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shells (tatismom)
How long does somebody stay in jail if nobody can pay the bond to get them released?
If the person was arrested on Friday the 10th, and went to his first court hearing the following Monday the 13th and was sent back to the jail, how much longer will he have to be there? Will it be until the next court date which could be a couple of months away, or will they let him go sooner?

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Until the bond is paid. Then there will be a time
period in which all the papers have to be filed
and then the prisoner is released.

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Luke T
intill someone pays them out

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Ben V
Until their court date, or if the jail gets too crowded. The court date is more likely.

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°º¤ø §T墣ÿz Prêtt¥ßÕÿ ¤º°`ø
It all depends where he is in Jail at and once he is setenced to his last hearing he will have to stay in jail until than unless he gets out for good behavor

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It is upto the judge based on all the situations, nature of problem, even capacity of city to hold.

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In the United States of America-

Until they are released "on their own recognizance", by a Court of proper jurisdiction, or until the completion of a court trial, and then their release would depend upon the verdict of their case, for example; if they are found to be guilty, they may be sentenced to serve a specific amount of time. Or, if they are found to be not guilty they would then be released.

As for the amount of time this process will take; Americans have a Constitutional Right to a Speedy Trial, which is 45 days, unless the defendant waives this Right at his or her Arraignment/Preliminary Hearing, in which case it could be dragged out indefinitely.

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Elliott M
till a bond reduction hearing or the adjudication

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Nutritionally Fortified
The first hearing is usually when bail is set. If no one comes forward to pay that bail then the person stays in jail until the charges can be heard and possibly until a hearing sentencing.

This can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on the docket and how backed up they are. If you wish to bail them out but don't have the cash you can speak with a bail bond company and put up a percentage of the entire amount.

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He will likely be in until his court date, unless he is bailed out. The only exception would be if he were to be released on his own recognizance.

If he receives a jail sentence at his trial, he wil go back to jail from the courthouse. Courts are backed up and sometimes it can take months to get a trial date.


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The bond is intended to ensure that they appear for trial. If no one can pay their bond, then they will remain in jail until their trial. Occasionally, they will reduce the bond or issue an OR bond, but in a worse case scenario, they will be in custody until after the trial.

Simple cases may take 3-6 months to be completed, more complex cases can take upwards of 2 years or more i.e. Phil Spector.

The length of time depends on how busy the Court is, how much evidence their is to go through, how busy the attorney's are and other steps like discovery.

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