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 A GA cop followed me for almost a mile at night before pulling me over and ticketing me for running stop sign?
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 How many years would my brother have to spend in jail?
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 Spitting is someones face ???? Legal??
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 Police officer arresting 15 year old black girl?
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 Whats a bench warrent?

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 Teen Rights against harassment by the police?
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Ok so me and my friends go shopping alot. When we are at the store though they steal things. I NEVER EVER HAVE AND NEVER EVER WILL!! I always tell them to stop and that they're gonna get in ...

 Why are people so rude to cops on here?
People are so rude to cops and bash them so often on here, why?...

Does an off-duty Police Officer have any jurisdiction?
Was wondering if an off-duty Police Officer has any jurisdiction? For example, if he sees a crime in progress, is he allowed to intervene or does he need to report the crime and do nothing else like a non-LEO?
Additional Details
As for an EMT saying "Nah I'm off the clock right now", we do have a right to do that actually, it's just most of us have a moral responsibility to help people.

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He can take action, but he doesn't have to.

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As I understand it a police officer is a police officer 24 hours a day. I know one that only leaves his badge and gun at home when he goes to church.

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Kyril N
I dont think they have any jurisdiction but to my knowledge if its serious they have full right to intervene if need be.

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Anybody can make a citizens arrest in the uk. It's in the Police and Criminal Evidence Act.

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max p

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Yes, he is allowed to intervene.

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California Street Cop
In California, an officer has full police powers 24/7. They had better be able to ID themselves as such if they try to enforce the law though.

We are not compelled to enforce the law however. If a situation would become more dangerous with my intervention, I would not step in and try to be "Barney Bad A55." Many times, it's best if we just stay back and become excellent witnesses. For instance, I'm not going to jump in and stop an armed robbery with 3 handgun wielding suspects when all I'm carrying is my 5 shot .38 S&W. That's just suicide.

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Jim W
he/she is a cop 100% of the time and he/she has the responsibility and duty to act accordingly

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Robin G
Yes, he has a responsibility to protect and serve regardless of whether or not he's on the clock. Most often he'll report instead of intervening, unless it's entirely necessary.

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yea citizens arrest. just like a dr. or an emt if they saw someone choking they wouldnt say nah, im off the clock right now.

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*Dallas Cowboys* Gal
Cops are always on duty actually. they can hold you until a cop with a car gets there.

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He's not only allowed to intervene, it's his duty to stop a crime in progress.

Some minor misdemeanors excluded.

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Technically, we are always on duty. Of course, the circumstances will dictate whether or not an off duty officer will intervene (is he armed? With his family/kids?).

If he does intervene, he would only detain until an on duty arrived, then hand it over. I cant do the booking, paperwork, reports, etc when in another city.

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In California the courts have ruled there is no such thing as "Off-duty." The law giving us our police powers, the 830 series of the penal code, has no restriction or limits to being off duty, it mearly gives us the police powers.

Basicly, we are never off duty, we may be off watch.

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It depends on the state and individual jurisdiction, but the answer is generally yes. We're always 'on duty', but what we do on our days off will likely not be the exactly same as what we would do while in uniform.

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Who told you that non-LEO's must not get involved?

They don't have to and they'd be stupid to do so n most situations, but as an individual with two separate "battery in defense of 3rd party" case dismissals to his name I can definitively state there's no law against preventing crimes.

And police officers in non-police-state countries are civilians, with no more rights than anyone else. Some extra authority due to their connections, and extra duties for their pay, but no extra rights.

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