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How can i set up a drug bust?
my friend got robbed, gun to the head, over drugs. i know, not surprising. but then the guys who set him up called me to get me robbed, because they don't know that i know they want to screw me over. i want to get them busted by the police, but i too am involved in some MINOR illegal activity. what can i do about this that won't get me busted, and will these guys get their cronies to come watch my house or something?? please help

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STOP snitching.. go beat his a**

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minor? you smoke weed or something? listen if it's something small like that there is no law ANYWHERE in the US agianst taking drugs. In fact you can take all the drugs you want, completely legal. You break the law when you posess or traffic (buy or sell). If it's something small, you need to get the cops involved and be honest. Tellthem everything they need to know. death is not a very good option...

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It is clear you have used up all the good karma in your present environment. I suggest you sell everything you own and move at least two states away from your present location.

Words of advice. Once you get to this new location stay out of minor illegal activity. Do not associate with people who; do drugs, sell drugs, talk about drugs, own a gun, or talk about guns.

Try and keep yourself out of the legal system, that is unless you enter the police academy, law school, or get a job on CSI.

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cronies? dude just hit em with a crow bar.

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By minor you mean...?

The cops aren't going to come unless they are certain you're not F'in with them. I don't think they would question you about your "minor" activity unless it somehow relates.

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for this case you will have to work with the police. i this case you will need their help. think about what your illegal activities are and maybe they outweigh the benefits of having cops working with you. one thing i will tell law enforcement officials appreciate the fact that you are willing to work with them

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Call the local police - non emergency number - and ask them about their narcotics task force..drug task force..or just explain your situation - minus your illegal activity I imagine :-) I thought my neighbors were selling drugs and that's what I did...

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the hump
you can get the drug division to wire you up and when you make a buy, they get it on tape. they don't bust them until later, but eventually they will find out it was you (con. right to confrontation). best thing would be to find 1 cop and feed him info over time. until finally they have enough to move in based on your credibility. also, ananymous tips that are credible ie., provide details leading up to the dope can work. i can't explain anonymous tip req. complete enough to make you understand. but the tip has to be characteristically credible in and of itself. get a crim. pro. book. its all in there.

don't worry about your crim. activity. most confidential informants are criminals.

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Look, I know that times are rough and people at times have to do what it takes to get by. Drugs is a never ending life of looking over your head. Not pleasant to have to do. Sounds like someone is jealous that you are making more money then they are. It is a dangerous world out there. They don't care about anyone but themselves. Is it really worth it? Get out of what you are doing. There is always a way. You just have to do it. Go somewhere and make a phone call to a tip line. You have to sound serious and scared. Tell them that they are after you and you can't stay on the phone. Don't listen to the dispatcher and hang up. If you know their address, give it to them. Trust me, they will get a warrant and go over there. But you have to sound real, and scared and convincing. Don't say anything that is well out of place. Yes, they will watch your house. If you say what you wrote. They don't play games. I hope I don't read about you in the papers. Do something right away and don't wait.

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j l
start in Juarez....across from EL -Paso !!!! safe houses....from further south....Miami is too hot with DEA !...good luck....American future depends on you !!!

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get new friends

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andrea z
Call the police and leave an anonymous tip with all their information.

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Jules C
If you contact the drugs squad/DEA (wherever you live)... they won't be interested in small fry. It's too much paper work. They may very well turn a blind eye in favour of getting an easy bust too...

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Lindsay W
involving safety you can call the police and place an 'anonymous call' you can also work with the police to bust them and there's a chance they'll lighten your punishment.

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Turn yourself in, and hope to make a "deal" with the prosecutor. It sounds like you need help getting back to living a productive, legal lifestyle, and this may be the chance you need.

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dont you watch cops? ok get someone you know that they dont know you know go to the cops and say they seen the guys going into your friends home you have to tell whoever you get all the details so thier story goes with the details of the cops investigation why didnt he go to the cops? or plan b go to a pay phone call anonymously and say i know where this meth lab is and i feel in danger(even if they r not dealing meth, cause the cops will definately go to check that out) they will find the other drugs/ parifinailia and bust all of em if they ask for your name say im an anonymous person in the neighborhood but i can give you an address

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Just make an anonymous call to the police.

They'll investigate it further, without them ever learning your name or anything.


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Let the po po handle it. Don't be a hero, you may not live to tell about it.

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You should contact your local police department and inform them of the situation. If you feel threatened, they have to patrol more in the area and may be able to set you up with the drug enforcement agency in your area to get them arrested.

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why not just stop with the drugs. nothing good will ever come of it.

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You can't have it both ways. If you are going to break the law, don't ask to have the people who bust lawbreakers protect you but bust other lawbreakers.

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Pretty In Pink
Users are losers and loser are user so don't do drugs...

I don't know what I got thumbs down for. Users are losers and losers are users and no one should do drugs. Are you people insane ? :

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