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kim bajema
How many years would my brother have to spend in jail?
if he has a 50,000 bond for assaulting someone with a using a saw off gun how many years would they have to spend in jail
Additional Details

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Andrea C
He should get LIFE!

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It depends on what country, state, and what local jurisdictions are. if your brother assualted someone with a sawed off shotgun in the state of New York, chances are, he would receive a prison sentence of no less than seven years. If he did such in Wyoming, he would likely get three years, maybe even three years probation. Many sentences are reduced these days, while others are straight and to the point for the crime that was committed. other states, like Pennsylvania, in the city of Philadelphia, a charge like this can get you upwards of a mandatory ten years in a state prison. Each state varies, as well as each crime. The police usually slap on other charges as well, which means a sentence could be extended by a few months.

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He needs a good attorney first off all and secondly the weapon of choice was altered (felony) a gun specification carries a mandatory 5 years in many states (check yours). It really doesn't have much bearing that he doesn't have a record, it will be looked at that he has committed crimes before he just hasn't been caught. The violent nature in this case has definitely got him a one way ticket to prison. I wish you luck, but this day and age luck doesn't go far.

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Depends on the type of felony it is
A-B-C-D felony

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What state?

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god knows and sees else Yahoo
Was it loaded, did he scare the person, if he did it with a smile and did not curse no problem
I'd say 25 years easy!!

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I was arrested in Michigan for felony assault. No physical contact at all, just threats. I believe w/o a prior record they were talking about 4 years in prison if I was convicted of the felony.
(This was in Novi).

I plea bargained down to misdemeanor aggrivated assault and no prison time, no jail time (other then the night I spent waiting to be arraigned).

The threats I made were not with a gun however, but with a bike tool that I grabbed in the heat of the moment.

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larry o
depends, on priors, age, and of coarse sentencing guidlines

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Alisha B
depends on alot of factors:
what state
was it self defense
any priors
did he actually shoot them or just threaten to shoot them
probably at least 5 to ten

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killer boot
not enough.
probably only 25

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Depends. What state are you in? Does the D.A. have enough evidence to convict your brother beyond a reasonable doubt? Has your brother ever been in jail before? Has he ever been arrested before? Are there mitigating circumstances (for example, was he defending himself or family members)? Has the D.A. offered your brother a deal if he pleads guilty? If your brother's lawyer believes he would be convicted at trial, has he approached the D.A. about a deal?

Lots of variables here. Obviously, if he's not convicted at trial he doesn't go to jail. How long he could spend in jail if convicted depends on your state statutes. Here in Michigan, you can get up to 25 years if you're convicted of assault with a deadly weapon (but that RARELY happens unless we're talking about a repeat offender and aggravating circumstances, like assault during the commission of another crime like robbery or breaking and entering). If your brother gets a deal, that can also affect the sentence, especially if the deal stipulates that he pleads guilty to a lesser charge. Mitigating circumstances play a BIG role in sentencing, so if he had some justification for assaulting someone else in this manner he could get several years shaved off his sentence. Without knowing more specifics it's really hard to say. What I CAN tell you is there is very little chance that your brother would get no jail time whatsoever, but if he gets a good deal and everything else goes his way he may have a very short jail sentence (don't get your hopes up, but there is a very slim chance that he may only get a year depending on the laws of your state, the circumstances of the case, and how crowded your state prisons are).

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It depends on his criminal history! If this is his first run in with the law, he may get 3 to 7 years. If he has been in trouble before he could get 12 years or more

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Bathroom Graffiti
Laws vary by state. Depends on whether he is in a commonwealth or not.

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I know, I know!!!!
impossible to say. depends on many factors such as, the state he lives in, the charges against him, his previous criminal record - if any, how nice the judge is that he goes before, etc.

He needs anger management or something. Maybe the judge will give him a bit of a break if he seeks help.

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50,000 bond will only require 5,000 to get him out. He will probably be sentanced to 7 - 10 yrs and serve 3 - 5. His crime will be Assault With a Deadly Weapon, either with Intent to Kill or Inflicting Serious Injury, or With Intent to Inflict Serious Injury. I am basing the sentance on Assault w/Intent to inflict serious injury which he should be able to plead to.

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He has to be convicted first.

The amount of his bond has virutally no relationship to the amount of time he might be in jail or prison. Bail is not intended to reflect possible punishment per se, only to guarantee the defendant's appearance in court.

There's also no way anyone can give you a very good answer without knowing the specific charge(s) he is charged with, his past criminal history if any, the circumstances of the crime, and any pre-sentence investigation results that might be conducted.

What you're describing sounds like it's a felony, and felonies are normally punished by state prison. But again, there are too many unknowns to say if he'll be found guilty or what kind of punishment he might get.

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