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 How smart do you have to be to become a pilice officer?

Do you have to pull over for any car with flashing red and blue lights?
say a car pulls behind you with lights in its grill and you dont think it is a police officer and you dont have a way to find out while you are driving
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without a cellphone

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cc's bad
Yes for it instructs you to do so when you take you drivers test As far as not seeing a identifiable marking on the car you must remember it could be an unmarked car used by detectives or police out looking for certain individuals, Besides if you are not guilty of something pull over and allow them to pass for they might be in route to saving someones life. Grow up for the next time you might need the help yourself Get out of the way and let them do their job.

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If you were smart you would.

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You never have to pull over for flashing lights in an unsafe area. If it's too dark for you to see who's in the car you can drive to a well lit area as long as it's in a reasonsable distance and you don't attempt to outrun the officer. They can't charge you with failure to yeild or fleeing if you wait until it's a well lit area. Always pull over in a safe place, (emergency lane, parking lot, side street) and always make sure it's well lit and you can clearly identify the officer behind you. Police are trained to pull up close to the rear of your car to prevent their lights/headlights from blinding you and preventing you from seeing who they are.

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I've never had a problem with it before. The highway where I used to live wasn't well lit when driving into town, so when I got pulled over I stopped at the first lit parking lot I could. In fact, I found that the officer is more appreciative if you pull into a parking lot instead of the side of the road if possible because 1) it's usually well lit and 2) it puts them out of danger of getting hit by bad drivers that zoom by (I live by one of the worst highways to drive on in the nation so...that's a big concern).

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Any one with flashing red and blue lights from a grill or otherwise is usually a legitimate officer of the law. It is best to pull over, keep your windows rolled up and ask for credentials before you open the door and respond to any questions.

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Supposedly you don't have to trust that they're really police until you call in to check. You do sometimes hear about those cars being fake, but I think it's probably pretty rare!

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This can be tricky. A lot departments use slicktops (vehicles with no lightbars), however there a lot of wannabes out there who put blue lights in their grille/dash. Most likely it is a cop, and you should pull over. If you honestly feel that the car behind you seems shady, continue slowly to the next populated area. If, on your way there, you notice a second vehicle lighting you up, you can assume that you're being pulled over for real. If you decide to stop immediately after being signaled by the first vehicle, notice how they park behind you. Most real cops are going to park their vehicle outside of you (that is, closer to the street), and 1-2 car lengths behind you.

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If you are not sure if it is an officer, put on your hazard lights and continue driving, maintaining a safe speed, until you come to a lighted area where there are other people around.

Nobody will fault you for that.

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joseph b
It depends on the state you live in, for example, in California, Police cannot do a traffic stop, unless the car has markings on the doors. Of course you still have to pull over for an unmarked car, if it is responding to something with those lights going

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Yes, you do have to pull over but you can signal that you are slowing and pulling over, then drive slowly to a well lit, populated area (if you don't have a cell phone to check it out yourself) and if the Officer is not in uniform, you can ask to see his ID and request that a uniformed Officer join you on the stop before you hand over any paperwork or ID. Any legitimate Officer will expect the possibility of suspicion regarding his or her validity and have a supervisor or other uniformed Officer join him/her to put your mind at ease if you request it.

You can't just refuse to stop, refuse to cooperate at all, ignore him/her but you can make logical and legitimate decisions to ensure your safety.

For what it is worth, MOST of the "fake" cops out there target women for obvious reasons. Men put up resistance and could wax the floor with the phonies. ;)

If you have any more questions, you can contact your local Law Enforcement Agency and ask what they recommend you do in that type of situation and what the laws are for your State regarding this type of scenario.

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Call 911 and ask dispatch if they have an officer pulling someone over (you), tell them your location and they can confirm it for you. If you are unsure, call and find out. I would not stop after dark in a deserted area without knowing for sure.

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Yes, the law states that you must pull over for any vehicle with red/blue flashing lights...however you also have a right to ensure your safety and if needed, drive to a well lit and/or public area before stopping.

If you decide to drive to a well lit or public area, signal your intent to the officer by pointing in the direction you plan to go, turning on your flashers and driving a few MPH under the speed limit. The officer will understand what you are doing and it will not be a problem for you.

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John N
no drive slow and call 911 on your cell phone and explain what is going on

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The correct thing to do would be to somehow acknowledge to the driver you know he is back there. Sticking your hand out the window and waving, then pointing ahead would be good. Then continue, without increasing your speed, until you get to a safe place.

As long as the officer knows you recognize him, he will understand if you continue. If it is not an officer, he will most likely use this opportunity to leave before you get to a populated area.

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