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 Can a fifteen year old be put in a cell for the night, what happens if they substain an injury?
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 What device do police officers use to communicate with mexicans?
it is a translator that they talk into that comes out spanish vice versa
where can i find it

you dont have to type anything in just talk :0...

 Do u like cops?
to any cops that r on here please dont find me or any1 else on here and send us to jail or pull us over and give us a ticket for no reason thanks. now that that is out of the way do u like cops or do ...

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A friend of mine has been missing for a week and no one can locate him. I don't know how to conduct such a search?...

~ Lace ~
How can I proove that my landlord is breaking into my apartment and possibly stealing my medications??
I live in what I thought was a good safe apartment. I was relatively close with the landlord, her son in law is the maintenance man for the apartments. Well I noticed that after I had my c-section and my two other major surgeries stuff in my house started to seem to be moved around. I didn't think anything of it until I moved out of that apartment and into a townhouse but in the same complex. I had broken my ankle and was unable to gather the rest of my stuff from my old apartment. Well I got a phone call from the landlord who said she "instinctively" thought to check my door handle to see if it was locked she said it was unlocked. which it always is and so are the windows, when I had gone down to check it out the door was locked even the deadbolt and all the windows were locked but stuff had been stolen and someone would have had to had a key to lock the door and to get in and other than me the landlords have the extra keys. Now that I have moved I have noticed that my bottom
Additional Details
lock has been tampered with and there are signs of forced entry. IE broken door frame and busted bottom lock, all of this started to happen when I refused to sell some of my pain meds to the landlord and her son in law and once she kept forcing it they stopped talking to me and now I am sure they are attempting to break into the new apartment. I kept all sets of keys this time around and so I know they don't have any extra sets. But now I need to know how I can possibly bust them in this, I am willing to put money on it that it is them doing it because everyone else who lives here for some reason thinks I am an undercover cop (?) not sure why I have been asked several times if I or the people who are always over were cops. This is a good apartment building and other people have noticed the same things in their apartments. I don't know what to do. PLEASE HELP

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As you are leaving put down some wide double stick tape. If there are footprints when you get home . . . bingo !

In any event , change your locks, it is your right as you are the occupant.

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Farah G
Technically landlords are allowed to enter your apartment at any time and you are not allowed to keep the keys from them. But of course stealing is a whole different issue. set up a video camera. They have alarm clocks with cameras or whatever...set it up and catch them in the act of stealing and take the tape to the police. You cn also contact the actual owner or company that owns the building and report them for trying to buy drugs from you and their treatment of you since and the damage to the doorframe and all that. I am sure they wouldnt be the landlords there for long. You sid other tenants have asked you for help thinking you were a cop? if there are many of you with these concerns approach the owner as a group to ensure they are out of there.

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Lodge a police complaint. They will take care.

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Old Cynic
easy, get a tiny webacam and hook it up to the internet. good webcams have motion sensors so will start recording to the net the moment something moves past its field of vision

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Report it to the police. If they say "they cant do anything" then set up a video camera and catch them in the act if you can afford to do so. Most police departments can't turn their back on hard video evidence but often will on a he said/she said situation.

Acutally, you might just want to set up a camera first b/c if your landlord thinks you know what they are doing, they might stop for fear of getting caught and never have to fess up. Get those creeps!! Good luck.

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set up a hidden camera set up to record when a motion sensor is activated.

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Granny 1
Call the police and make a report, also as you leave the apt sprinkle a little flour on the floor, if someone is going in there the first thing they will step in is flour, you can always tell then. Even salt will work but the flour will track all over the house.

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Move. Also, discuss the matter with the police. Until you can get out, keep all medications in a securely locked cabinet or in a secret hiding place.

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get a hidden camera...it's the best way to catch them without you being around...then get the police on them once you have the evidence...

try to find out whether you can install your own locks instead of having locks that your landlord has keys to...and get some latches for the windows...or some kind of long strong bar to put on the bottom of you non-movable window screen...it can block the window from opening....good luck!

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set up a camera, capture it on video. but first act like you are not home then jump out and kick her @ss.

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Call the police. Report the crime and your suspicions, set up a web cam if you can, and move out of there, you are not safe.

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1. Call the police. They may even set up the camera for you.
2. Set up a camera (see above)
3. If your neighbors are trustworthy, have them discretely watch the apartment for you.
4. Put $5 or $10 bucks, whatever you can afford to loose, out
with the pills. Record the serial number on the money before you
put it out. If the thief is caught with that bill, it's pretty hard evidence
5. Set them up and involve the police if they'll participate. Tell them you'll be out of town for a night and ask them to watch the place. Have your camera and bait money ready.
6. Look for another place to live.

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Michael R
There are little cameras called Nanny cams, they are primarily hidden in dolls. Purchase one and put it in view of the door so it can catch unauthorized people entering the apartment.

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Aviator - THE Resolution
1. hide a camera to catch them

2. put out your pills where they can easily be seen and stolen, but replace your pills with something like a laxative or something.

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Cameras cameras cameras

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Spreads Love Like Violenceā„¢
Hide a video camera.

If you catch her, take it to the police.

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buy a mini camera system from firebox they are 5cm long wireless and go straight to ur laptop/ pc also get a burgular alarm system then the alarm will sound if the door is opened also if u cannot afford an alarm buy a special cheap shed /door alarm ormally battery and turned off by the cops call the cops if there is signs of them also it is tresspassing on ur property then cal the police get them locked up

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