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During police training, do you stay at the police academy until you graduate or do you come home each night?
Is that same for all law enforcement throughout US? How about LA sheriff or LAPD?

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leslie S
Depends on your department and the academy you go to. For example some suburbs of Chicago send their recruits to the Chicago or Cook county Academies, those are day time affairs only. Some send to the Illinois State Police Academy, that is a stay away barracks situation.

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depends on the agency. most in texas do not have to stay mainly due to not having any housing

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You stay the entire time. If you're lucky they may give you a weekend or two off.

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melody r
Yes it depends on the department. Some have their own training facilities and others use joint law enforcment training centers.

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California Street Cop
Different everywhere. Mine was a daily thing. It was M-F and we went home every night.

Hard to make it a 24/7 thing when we're getting paid to be there.

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First let me answer john B who seem to be the dumb one here. Cops now a days have to have a criminal justice degree in order to be considered for the position. As for them sitting around catching speeders, remember speeders can cause serious personal injury to people and even death.

To answer your question it depends on the municipality who hires you. For example in Westchester County the cadets go home. In some jurisdictions, or states you might be required to stay at the academy

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It is different everywhere. Some police academies are only day time and the people can go home every night. Some police academies (like the one in NH) recruits have to live there and can only go home on the weekends.

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We went home each night. Don't know if that is standard or not but suspect it is since most governments are always strapped for cash and it would be costly to provide room and board for cadets.

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If you want to know about a specific dept, contact their recruiting division. Most department do NOT require you to stay in residence during training, but some do.

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NYPD is a daily tour based out of manhatten...and most local police depts are also a daily affair...but most P.D.'s are considered paramilitaristic......State Police agencies are more commonly sleep over places....they are far stricter than normal police dept's and also a lot meaner.....but it is also harder.....i can't guarntee that all locals are daily affairs and all staties are sleep over but it is common to MA, NY, and a couple other north-eastern state

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For me, I attended class everyday, and was home every evening ... It depends on the jurisdiction ...

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Golden Girl
When I was attending college in California, there was a police academy within the school and cadets arrived early in the morning and went home every evening.

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Totally depends on the school that runs the academy, in Ca all academies are attached to community colleges. Most have a dorm of some sort but don't require residence. The only one that I know that is mandatory is the CHP.

LAPD was that way but I think it is optional now. Too many good candidates were turning the job down because they needed to help their spouses with child care.

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Steven C
Depends on the agency phx pd doesn't make you stay here in AZ but Pinal county makes you. Call and speak to a recruiter they can tell you.

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