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 What do you think will happen if my sister is the only witness?
I bought some games and a controller in a parking lot at a local flea market for my cousins and I to play but I later learned the XBOX 360 stopped working. So I pawned the games at a GAMESTOP, but I ...

 Driving without a permit?
I heard that in the state of Virginia, if you are 15 years old, you are allowed to drive with a parent or legal gaurdian in a deserted area (but ONLY in a deserted area--like an empty parking lot) ...

 What is my chances of going to juvy again?
I got in a fight last month and now I have to go to court. I'm so scared I'm gonna get locked up again or get sent away to some living program. I've been charged with shoplifting,...

 Restraining order becoming permanent...any Lawyers? (Calif)?
I have a crazy neighbor who rents out rooms in his house to college kids. I used to be friends with him. He has a crazy girl living there that I do not like, nor does she like me. I have not actually ...

 Domestic violence which ways best to report it?
i am going to report it but could i do it annmoymous like crimestoppers otherwise i am unable to go to police during easter hoilday due to the children and so he don't know it was me .


 Was There An Actual Threat To Madison, WI?
I live in Madison, Wisconsin, and I was watching the local news, and they said that the capitol building was evacuated about an hour ago. They said that there was a student pilot in Canada who stole ...

 What happens when you have a warrent out for your arrest?
My boyfriend had a ticket for missing his licence and registration 2 years ago. He got a ticket and was put on summer provation for 2 years. He's been making payments since 2008, his last ...

 How much is a ticket for parkng in a handicap spot in texas?

 Is it possible that i might get probation for a third degree felony?
I had a talk with the DEA and the're gonna charge me with committing fraud to get a hold of a controlled substance. because i never told the dentists that ive seen that ive been to see others to ...

 Buying handgun quick question ill give 10 pts?
i just turned 18. I em from Ca, i know you have to be 21 to buy it from a dealer!. I did heard you can buy a handgun from a private dealer like in texas or stuff even dough i em 18 is this true?...

 How could i get to be a detective or undercover cop?
im 18 and really wanna know what i can do to be an undercover cop or detective or anything like that. anybody that could help i'd appreciate ...

my brother who was on a resident visa for 2 yrs in uae had gone to india for 3 months. On entry in uae he was held at the airport and taken to Dubai Immigration investigation office and later given ...

 What makes a successful robber?
I don't just mean an armed robber,just a multi-purpose robber-strictly a cash only man,spendable notes only!...

 Can some one give me the web site to Buster Cole State Jail Bonham Texas?
i want to see my mom shes in the but i need to see the visiting hours........

 Does anyone have a pocket sized book of basic crime definitions or know anywhere were i can get one?
I need to memorise the basic crime definitions - theft burglary TFMV TOMV assaults etc etc.
Any idea where I can get my hands on THIN POCKET SIEZE book with these in ...

 Track crime in a neighborhood?
We are moving to a new neighborhood in Austin and I would like to know if there is any website that helps me keep track of the crime in the neighborhood?...

 Is there any kind of protection against false allegations?
My ex got furious when I didn’t want to drop a case for child support, which I already won. When I deny his request to drop the case, he swore he would destroy my life. Same night I got a call from ...

 Police won't take action?
We have a neighbor that has 13 dogs (puppy mill). They bark all night long. We call 911 (non emergency) and report them. The police come and tell them to quiet their dogs they are disturbing the ...

 In the book "McVicar by Himself",John McVicar claims that "Mad"Frankie Fraser used to force enemies to.......?
.........Eat human excrement(with toamto ketchup on it of course),and then sodomize them.Are these poop-eating and sodomy allegations true?Surely that nice old man Frankie Fraser couldn't have ...

 What would the police do in this (fictional) car accident?
I'm 14. This situation is entirely made-up, I just want to know what the police would do.

OK, so a 15-yo (minor) takes a parent's car out for a joyride and is tailgating another ...

How long will a jail hold you if you are locked up for buglary and its your first offense?

Additional Details
my boyfriend was caught with stolen products out of a house now this is his first offense and his bail is set at 50,000 dollars but has no court date yet is there a chance he could get OR out

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Maybe you should find a new boyfriend instead of some scumbag who feels it's OK to steal things that belong to other people.

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Kelly G
long enough for the paper work, to go in front of the judge, and to get bail, oh about 3 hours

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D J Motorcop
The Police catch you, the Prosecutor prosecutes you. When you are found guilty the Judge sentences you and uses many variables to determine the length of the sentence and as well when you can be eligible for parole review. The jail accepts you and does an intake and placement evaluation and determines your needs. The parole board reviews your case after the minimum time has passed.

So once you get your sentence the amount of time you serve in the jail or prison depends on your behaviour and the steps you take to make yourself releasable.

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Until your bail is set and you can post bail, if you can't you stay in until your trial unless the judge decides to let you out on your own recognizance

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no one
If you have not yet been convicted, until you are able to post bail if such is permitted by the judge.

If you have been convicted, serve with good behavior, etc., without incidents, you will probably serve a third of your allotted sentence and then a lengthy parole, with a permanent criminal record.

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Did you say 'buggery'?

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up to the duration of your legal sentence until released by the proper authorities.

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