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 I was caught doing between 40mph and 50 mph in a 30 zone. how many points am i likely to receive.?

 The right of guns is right?
12 or 13 people killed in US New York state shooting yesterday.
I think the U.S society admit guns right, so the tragedy has happened. I comes to try to shoot if the gun is on my side. I think ...

 How to talk your way out of a speeding ticket in court?
I got pulled over yesterday on an interstate doing 90 [in a 70]. He only wrote the ticket for 5mph over (i KNOW i got lucky, no need to tell me) but the ticket was STILL 138, and I really cant afford ...

 Possibly going to jail?
the last time i got arrested the judge let me off with a 2 year suspention sentance..and 2 years of probabtion.
i just got arrested the other day and im 18 now
i got arrested for ...

 Is there a way that I can look up and find out what someone went to prison for online? that wont cost $20!?

 What is the average cost of a speeding ticket in Missouri?
I was going about 14 miles over the speed limit..
Anyone know approx. how much that would cost?...

 What does jpcpf mean?
My friend is in jail and amoung other charges he has something called jpcpf that has a bond amount of 0.00 ..... Does anyone know that this stands for or means?...

 Internet Crimes Against Children!?
I am 13 and in Gifted and Talented English; our teacher assigned my class research papers of our choice. I chose Internet Crimes Against Children. I need information! If you can tell me about some ...

 Do you think that people are using the bad economy as an excuse for committing horrible crimes?
So many mass killings lately have been in the news. Many of the murders use the lose of their jobs or money issues as reason for the killings. Do you think that the job loses caused them to kill or ...

 Are there any reasons why the local government should try to limit traffic in city centers?
The topic I have to debate about is: "Should the local government try to limit traffic in city centers?" and I'm on the negative side, meaning I have to find reasons that shouldn'...

 How do you vacate a restraining order in CA?
My spouse and i are divorcing, they got a restraining order against me on very false allegations. We have a child and want to be able communicate for her sake. The attorney is saying there is no ...

 Can a cop confiscate my dirtbike2?
well now the cop is like right by the airstrip waiting for us. can he confiscate our dirt bikes if were not on it, or can he go into the woods and confiscate them? we seen the cop car and we QUIETLY ...

 Difference between rape and sexual assault?
I've just read that a man has denied a charge of rape but pleaded guilty to serious sexual assault. However I thought rape would come under serious sexual assault does anyone know what the ...

 Why does EMS arrive with fire trucks when a man is passed out in a grocery store?

 I wan to be a police officer really bad, how can do that, what do I have to do to become an officer? How ?
Im 20 yrs old, I will turn 21 in June this year. I haven't gone to school I did finish High school and am Physically in shape. What do I have to do to start the process so I can make my family ...

 Juveniles who commit serious crimes?
do you think juveniles who commit serious crimes should be tried as adults? If you do then do think mixing juveniles who commit serious crimes and other juveniles who commit not so serious crimes be ...

but his bipolar can he still be a police hat's all he ever wanted to do but he indenting he can become a police with ...

 How can i get rid of a misdemeanor?
i was charge with a misdemeanor when i was 17 and eveything got done when i was 19 and i live in NC is there anyway i can get it of ...

 I Want to move from california to arizona but im on Probation?
i was convicted of 1st degree burglary as a minor... the charges are from when i was 17 i got a d.u.i. and went to court for it and by the time i was found guilty i was 18 already and they told me i ...

 Have you ever got a ticket for driving while on ur cell phone and then plead non guilty and won?
if so, what did u say? cuz i got a ticket for driving while on my phone and its 200.00 and i cant pay for it, and i learned my lesson!!! but i dont know what to say when i go to court to fight it, i ...

How many firefighters, EMS personnel, and PD officers died on 9/11?
I'm looking for a breakdown of each. I don't know if the figure 343 firefighters that I always see include medics or not. I also don't know how many police officers died.

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I know that PAPD lost 37 and NYPD lost 23, for the cops.

The 343 doesn't include medics as far as I know, just NYFD.

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Way too many. Figures are irrelevant.

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Officer Waffle
A total of 411 emergency workers who responded to the scene died as they attempted to implement rescue and fire suppression efforts. The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) lost 341 firefighters and 2 FDNY paramedics. The New York City Police Department lost 23 officers. The Port Authority Police Department lost 37 officers, and 8 additional EMTs and paramedics from private EMS units were killed.

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