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I'm talking no sex, no talk of sex, no touching, ...

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 How long does a crb take ?
its been 6 weeks and seems like its taking forever !!!
Stage 1 (Application Form received and validated): Completed on 19 Mar 2009
Stage 2 (Police National Computer searched): C...

 Is it true that London gangsters used to use Scottish gangsters to do their contract killings?

 Do many chavs in England commit crime because they have to, in order to fit in with the other chavs who live?
right outside their window in the enclosed council estate.

Unlike most of us, who live in a street with relative privacy, these guys are ontop of each other as soon as they walk out of ...

 What is the ethical policing that should be encouraged in relation to police use of firearms?

 Why do car makers manufacture vehicles that go faster than the speed limit?
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 If I got caught stealing beer from a grocery store in utah, what would the law want to do to me?

 Possession of a pipe results in DWI in ca?

How to increase chances of getting into the UK police, at 18?
I help out at cubs, and i have tried to apply for police cadets, see if i am allowed to apply soon.

I also have an expired live saving certificate(will renew soon)
I also have an expired first aid, from st johns, and will renew that soon too.

I have had alot of family issues, not affecting me, but i know about depression, elderly problems...etc etc.

I have decent, not brilliant, but decent GCSE's

I regulary attend the gym, and my fitness is average, and improving!
I am quite strong person aswell.

I will be learning to drive at 17.

What else is there i can do to increase my chances of getting in?

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Hi there-

from what you have said so far you are doing all the right things to build up you CV and help you stand out from the other candidates. For example, attending clubs and keeping yourself fit will go a long way to supporting your application.

The biggest thing you can do to increase you chance of success is to learn the core competencies of a police officer. If you do not demonstrate these core competencies at every stage of the recruitment process then you are likely to fail. Currently 65,000 people apply to be police officers in the UK every year and only 6,000 are successful.

The core competencies are the key characterstics of a police officer and you need to show the recruitmet team that have these qualities are are as follows:

1.Community and Customer Focus
2. Effective communication
3. Personal Responsibility
4. Problem Solving
5. Resilience
6. Respect for Race and Diversity - this one is key - get a D grade for this an any point during the whole application process and its an automatic fail - and wait for 6 months before you can appy again
7. Teamworking

You need to demonstrate these during:

- the application form stage
- the role plays
- the written tests
- the final interview

for help with preparing for the recruitment process check out www.police-recruitment.co.uk - it helped me when i applied to join a couple of years ago and has some great insider tips

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