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Misty S
How do I go about reporting a rape that happened 5 years ago?
7 years ago when I was 12, I met a man online. I didn't see any problems with that because every girl around me was doing it. I talked to him for two years because he acted like he cared for me and my problems so much, like a brother. When I turned 14, we met in person. He then, took, me to a motel and that was when he had sex with me. I saw many red flags when we met. He lied to me about his age, his name, the car he was driving, his smoking habits, his knowledge of me being a minor, etc. Seeing this, I was still stupid enough to give him the benefit of the doubt and I slept with him. Believing that it was all my fault, I chose never to say anything. Now that I am older, I really want to find him for I know for a fact that he is doing it to many other girls also. The problem is that we lost touch ever since the incident. He changed his screen name, his number, and his account on findapix.com. All I know is my experience with him. This man is at least 30. What can I do?

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Chase D
Okay. It was a tad your fault. But its right that you worry about the other girls. Tell the cops almost exactly what you said. You where young but now your older and you understand the conciquences of not telling them.

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Nothing. Unless you've saved the "evidence", there isn't a thing you can do.

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&quot; Top Contributer &quot;
nothing it was a long time ago by the way u agreed on having sex with him so what???

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m♥j jazzy
U waited WAYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to long

and thats stupid what were your parents teaching you 7 years ago

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ok as a parent of a 9 year old.WTF where were your parents and also sweetie I am so sorry but you should go to the police first and they may tell you that with the evidence not being there your options are fewer.

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I can't believe people are commenting to tell you it's your fault, or that you should just get over it. Ugh. People, the law says you have to be 18 to consent to sex - a 14 year old CAN NOT CONSENT. It's still rape even if you said yes. Chrissakes, people are idiots. Please, please ignore all of them. It was NOT your fault and this guy is a major sleaze who took advantage of you. I'm so, so sick of victim-blaming, but it's even more repulsive when someone tries to pull it on a 14-year-old kid.

That said, I've heard of many cases involving child abuse which were prosecuted much later. If the prospect of going directly to the police intimidates you, I would strongly recommend going to a school counselor (if you're still in school) or some sort of crisis/help center for women. (Try googling the county you live in plus the phrase "Rape Crisis Center.") If you can't find any in your area, try a general hotline number. The counselor can help you and give you advice on the statute of limitations if it applies as well as what information to provide to the police.

Good luck, hon. And please continue to ignore the morons saying completely ignorant and hurtful things.

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1st avoid net conducts
2nd forget unwants incidents
3rd forgive all like a god
4th and finally you should live a correct and do correct only
thats all

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I don't think there is much you can do really. I think it qualifies as statutory rape ie..sex with a minor. You went willingly unfortunately, it was wrong of him, but with the time elapsed it will be your word against his..no physical evidence even if you could find the guy. I understand what you are trying to do, but unless you are willing to invest a lot of time, money and testify, there really is no point. You may just have to move on.

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He can't be charged with rape after all this time. You have to be able to prove he's still a rapist but without any pertinent info, it's a lost cause. Did you ever tell anyone about this man your involvement with him? Maybe you should do so now, to get it all of your chest. This man thinks he's clever, but hopefully, he'll get caught soon. Unfortunately, how many more vicitms will there be before that happens?

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i know when were young it's cool to talk to people online and stuff because, well we just try to fit in...but why go into the room with him? I'm sorry if that sounded mean, i'm not trying to honestly be at all. i don't have any cop related experience, but i do know it's pretty hard to get a build a case against something that happened years ago because there's not a lot of "Evidence" to hold it up. BUT it is good that you're trying to look out for other girls...just go to the police, but really i think it'd be better to contact the FBI office closest to you...they tend to care more about their job. good luck with this, just remember it wasn't your fault...we all make mistakes when we're kids cause we don't know any better. but it is HIS fault since he knew about.. but call them, or even a private investigator. tell them all about it, give the info of the number and whatnot.

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You might be S.O.L.

The statute of limitations runs out after either 5 or 7 years and unless you have his real info he has moved on and you might never be able to find him...

Call the cops and make sure that everything you know is in the report...

You need to file the report NOW before the statute of limitations runs out!!

Good luck!


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Marc X
I'm not concerned with trying this guy in a Yahoo forum, nor cross-examing you. Those are functions for the court. Laws vary among states, so going to the police OR district attorney's office is the only place you'll know for sure what can be done.

In some states, you have a specified amount of time after turning 18 to file a claim of rape during childhood, no matter how far back it was. While prosecution after all this time might be futile, it still should be reported. Basically they MAY tell you that nothing can be done, but if you don't report it, then you ARE telling yourself that nothing can be done.

Maybe you won't stop this guy, after all this time. And certainly there's no shortage of middle-aged adults preying on teenage girls, and not all of them are going to be stopped either. But if you don't try, then NONE of them will be stopped. (And naivete on your part may be a factor in his defense, but it sure won't be his exoneration.)

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go to the policce! thats horrible nawww what an asshole. if u have any saved convos that would be good but do something about it definatly , he cant go around doing this to other girls!

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so... Your saying that THE RAPER do that do many other girls and still use the same website huh?

then first of all, MAKE another account, and PUT A REALLY HOT PICTURE of a Girl that isn't you. Then after few month, he might be able to find you(since your hot and he's a pervert, who lookin for HOTTY)
the when your able to meet him, call the police and you know what to do for the next setp


just find a girl who got raped by him not long ago and team up with her and GET THAT ***** in to HELL!!!

and SRRY but there NOTHING we can do to help u with a imformation that you got RAPED 5 YEARS alone...

I feel srry for you=_=

tip: never MET SOME ONE YOU DON"T KNOW, unless you really know what kind of that person is for sure^^

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Egoistic Joker!
Well you can call the cops in your area and tell them what happened and they should be able to help you. I hope you get the justice you deserve.

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gen patton
this is what happens, when you kids THINK you know everything. and then, everyone wants to blame the parents.
if you're extremely lucky, they will have a record at the motel, which i doubt. i'm affraid you may have to chalk this up to experience. and, you're going to be suprised at how much smarter you are 5 years from now. what the hell were you thinking?

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PS his knowledge of me being a minor is where your story falls apart. How?

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Joe B
You can report it, but the law cant charge him with anything unless they have evidence; even if he flat out says he did it, they still MUST have evidence to charge.

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There may be a statute of limitations on rape and since you didn't report it at the time, there's no physical evidence. How would you go about finding him and more to the point, why would you bother? It could become a major obsession for you.

If, however, you do find him and are sure it's him, it's your responsibility to report him to the police. Even though you can't prove what happened to you 5 years ago, they will probably take your accusation very seriously because he's preying on young people.

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Depends on the state but it is usually three years for statutory rape. See this:


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Hmmm... Besides reporting it to the police, I'm not sure if there is anything more to do. I know how not reporting something can cause you to feel responciable for anyone he might hurt thereafter. And can cause trauma to you for doing it. But you shouldn't feel guilty because you were so young and his choices are his own and not your fault. Even if the crime can be still held accountable, if you dont have a real name, a real address he was at, a place of work or so fourth it would probably be extremely difficult if not impossible to find him. The only place which might have his name and such would be the motel you went to if he checked in with a credit or debet card. Otherwise he might of used a fake name or something. The police would probably be able to see about it or private investigator. Describing his face at the time might help but might be a shot in the dark.

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you can go to the police station and file a report. Although you were a minor so the time line may change for charges.. i mean adults are now pressing charges against priests and you are barely of voting age but do something now.

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Libra Girl
you can talk to a councilor or welfare administrator or a guidance councilor they can help in many way's! also go to the police station and tell them your story the way you have told us, they should be understanding if not ask them them if they can at least track him down and watch him to see if he does still do that! and that all you can really do i wish you told the authority's as soon as it happened =[

but i hope this helps and please don't hesitate to email me to tell me what has happened please don't

anorexic_fatty@hotmail.com thank you xD

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You can report him to the police. He may have changed his screen name and all other factors but as long as you know the hotel where he took you and the approximate date and time. They can go back and find records on him and his identity. Good luch hun. Don't let this go on for another 5 years. seek help now. You may be helping someone else to not be a victim of his.

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You need to seek therapy first to work out your feelings and catch your breath. Then (soon) get some legal advice from a rape center or woman center. They can direct you based on what you tell them and can also help with a therapist. This guy should be stopped. What he did is reprehensible at least and illegal in the extreme. I think you are brave and sensible to want to pursue this crime.

By the way, don't wait too much longer, should you decide to bring in the law, as the statute of limitations in many states runs out at different times for rape. I am hoping the best for you.

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Go to the police and report this. It most certainly was NOT your fault. You were a minor and this man was an adult.He should be reported to any computer monitoring service that is available, also. Just tell the police everything, however trivial, that you can remember about him.It will make you feel better, even if they don't catch him.He has committed a crime. Report him.

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I think you should still report it.. If he did this to you he could still be doing it to young girls out there. I think the police will definately look into it. Even if it's been too long for them to do anything about it i'm sure you will still feel good about yourself for finally getting the courage to talk. Anyway it wasn't your fault at all, you shouldn't think that .. Those disgusting men are just really good at making you feel like it is your fault so you wont tell anyone about it.. But think seriously, how could it be your fault for doing it.. you were only 14 years old! Best of luck with it all.

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Give all the pertinent information such as user name, site and times of contact, to your local police, you may be unable to trace him but police resources will find it relatively easy to track him, you don't know, he may already be under police scrutiny. On your own there is little that you can do but your information could be important in locating another predator.

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report it to the police they should have a department that specialises in on line predators, you might not get the justice you feel you need but you might be able to save countless of others from going through your anguish. Your helping others may help you feel better about what has happened to you.

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The statute of limitations can be different for crimes against children, and may still apply. In Wisconsin, sexual assault of a child can be reported up until the victim's 33rd birthday.

It may be difficult to prove your case, but your report could stop him from doing this to someone else.

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