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Nick P
Do police check with your car insurance to make sure it's valid when you're pulled over?
I've always been curious as to if this would work, but in the past a few friends of mine had bought insurance, paid up to date for 6 months, canceled two weeks later, gotten most of their money back and obtained a proof of insurance that said they were paid for the next six months. They claim that if they were to get pulled over, they could continue to use this proof of insurance just as if they were actually still driving legal. Of course this could backfire on them in obvious ways if they were to actually get in an accident, but as far as getting pulled over, would this actually stop them from getting a ticket for "no insurance"? Can and do the police verify with your insurance company over their computers while you are pulled over? Thanks!

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I dont know if they check or not, but i do know you need valid insurance to renew the registration on your vehicle. And you can be pulled over for an out of date registration, which may result in them looking into your insurance? Its better to just deal with the insurance =/

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in IL yes they do. I have to go to court on the 2nd w/proof of insurance because I had an expired card, and they checked it.

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Don't know about all states, but I can renew my car registration online. And I need proof of insurance to get my registration. All they ask for, online, is the name of my insurance company and they can check their database to see if I'm telling the truth before issuing the renewal. It's just as easy for a cop to do the same thing. Yeah, it's still possible to get away with it, using the tactic you described, but it's a $300 ticket here for no insurance AND impoundment of the car. Pretty risky when that's about the cost of 6 -12 months of basic liability insurance.

I realize that car insurance just keeps getting more expensive every year, and I MIGHT be sympathetic. UNTIL I see uninsured people with cell phones that cost between $50 - $100 a month, which is more than a year's worth of insurance will cost. It's not the expense but the [misplaced] priority for a lot of people.

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I would seriously question your contact with this "friend". In all reality, cops probably cant check every person they pull over. However, it is still not a good idea. It is just waiting for the proverbial ax to fall. Then she could be charged with fraud, and that aint gonna be good.

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I don't think so. There's no way for them to check. I doubt they have a program on the computer that all the insurance companies post through...even if they did it wouldn't be up to date quickly enough. You could get insurance that day, and get pulled over leaving the insurance office, and it wouldn't be updated yet. Either way, there's no such program. So it probably would work. But It's a good thing to have insurance in case you're in an accident.

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I work for a car dealership who finances car in S Carolina. I would say once a week a customer who gets caught without insurance. DMV is always notified if you don't carry insurance so they will fine you on the spot and then suspend your license. So even if the cop can't check your ins company, they certainly check the DMV computers. When I lived in NYS I went on vacation after paying my insurance online. When I got back DMV had sent me a notice I owed them $350 since I didnt renew my insurance (evidently my payment didnt go through). So I would say yeah - just keep insurance on your car. Its there for a reason

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Mr. Goodhi

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No I don't think they actually check it. Most are in too much of a hurry to make that phone call. But I guess they could check it if they wanted to, so I would not take that chance. And besides, if you are in an accident, especially if it is your fault, how is that fair to the other person you hit? If everyone held insurance like they were supposed to, the rates would go down as well. I have heard there are some cities that have given the police capability of checking people insurance coverage by your license plate #....without even having to pull you over first.

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older and wiser
i gotta go with kw, then most important part, don,t go without insurance, it can be very costly, someone getting hurt or killed, even minor damage, it will cost you in the long run, always make sure you are legal, when you are driveing, trust me you won,t be sorry,

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It used to work, but more and more states are getting sophicticated with their databases. Now most law enforcement agencies have the capability to check for current coverage. People who get caught doing this face big fines and even impounded vehicles and suspended licenses.

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I once got pulled over, and I found an old insurance card of my parents in the cigarette dish. That card was expired; everything else was in order (license, registration...) It turns out my parents kept the CURRENT card in the glove compartment, but I didn't know that.
The police let me off with no problem. This was in Louisiana. This was also 12-13 years ago. If I were you, I'd keep the current insurance card in your car, and know where it is!

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The police do not confirm the insurance on the spot: so the answer is 'yes' for no ticket, and 'no' the do not check for no insurance.
Stupid things to do.

Here's why: if he hits someone, they have to pay for their car to be fixed. If someone gets hurt, they have to pay for medical bills, etc.

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In Texas, there is a new database in development that will address this particular situation.

When the officer checks the registration and/or the drivers license of the driver, he or she will immediately know if you have valid insurance or not.

I know that there are several other states that already have a program in operation and several others who are developing such a program.

Additionally, most insurance cards have a 24 hours phone number on the card and the offficer has the ability to call and verify the insurance.

It used to work to buy a 6 mo policy, but not anymore. It'll get you caught.

Choose better friends.

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Insurance companies notify DMV when someone cancells insurance. When DMV records show no insurance, but an active license and registration and registration, then they begin the process to suspend the driver's license. The cops can check their computer and see the license is invalid due to no insurance. They do that when checking the validity of the license, and to see if their are outstanding warrants. In my state, what you describe leads to an automatic 30 days in jail. Furthermore, the lack of insurance doesn't just lead to a ticket and jail, it leads to bankruptcy when one is at fault in an accident.

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No, police will only ask for the card. However, depending on what state this happens in, depends on other things.

For instance, in Indiana, if you are pulled over for a traffic violation, officer is going to run the plate, run your information, ask for registration and proof of insurance. If all is okay, you will just receive a ticket for speeding.

Once the person pays for the ticket, the ticket is sent to the BMV. Once the ticket is added to the driving record, according to State of Indiana's law, the BMV will send out a letter requiring the driver to have this form (certificate of complaince) filled out by the insurance company. Once this form is received, it IS verified by the BMV.

If the form is filled out by the driver, then the driver will become suspended for one year, required to pay $150, and must have a form (SR-50) filled out by the insurance company showing current proof of insurance.

If the form is never received, then the driver will be suspended for 90 day, pay $150, and must get current proof of insurance.

Until ALL of those requirements are meet, the license will remain suspended.

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California Street Cop
That's the oldest scam in the book.

In California, a new deal was put into place that compels insurance companies to contact the DMV the second people cancel their policy or are dropped. DMV tracks it and it's on my computer when I run someone's license plate.

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Assuming the officer checks the insurance, he can look up the insurance number and see if it is up to date. In their cases, it would return that it is not up to date.

I agree with the first guy: you need better friends.

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Kenneth C
Most officers just check the card. If the card looks legit and there is nothing funny about the situation, the officer will just except that.

There are several things that can get your friend in trouble:

1. An officer could easily just call the insurance company and verify coverage. I've done that in the past and will do it occasionally if it's a slow day.

2. Some states require insurance companies send a notice to the state anytime a person starts or ends a policy. So it may pop up in the computer that your friend ended his progressive policy on 3-14-08 and if he is showing a card that expires in another 2 months. The officer isn't going to be too happy. I also know of atleast one state that if you cancel a policy. They send you a notice and you have to send them proof that you got another policy or got rid of the car. Failing to do so can result in the suspension of your car registration.

3. What your friend is doing is a crime in some areas and he could get an additional charge for it.

BTW. If your friend gets in an accident, it's going to suck on him. If he hits someone, not only will he be charged for not having insurance. The guy he hit will probably sue him big time over it and your friend will out a lot more money than if he just got a cheap policy.

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