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How do you get a judge to hear your side if you can not freely talk, and only talk when they ask you something
there's a side to a story that the judge has not heard and i need him to hear it or he will place my daughter where she should not be.I need to get my story across is there any ideas about how i could go on doing this? i love my little girl but the father took her from me at 7months old and would not let me see her until she turned 1 and keep her away again untill she was 1 and a half and then gave her away to his parents and i went to get her with the police and he showed up said no and then she gets placed in foster care and i need to tell the judge my side of the story because as of know my husbed and the grand parents of my child put it out like i abanded her when in fact they kept her from me. i love her so much and dont want her hurting any more then she has so please how do i tell my story and get my daughter back?
Additional Details
I have a lawer! not a very good one but i dont have much money now paying child sapport threw foster care and takeing care of my 4 and a half year old!

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laughing poet
you cant judges never listen sorry :(

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Crossing the Rubicon
That's why lawyers get the big bucks.

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im only a teen so i dont know much about law... but everyonees side should be heard... get a lawyer... try talking to the judge in private if you can

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Mary S
I can tell you love your baby. All this must be unsettling for her.

You have left something out of this story which is pertinent

The only suggestion is for you to seek legal advice here.

The judge has one priority and that is to do what is best for the child. NOT the parents, least of all the grand-parents.

If the child is in foster care then it would seem there is no adult relative fit to look after her properly.

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They only want the facts & your story would be told w/ youe heart - NOT the facts they're specifically searching for.

You need someone to speak for you, a lawyer. If you cannot afford one often cities have someone who will help you at a discounted rate or for free - depending on your income. Call the child support office & the state welfare offices and ask who to call for "Legal Aid". Then give your story to legal aid rep when you find one.

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write an affidavit prior to court

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You seem to have quite a complex situation, which is not easily resolved by people in yahoo answer.
1st off, you should have contacted an attorney the minute your husband took her away.
Now are you and the father married, never been married? Are you 2 divorced??? If so, wasn't a custody decision part of the divorce???
I need to stress the importance of an attorney for a case like this. You definitely have some major hurdles to overcome before you could even be considered for custody, I'm hoping you've made attempts to get her back the whole time she was with him, if not they have a case of abandonment. If you can't afford an attorney, I would find ask around for attorneys that do probano work or you can contact child services for help

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Before the day you go in front of the judge write out what you want him/her to know.
Take it to the court house, go to the clerk and he/she will either tell you where to go, or take it.....you may have to get it notarized, I never have.....

If it is something little you just say your piece to your attorney louder then a whisper and the judge will either ask what you said, or your attorney may have to elaborate to the court what you said.....of course get ready to hear a lecture from the judge, he/she has to keep control of his courtroom. Save face in other words.....if you push this and disrespect the judge he can/will enforce his authority and could charge you, meaning he/she can put you in jail.
Remember people in law feel there is them then there are us. "They" are always in control and so much better then us. Though to some judges are not like this, not like street cops who are usually like this then not like this.

In a courtroom the judge is more important then any other person you have ever had to deal with before. The courtroom is the judges home. The "bad chair" is a jail cell. This even applies to street cops.

Being in a courtroom in front of a judge scares me to no end, but still if I got something to say......and the attorney is not getting it out there.....granite usually it has something to do with my kids who do not take bullying by anyone. My autistic disabled boy gets away with sticking up for himself but his brother always gets cops called on him if he is sticking up for his brother or himself, always!

Good luck and remember this is where your past might (or it might be good?) just bite you on your butt....

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Uh huh, go on I'm listening
write the judge. do it through your attorney or the county clerk (affidavit), otherwise he won't even bother looking at it.

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Everyone has there day in court and if you don't speak up your day will be gone.

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When you go in for a custody hearing, you can take the stand and have your lawyer ask you questions that will let you tell your side of the story.

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you need a lawyer or if you have one, you need a better one. they get paid to let your side be told!

edit. call family attorneys in the phone book. they will meet with you and discuss payment plans!

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you will get a chance to talk

but.. you should also get a lawyer

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Salt&Pepper Apricot
Get a lawyer and work out a payment plan.

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blatantly opinionated
You'll need to get an attorney and petition for custody or visiting rights in family court.

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To be very clear: YOU NEED A LAWYER. You WILL lose with out one.

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If you have an attorney, he/she should be able to ask the proper questions to bring out the information. You could also ask the Judge for permission to speak freely. He/she may, or may not allow it.

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