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Drunken statements and a court room?
if a person gives a statement as a witness in a felony case while intoxicated is the evidence admissible? Can that person later be called into court to testify or is all this inadmissible?

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Yes, but it would be an easy witness to discredit for either side.

I have seen drunks put up on the witness stand before and I actually felt a bit sorry for them as their whole life was paraded infront of the court and as the lawyer ripped every mistake they ever made apart.

Laughter: Out of court statements are not considered here-say. They are called testimony or statement. Here-Say is when you are repeating something you hear someone else say. Giving a statement of the incident the way yuo saw it happen is not here-say. and the only exception to the here-say rule that is commonly used is the excited utterance rule which means if you hear someone say something while in a state of excitment like directly after commiting a crime then the here-say can be admitted.

It is not wise to call someone who is a drunk or was drunk at the time to the stand unless you have no other choice

ADDITION: when I say drunks put up on the stand I dont mean while they are drunk I mean people who are a drunk in general or people who were drunk at the time of the incident.

No lawyer would be stupid enough to put someone on the stand while they were drunk, oh wait I take that back it is lawyers we are talking about, I am sure it has happened

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Depends on how drunk the Cop thought the person was when they took the statement down.
Here is the difference between drunk and sober.
Drunk-you are incoherent and babble and make little to no sense and cannot speak an entire sentence most the time.
Sober-You are coherent and cognitive and understand what is being asked and give understandable coherent replies.
If they were able to communicate coherently, it will probably be admissible.

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No the evidence is not admissible. It is illegal to go into the court room under the influence of drugs and alcohol. If the jailer even thinks your drinking he will give you a breathalyzer. And if they would even want to call you back in would depend upon the nature of the evidence. But being intoxicated in the courtroom ruins your credibility on the stand.

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In general, out-of-court statements by people, drunk or sober, are not admissible in court under the hearsay rule. The biggest exception is statements made by a person are admissible against himself and there is no rule excluding such statements from drunkards, although the fact that he was drunk can also be presented in order to help assess the reliability of the statements. As to statements in court, any person who is competent to testify can be called as a witness. Again, if they were drunk when they say or heard something that fact can also be admitted to help assess the reliability of the testimony.

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That person can be charged for Contempt if they are drunk in court, as well as b charged for public intoxication , & there could be other charges dependin on where thy are from......most likely if it was found out after they gave their testimony it would be removed from the record.....

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