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 What happensif I don't pay a ticket from a red light camera.?

 Bad cops and ungrateful people who help ruin society?
Okay, so I’m noticing more and more that some people just, in a word, suck. I know that there are several people who would fit under this category, but I’m looking at only two specifics: Bad cops ...

 Would you want to go to a party with off-duty police officers? why or why not.?

 What does the charge of "possession of steel traps" mean?
Just found this in my brothers belongings after he skipped out on helping me with rent. Some court papers. What is a steel trap used for and they arrest you for that?...

 I got a possession of Marijuana Ticket unlawfully(in California) what is the best way to fight it?
I was in my buddies car and we were parked on the street when the LAPD came by and they found a baggie of pot on my two friends who admitted it was theirs, but they didn't find any on me. The ...

 Traffic Citation Assistance?
I live in Virginia and I was in a Car accident in late January. At the time of the accident i did not have my car insurance information on hand and was written up for "Failure to Provide proof ...

 Help concealed weapons?
I know how to get a permit and where you can take a gun. When having a concealed weapon is it allowed to be loaded or not? Also what is a good concealed weapon that would be for hiking camping? We...

 We've all heard of serial killers,but are there any famous serial robbers?

 Should i go to jail........................
i dropped a piece of ice cream cone out of my 6th floor dorm window. 3 cops came....

 What are some other law enforcement jobs out there related to things like police, us marshals, fbi, etc.?
I'm looking into law enforcement careers and am curious as to what other law enforcement opportunities are out there that I don't know about. What are some similar to state police, ...

 Whose jurisdiction do open lands areas fall under?
In reference to police departments. There is an 150 acre open lands prairie behind my house, and I along with many other people like having bonfires back there...but I have never had the police ...

 In a public precinct, I picked my nose, then looked around for CCTV cameras. Which cameras captured me ?
Was it M&S,or the local council, or Securicor, The Police, Tesco, Morrisons, Waterstones, Boots, The Post Office, or Uncle Tom Cobley an' all?...

 What types of questions would the police station ask during interrogation after battery?

Additional Details
I wasn't arrested. I'm working on a story where they are going to question/interrogate the main characters....

 Arrested for a DUI, but not in my vehicle?
I was arrested for a DUI, but I was not inside of my vehicle. The vehicle was parked with no key in the ignition and all lights turned off. I was outside of my vehicle calling for a tow truck because ...

 Order of protection in arizona?
long story short my husband took my 3 month baby to see his parents . That night he didnt return and the next day i was served with an order of protection and divorce papers... So i cant contact him ...

 Can a 13 year old boy get a criminal record for riding over somebodys lawn in the uk?
My friend was on his bmx with some friends and he rode over some ones lawn and he followed him took his name and said he would call the police can he get a criminal record for it?...

 Can Probation officer put you on a house arrest for getting driver License ?
Just wanted to know if they can do that or not ??
Additional Details
She was ok with that and now she turned around putting house arrest on me . i have not been drinking for 32 months ...

 How come rookie loose cannon police officers ...?
...are always assigned a veteran 'by the book' partner who is 6 months away from retirement? I understand this is some kind of regulation but what is the logic behind it?
Additional D...

 Tips for me when I go to the jail for 25days?
Goin to the county corrections dept Thursday, anyone have any helpful ideas/tips for me? Any does or don'ts??...

 What is your reaction to the video of the G20 innocent man's assault by police?
http://www.guardian.co.u Having watched the video, I'm saddened. This one overzealous copper has put a hatred tag on every single police officer.
Additional Details
People - ...

**AnGeL DuSt**
How long will it take for money order to clear?
i sent (via mail) a western union money order saturday to a friend of mine who is in a correctional center about 3 hours away from me...when will the money clear in his account?...i checked the status of the money order today and the machine said it hasnt been cashed yet..how long does it take?..anybody who has experience with this..any info would be greatly appreciated..thanxs in advance!

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western union is instant, perhabs he hasn't been able to cash it? Also I know that mail can take ages to get to prisioners sometimes guards are assholes

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There - Take That
Money orders are prepaid so they should be good immediately. Maybe he didn't cash it yet.

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He obviously hasn't cashed it yet. Its instant.

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