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How can you tell if a prostitute is a real prostitute and not a cop?
I don't want to show up on the tv show cops anymore. Twice is enough. Just want to make sure she ain't know cop before I let her search me.

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Tell her to pull out her ti*s, or grab your co*k.

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Tell her to grab your private parts and you'll make a deal.

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if she smell to good she a cop:-)

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Fireman "T"
Ask to see their private parts. Cops can't do that under any circumstances.

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Pay her and see if she arrests you.

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john c
dude, you are not grasping the concept. carry a digital recorder with you, ask the woman if she is a cop and tape record the answer. See you at the health department.

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Tell her you don't want to have any sexual contact with her at all. You just want to take her to the nearest diner, buy a meal and talk. A cop will come up with some excuse not to.

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You can never be sure, except after the money changes hands, but then it is too late, you are busted.

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Ask her to show her "money maker." A real cop will not do that; a prostitute will not hesitate to show her hair...Besides, it's always better to view a product before buying it.

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I would say the ultimate way she uses the handcuffs will tell you.

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A Prostitute will take the cuff's off,a cop wont!

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Cops have all their teeth.

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Go somewhere where prostitution is legal, or where it's illegal for cops to entrap guys like that.

If you can't afford to travel, then perhaps you should just stick to masturbating, or if you are lucky, find someone who will have sex with you for free.

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no clue

i guess if she takes the money and has sex

instead of arresting you

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monica your new bff
the way to tell if she is a cop or not is to have sex with it. If she has sex with you she is not a cop, if she doesnt then she is a cop and you will spend the night in jail. Either way you will get laid that night. Hopefully not by some guy in jail who is looking for some chon chon

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It's simple. A real prostitute doesn't make change for a 20 after she's given you a handjob in the back of a Ford Festiva.

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If she's not a cop, then you will let her search you?

The best way to tell if a girl is a real prostitute and not a cop....offer her money for sex. If she accepts then she's a bona fide hooker. If you find yourself in handcuffs, then there's a good chance she's a cop.


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bill j
If she is a prostitute she will have sex with you for money. If she is a cop she will arrest you for suggesting such a thing. Twice is enough? Are you complaining, bragging or lying?

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Let me see they both can use handcuffs, they both like leather, and both can enjoy beating you.

??? I am not sure you can tell them apart.

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