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How can I press charges against a police officer for harassment?

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go to the station and file a complaint. They have to investigate but you best not get to lying about it, because they will hang you for it if you do.

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Go to the Press and tell them what happened. They love that kind of stuff. Also, call your state elected officials. Filing Harrassment charges against a police officer is not something you want to do without some support. Elected officials will tell you they will help or they dont think it is substantiated. The same thing goes for the press. If you can honestly substantiate that you are being harrassed, they will be on your side.

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Nick R
I would say your lucky he didn't beat the crap out of you. He must have been in a good mood.... lucky you!

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and WHY would they be harassing you.. funny i or my friends don't get harassed???

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make a written complaint to the police department of internal affairs

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just like every one Else take warrant out on him

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File a report with the police department, contact the local DA

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Bam B
It is some process. You do have to have proof and witnesses. It seems simple enough, but your witnesses can not be scared to testify if needed. Just to be safe, you should notify your prosecutors office first to let them know you are going to internal affairs to file your complaint. After filing your complaint, ask for a copy of the complaint and make SURE you have a file number on it. Some police stations are tricky they will not put in a file number because they don't add the information into the computer. Once they add the information and the prosecutor's office knows of your complaint it is kind of hard to hide it. After receiving your completed copy, send a copy of that to the prosecutors office as well. If you do not receive any satisfaction from this, contact the FBI. More than likely if this officer did something to you, they have done the same to someone else.
Good luck!!!

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Take an Ambien, go to sleep, and dream about it.......UNLESS you have SEVERAL witnesses and videotape.

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It don't do no good to try.Cops are above the law even if you got it on video that pig and his fellow swine will just come up with some charges against you and harass you even more.Don't make it any harder on yourself,and just let it go.

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You better have lots of witnesses or video taped, or you will be laughed at or worse,

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Karla A
Your gonna have to have some major proof if you want anything out of it, it wouldn't be worth the time.

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jeff a
You might as well get over it because even if u can prove your case you will just end up losing moeny and remember police officers try to keep the peace, so whats saying you wont need one if future?

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There are some bad ones out there,If you have concrete evidence,you need to go for it.If you dont have good evidence,let it go.

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Mustang Gal
Go to the police department and file a report. But you had better be the real deal - because alot of departments will sue you in civil court for slander.

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Karla is right you have to have proof but if you wish to pursue this start by filing a formal complaint with the officers dept. head and then go to justice court and swear out a warrant....

be advised that if the officer is arrested and the judge finds this to be a false claim the consequences can be extreme

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