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 Has PC John Dougal been sentanced yet? He killed a girl doing 90 in a 30 limit?
Will he probably get 10 years in jail after his conviction for causing death by dangerous driving?
Next time I get stopped by the police for doing 45 in a 30 I'll remind them it was half ...

 What would the parking officer do if........?
What would the parking officer do if you pull your windshield wipers off? He has nowhere else to put it...so...I don't get the ticket...?...

 Are there any rules that govern how a police department is supposed to treat people?
A man stole mail from my fiance's mother's mailbox. It had account numbers from stocks. (I don't know how those work, so forgive me if I phrased that incorrectly.) He then went to The M...

 EMS handed over to customs,will I be in trouble?
I order a bag,what happends if it was a replica handbag,and they hold it,which was attempted for delivery,and it failed. WHAT will happend to me for ordering a bag offline from China? Will they send ...

 Will the swine virus spread to the states other than New York? And if so, what can we do?

 Gotta a question about missing court?
okay my friend was on her way to oklahoma and in texas she got into a car reck-which was not her fault-anyways,she had a court date in april and she missed it because she was stranded in texas-and ...

 I Was With My Friends And They Got Into A Horrible Fight Causing Damage To The Store, I Was Terrified Ran In?
I Was With My Friends And They Got Into A Horrible Fight Causing Damage To A Store In Which I Will Not Mention The Name, I Was Terrified And Not Thinking So I Ran In And Told My Friends To Get Out. W...

 Identify and discuss different types of sentencing. Please distinguish the difference between jails and priso?

 How to get my iD and driver licenses back when the police forgot to give it back to me after they pull me over?
idk what to do !?
should i go and ask in the
police station or
just reported it???...

 Question about speeding tickets and court?
I received a speeding ticket today for going 101 mph on a 65 mph zone
the officer gave me a $105 ticket and I have to appear in court.
I just want to know what I have to say in court?

 Do you ever hear of law enforcement or correctional personnel using a chain and two padlocks as leg irons ?

 Adult Probation - Failure to report technical violation in Cook County IL?
I'm on probation in Cook County, IL and I just got this new job a few months ago, and they've been really hard on me about taking time off. So now I got a hearing at the Skokie court house ...

If a cop takes your name and number down for catching you having sex in a car and says they arent going to call anyone will they anyway. 17 it was at night not in a public place they checked i.d'...

 Can someone without CRB confirmation work with kids?
Can someone who is awaiting there CRB confirmation still work with children if they are supervised by adults who have there ...

 How can u steal a handgun?
asap ...

 If tha victim of domestic violence refuses 2 testify in the state of Wa will they go 2 jail?

 If a guy comes from another country, visiting the USA, do this rules still apply?
Let's say Bob is 20.
And Mary is 15.
Bob lives in Portugal.
Mary lives in the USA.
Bob comes to USA and has sex with Mary.
Is it illegal?
Additional Details

 Can a cop leave his radar on while out of his car & return after u pass to read your speed & then ticket u?
I passed two police officers who were talking to a lady outside their vehicle, and after I passed, they returned to their car and pulled me over about 5 minutes later. I was going 48 in what I ...

 Need help on what a cop would do?
Got caught having sex in a car. The officer told me not to cry he's not going to call anyone. Then they looked at our i.d's and took our name and phone number. Does this mean that they will ...

 Can i still go into bars with an expired licence?
I live in Massachusetts but for my 21st birthday i'll be in Florida. My license expires on my birthday but I want to go to Florida bars to celebrate but if my license in expired will they let me ...

How long is a jail sentence for rape?

Additional Details
if its not nearly long enough is it even worth pressing charges?

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It depends on several factors. A person could get anywhere from probation to life imprisonment for committing rape. It may depend on where the rape took place, and on the severity or degree of the crime. Every single rape case should prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Please do not mull it over, press charges immediately!

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Many rapists serve a little amount of time this is why they are able to enter society and do the same thing over and over again weather he or she serves a little time this must be reported and this hard up criminal needs to be put away for this crime prosecution is one way to prevent other innocent victims from being attacked rape victims should always remember this is not their fault and should seek counseling to move on with their lives no means no and if not consented this person should be taken to the law and his but put behind bars where the same should happen to them some people may not agree but as the saying goes an eye for an eye do the right thing and put him or her away

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Doctor Death
I agree with the first poster. Not nearly long enough.

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Elliott M
not long enough and the aggravating circumstances play a big part

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I say it's not nearly enough because I think every rapist should get a life sentence. Yes, it's worth pressing charges because you are going to stop the rapist from raping another innocent girl. Also, by pressing charges this is going to help you to put this behind. It's going to be hard for you to come to terms with this. But the satisfaction of knowing that you put him behind bars is going to show him that he no longer has power over you. If you didn't report this then do it today. Do not be afraid to go to the police and tell them what this person did to you. The police are there for you to help you and give you support. Go to the police station and tell them that you want to report a rape. They are going to question you but you have nothing to worry about. Tell them the truth and they will help you and they will put this guy in jail.

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