnt let her leave for a couple days, hes been putting his hands ...

 Is there really such a thing as a "fast lane"?
I don't see how it's legal if I'm in the "fast lane" and NOT in the lane to slow down and turn (or go off the off ramp on the interstate) but go straight through and people ...

 Can we intercept the radio messeges of the cops[india] if yes then how?

 Is it legal to kiss some underage in California?
I frenched kissed an underage girl in public. It was only a one time thing. I am 19 and she is 15. And that will be the last time I'll be seeing her. Was it legal to do so in California, and ...

 What are the laws and legislation dealing with the punishments of child abuse?

 Police Officers and anxiety/depression meds?
Is it true that if a LEO is on antianxiety or depression meds that he/she cannot carry a gun? Or that if he/she is on these meds that if they should be involved in a critical incident (such as ...

 Can a cop pull you over if you don't your seat belt have on at a red traffic light and give you a ticket?
I was taking off my coat, then he pulled me over
Additional Details
gave me a 200 dollar ticket for not wearing a safety belt, I put it back on before the light turned ...

 Secret shopper for police?
there's stories upon stroes of police brutality, profiling, you see police officers parking their squad cars in red zones, in a handicap spot or in front of a hydrant, turning on their lights ...

 How do I become a Bounty Hunter in NY State?

I am charged with giving false info to a police officer how much jail time involves this charge?
my brother and I got into a fight and I told the cops that we didn't and my stupid brother admitted to it already

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jerry r
11 years and 4 months.

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I don't think you will get jail time for that. If you were with holding information to a crime etc. then you could get into trouble.

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leslie S
No big deal. The officers, If local, will remember your lying and never trust you again but no jail for lying to the local police.
If you lie to the feds that is against the law and they do prosecute sometimes.

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KC V ™
In my state and court system...

1) Heavy fine.
2) Time served with a "suspended" jail sentence.
3) Probation.
4) A conviction.

If you have a considerable criminal history...you may get some time in jail but not normally.

The main thing considered, however, is what false information was provided.

Because you're talking about an issue between yourself and your brother...I seriously doubt the court will do much more than a light fine and probation.

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It will be enough for you not to want to ever lie to the police anymore

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