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Does being Tazered affect your heart? What happens when someone is tazered?
When someone is being tazered or has been tazered by the police, what happens to that persons body? Does it affect the heart? And are there long term effects from it? What warrants someone being tazered in the first place?
Please only people with knowledge answer. And no cut and paste. I can look on the internet but need people with actual knowledge of it or has been tazered.

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Commonly called TASERs, electronic control devices (ECDs) are broadly considered a safer alternative to conventional firearms and other means of applying force. While several different models are manufactured, there are two basic designs. The first uses a compressed nitrogen charge to fire two electric probes up to 15 feet (35 feet for law enforcement models) at a speed between135 to 180 feet per second. The probes make contact with either the body or with clothing but remain connected to the device by insulated wire. A high-voltage low-amperage electrical signal is then transmitted through the wires and probes into the subject, resulting in an immediate loss of neuromuscular control. Stun guns, on the other hand, do not shoot probes but are designed for direct contact, generating an electric charge between two exposed electrodes that can be applied to a subject. Some TASER products include both projected probe and direct contact options.ECDs essentially work by disrupting the body's nervous system, which is a natural electronic grid, resulting in neuromuscular incapacitation (NMI). In other words, while "stunned," the brain's electric signals are unable to reach the body's muscles, and therefore the subject is involuntarily incapacitated. At first, the electric charge is felt as pain, but this soon gives way to disconcerting muscle spasms, confusion and an inability to control movement. In most cases, the subject falls to the ground, screams and experiences vertigo. If used appropriately, all effects of a TASER should dissipate in a matter of seconds or minutes. The name of the first company that widely produced advanced ECDs has become synonymous with the product itself. TASER International's proprietary technology is marketed as a nonlethal means of debilitating dangerous subjects while reducing injury risks to both law enforcement officers and their suspects. Founded in 1993, TASER products are in testing or deployment in more than 12,000 law enforcement, military and correctional agencies in the United States and abroad. TASER has distinct products for these separate markets, with stylish pink stun guns for ladies, and the more intimidating black and yellow gun-shaped device for law enforcement use. For law enforcement applications, TASER has also developed an "area denial" system called Shockwave, which is designed to "yield a scalable defense in depth with overlapping fields of fire when target opportunities may be layers deep or risk profiles dictate multiple event possibilities," and can be stacked horizontally or vertically to extend the coverage area.

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No. It does not affect the heart at all. We hooked up one of our CSO's to an ekg and had a paramedic monitor him. When then Tazed him three separate times. His heart rhythm never changed. We could watch the read-out ourselves.

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A Tazer delivers a very powerful electric shock that basically temporarily short circuits your nervous system. Your heart is controlled by an electric pulse that causes the heart muscles to contract and pump block. Some people have died from heart failure after being tasered. There are several lawsuits pending right now against the company and against the police departments that have used this device.
By the way, the person with user name UNSC copied that long block of info off a web site while the rest of us are actually writing our answers.

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It can affect the heart if there is an existing problem with it. It sends a electrical shock to the body which incapacitates muscles and renders the tazee helpless as long as the current is on. The only long term effects would be if you hit your head falling down or something. What warrants a taze is if the person is uncooperative with police. if you cooperate, they won't taze you.

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Yes it can several people in Las Vegas have died after being tazed.

1 WAS high on drugs though

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I took an interest in this topic after reading about all the deaths.

People who work for the taser companies insist they are safe, but I'm not so sure. Not when they have killed as many people as they have. When someone is insistent that they are safe it is important to see who they work for and if they have studies, who did the studies and who funded the studies.

If you are interested, this is a list compiled of people who died after being tasered over the last few years (26 in Canada alone). One of the most recent cases I'm aware of was an unarmed 15 year old kid in Michigan.


Sorry, I know you didn't want cut and paste, but you can ignore them if you aren't interested. It's just an issue I find disturbing and I have shared these links with a lot of people because I think it is an issue that deserves more attention.

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