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 I Got a Ticket (Help)?
I am 15
Additional Details
I am 15 and I got a ticket for stealing 1.75$ water in a closed store in California. They said I "attempted" to go into 7 stores. A few weeks later I ...

 House close to being vandalized?
i am 13 and live in a community with rich kids. this morning my mom found the result of the"works and tin foil bomb" on our steps in the front. i dont think anyone hates me and now my mom ...

 How do i become a police officer? Steps please.?
How do i enter the academy and then placed into a PD. Plus eventually i want to join SWAT after i do my required field time.
Additional Details
hey rock, if you have a problem with how i ...

 Should I worry about my past record of shoplifting?
When I was about 15 or 16 I got into trouble with the law over something I am very ashamed of. I was trying to be cool and impress my best friend. I shoplifted some articles of clothing for her and I ...

 Gang symbol(?) meaning?
a large red C,surrounding the letters VNC..and a little to the right of that,outside the edges of the C,the letters MC..obviously a Motorcycle Club reference,but cant find info on which club or ...

 Got a speeding ticket, cop took away my license, will get back during court, can i still drive?
Im 17, got a speeding ticket, damn cop pulled me over, asked for my license and insurance card. Issued a ticket, got my insurance card back but not my license. Let me drive away.

So now i ...

 There is a word starting with A! I can't remember it. It's to do with crime.?
I learned this word a while ago, and it pretty much means, for example.

Someone has stolen something and this person's friend knows what they've done, however the friend does not ...

 Is it nearly ILLEGAL to be homeless these days?
you cant stay in camper on campsite?

especially if you are on probation?

probation officers wont allow?

why so?

btw, wich area of world aer you?...

 Some questions about applying to the LAPD?
what would you wear when first going down to take the written test? the pictures i've seen has people wearing suits and ties. is this necessary?

once in the academy, what should I ...

 Posting Bail and Serving time for not showing up to court?
My boyfriend was arrested last month for public intox. He had a court date set which he failed to remember. He is now in jail where his bail is posted to 1,000. He told me that he can either pay bail ...

 Is this illegal in any way?
A kid I know created a group on facebook saying that they were all going to play dodgeball in a supermarket. They got caught before they were able to do it and were threatened with legal action. Is ...

 Why are ILLEGAL immigrants NOT arrested when they protest?
I keep hearing them say this and that about their rights. The Bill of Rights only applies to citizens of the USA. It does not apply to those who come here illegally. This is the only country in the ...

 Repossession Of Vehicle?
I recently lost my job due to the economic problems GM is facing. I'm trying to file for unemployment and I am being given the run around. Somehow I do not qualify so now I have to find one pay ...

 RCMP, What are my chances?
was just wondering how hard it is going to be to get into the RCMP because of my age and education. Im 20 and im looking to apply in the fall, all i have is a high school diploma with average marks ...

 What is the punishment for using a fake ID?
if i was to use a fake ID to get into a nightclub, what would be the punishment if i was caught by the police?

technically, the club shouldn't get in trouble, as they don't ...

 How to file a civil lawsuit in Texas? How much does it cost?
I am owed 20,000 dollars, I have a legal, notarized, certified loan agreement, with two years already on default. i want to file a civill awsuit by myself since there ist that much to it.., so to ...

 Anti-immigration laws for each state. Know where I can find them?
It's for a paper I'm writing for corporate law class. I have the following states left to do:



 I just arrested a 8 year old.?
So I get a call about vandalism…and I get on seen and see this older lady and a little kid. So I thought that the person who committed the crime left. So I get out of my patrol car and walk up to ...

 Evading Police. do or don't.?
How many percent wise get away?
when do the police give up?
misdemeanor or felony?
"high speed" constitutes speeds in excess of say 100mph? or is there a cap on high speed ...

 I have a question about dwi penalities in ny state?
I messed up big time got arrested for dwi and refusal to submit and two disorderly conduct charges for mouthing off my license was suspended and 2 weeks later got charged with 2nd degree aggravated ...

Does Parole Agent have the right to shorten parole time ?
a friend of my in on parole for 2 years and his Parole Agent told him that parole time could be cut in half time with his parole agent's recommendation for good behavior.
Is this true? does she have such amount of power over the parole time ?
or is this parole agent just shining my friend on ?
I did hear the conversation between them and it's a fact these words were from the parole agent's mouth.

What do you think ?

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The short answer to this is "yes", it is possible under certain conditions. A parolee is given rules (called sanctions) that they have to follow and can also be given some additional classes and fines/restitution to pay as well.

If the parolee has met ALL his sanctions, kept his nose clean and done everything the PO has decreed, the PO can ask his supervisor ( and then the Judge) to release the parole on an early sanction due to good behavior.

This is NOT an uncommon occurrence and I would suggest that your friend continue doing whatever he has been doing since the PO would not have made this statement if all the sanctions were being met successfully.

Best of luck and I hope this is useful to you
5 years with the Sheriff's Department and 20 years as a Corrections Officer in a max prison

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