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How long does a cop have to pull you over for speeding?
If the cop radar you going over the speed limit but he can't catch u until a mile later i heard he can't write you a ticket for what he clocked you at a mile back????????????
Additional Details
Example.... the cop clocks you going 55 in a 35 but the cop is on the other side of the highway must find a place to a Ue and than by the time the cop catchs you it's like a mile or few miles from the spot the cop clocked you at...

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they probly could its just that if he cant turn around fast enough to get to you he knows more than likley you are going to just duck into a parking lot or another road and loose him so they dont bother

its not impossible to out run the police its just impossible to out run there radio

but for that first few mins it takes for him to re aquire you if you can hide or out run then u can get away

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i dont think so, but if it is true, i dont recommend it. If you do manage to get that far, he can charge you with fleeing from police and not stopping, more serious than a speeding ticket. Plus, since you are speeding to get away, he will charge you for the new speeding you are doing trying to avoid the police.
just gets you into more trouble

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if that was true.. you'd still get a ticket for fleeing or something like that.. so either way don't speed or drive away!

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That's totally untrue. They can follow you as long as they want.

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He can pull you over whenever he catches you. How far you are from where he actually clocked you makes no difference.

In response to the poster who said that if you leave the officer's sight, he can't ticket you because he lost his "chain of evidence": you shouldn't be giving such advice, it could get people in trouble.

Just because an officer temporarily loses sight of you doesn't mean he can't give you a ticket. It may be harder for him to Identify you as the speeder if there were multiple cars like yours (color, make, model) when he clocked you, but he can still do it.

There is only one sure fire way to avoid getting a speeding ticket; follow the posted speed limits.

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Dan The Man
The Police can chase you down until he gets your stupid A**,or till you crash and burn or their supervisor tells them to break off the chase,because it 's becoming to dangerous.But you can start in New York,and that police officer can go after you in Maryland or whatever.Just pull over like a man,and let the police do their job.And slow the hell down.

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California Street Cop
You heard wrong. If he got you, he got you. The cite will stand, be it a day or week later.

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Rick Pepsi
He can follow you for miles-no limitations

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Smeagol AM
ok, do the math. if you're doing 70mph in a 55mph zone, how long would it take for you to drive one mile? 50 seconds. so the cop has less than one minute to give you a ticket? that's the dumbest thing i ever heard.

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That's the most asinine question I've ever seen on YA.

He can write you a citation for up to 2 years after the violation is committed.

How stupid can someone be?

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As long as it takes him to catch you.

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In Utah it does not matter speeding is speeding no matter what! you can be put under citizen arrest for speeding (I would not recomend it) just dont speed and you dont have the problem.

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The rule is he has to identify the speeder and keep him in sight as he chases him down. If the cop clocks you and then you go over a hill where he can not see you, he can does not have the "chain of evidence" that you were actually the car he clocked.

In the example you gave, if he has miles and miles to catch up to you, if he does not lose sight of you he can pull you over a long way down the road and give you the ticket. If you were really speeding, they may catch up but hang back, so they can clock you with their car speedometer as that will add evidence that the speed they clocked with the radar was not a fluke. Imagine you trying to say the radar was wrong and then the cops says he followed you for two miles at 100 mph...

Of course, most of the time they would rather pull you over fast so they can ticket you and then get someone else.

They also enjoy the opportunity to go fast catching up to you. Many cops use this as an opportunity to see just how fast they can go, specially if on a freeway..

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if he doesnt catch within an hour i'll be a hundred and fifteen miles away..............

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a b
not true at all buddy. If he clocks you at a speed he can give you a ticket for that speed.

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Kenneth C
You heard wrong. Here, he could in theory give you the ticket a month later if he could articulate that it was you.

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