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 I recently was drunk and broke a gas station window there is no witness but a camera that would have seen me?
but the qualilty would not be good and be hard to prove its me, im 18 what could i get charge with and how much, vandalism ?
Additional Details
but the qualilty would not be good and be ...

 What is the fine for not wearing your seat belt in Oklahoma?
I got pulled over today for not wearing mine, but it doesn't say on the ticket how much I have to pay. He did ask how long it took me to make $20, so I'm assuming that's it, but I want ...

 Driving Question!!!!?
I'm a junior and at my school on Long Island I am not allowed to park in the parking lot. There are a lot of streets around the school that have signs that say "No parking during school ...

 If the Officer who pushed Ian Tomlinson is charged with manslaughter?
Would that make officers not do their job properly in case the same thing happens to ...

 Should all cases of child abuse be referred automatically to the D.A. for filing of criminal charges?
What does this do to the family and the child?...

 I got a speeding ticket in Marlin, TX.?
Yes...the cop said i would never have to go back there and that everything could be handled through the mail or online or by fax, but at the bottom of the slip it says i should appear in court on or ...

 Why was the media so quiet about this?
Al Gore III, 24, the son of former Vice President Al Gore was arrested on July 5, 2007, for possession of marijuana and prescription drugs. The younger Gore was pulled over shortly after 2 a.m. for ...

 Do all police offers (at least subconsciously) want to live in a Stalinist police state?
This question if a bit facetious, not entirely serious. But I do have some anecdotal evidence to support it. Like my childhood friend who joined the force, who's always had a interest in C...

 Can a long haul truck driver get busted in Kentucky or Louisiana for having a gun?
I know they can,but is it likely? Will a truck driver passing through either Kentucky or Louisiana likely get arrested if a gun was found in his truck?...

 Help with Legal Question?
My son that is 16 was driving his friends car and got pulled over. The officer wrote him a Ticket for Driving on a Suspended license but he never had a license. Is there anyway we can get this ...

 Controlled substances and prescriptions found in drinking water: end up in my body - will I be arrested?
http://www.usatoday.com/ referencing this article

and if it is not illegal -

I just want to see if I have this straight:

 Shoplifting qonsiquences?

 As police officers, if your best friend told you he has decided to be a police officer... what would you say?
what would you say.. would you encourage them? the reason I ask is.. to me the outside looking in... police work looks awesome, I mean you get to be outside a lot, you are in good shape, you serve ...

 How far back do most police cadet background checks go?
like ten years?

how in depth are they? im really curious :) do they put detectives on your case and interview your nieghbors from when you were 12? ...

 Passing a drug test for cocaine?
I havent used in a long time. Since October 2008. This pass weekend I did TWO BUMPS. and regretted it but hey what can I do if I already did it you know. Anyways I have a urine drug test coming up on ...

 What is an example of a qualified right?

 If two emergency vehicles are approaching an intersection with lights and sirens simultaneously?
Who gets the right of way? Lets say for argument's sake, one is a police car and another is an ambulance headed to the same scene....

 What will happen to me on a first time felony?
Im 22 years old with a family of 5 and a clean record and background but i was recently arrested in clarkesville ga and taken to the habersham county jail for controlled substance ive been driving a ...

 I herd the COPS can sit down the road and lissen to what you are saying throw the phone is it true?
hi i herd cops are all up 2 date with spying on people with out them knowing can some one give me the run down on whats up with them now ...

 So i got a ticket for having a burnt headlight in California....?
Location: California

I got a ticket for having a burnt headlight...the ticket only costs 60 dollars and i don't plan on appealing. Will this ticket increase my insurance and be on my ...

larry m
How many years does it take for a warrant to go off your'e record?
Im only asking because ive had a warrant out since 2004 for stealing some clothes and not doing the community service i was young and dumb and ive tried to ignore this and it keeps coming back to haunt me when i try to get a job and stuff its been 5 years and im a completely different person. please help with info will this warrant go away after 7 years will this be wiped clean off my record its not a felony it was just a retail theft please someone provide me with some answers. i don't know what to do

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The Antichrist-Angel Of Despair
You OBVIOUSLY are getting some VERY inaccurate advice from other Y/A users--I've had this experience--a warrant is valid ONLY as long as the statute of limitations applies for the offense--misdemeanors far less than felonies--the ONLY exception is a probation or parole violation--they stay until resolved in court.
Thank you to all the ignorant individuals who told you it's forever--this will teach you a valuable about asking important questions on Y/A.

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Capitain R.
a long time

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The warrant will never go away until it is satisfied. What that means for you is to be arrested and taken before a judge who will evaluate your case and decide what to do. They could dismiss the whole thing or give you jail time instead of the community service you never did.

But to answer your question it will never go away.

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Warrants go away when you are arrested and answer the charge or when you die.....

I would contact the issuing Prosecutor's Office and arrange to turn yourself in, pay fines and get some probabtion.... and make an arrangement for the record to be sealed after you sucessfully complete the probation.

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It doesn't go away.

You can't just ignore what the judge says and then not care....

It's designed to come back and haunt you.

To: "Anti Christ (Poster)- The statute of Limitations only applies if you haven't already been tried and convicted of the crime. He seems to have been put in front of a judge, sentenced and given a punishment: community service.

It's too late for an S.O.L. defense, because he's already been convicted.

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