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 I have just spent 11 years in jail for an accidental murder, does this make me a bad person?
I went to jail for defending myself in a brawl that i caused with another crew/gang. In the fight i stabbed a man, aged 24, once in the heart. I am very remorseful and although i am now out of jail, ...

 Should i go to the police ?????
my x fiance who is 24 is dating a 14 year old they have had sex and his parents dont like what he is doin and he parents dont know what should i do ???
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if i went to ...

 Calling the cops on my friend, was I wrong?
Ok, heres the story:

A few months ago I let my friend borrow my copy of "Gears of War" for the X-Box 360. I was under the assumption that he would beat the single player portion ...

 Are state troopers required to wear thier hats when they pull you over?
I got a DUI and I was wondering if I could go to court and get off on that technicality. I heard they have to wear their hats cause it's part of thier uniform. The trooper who pulled me over was ...

 Can i get a job with the goverment if i have been arrestead?

Additional Details
it was a misdemeanor and it was for drag ...

 What happens if a car is parked where kids play basketball and the ball accidently hits the car?
My neighbor decides to park her car in the street instead of her driveway. She parked it directly across from a basketball hoop where the kids play basketball. She did it so the kids cannot play ...

 Why do people join the police force?
I have heard the'to Help, Protect and Reassure bits before,but Id like to know the real reasons and not the super hero stuff.Job security?family,good pay?non manual labour,social advancement etc....

 If i got arrested and was asked to give a d.n.a. sample by the police...?
and i didnt want to as i dont agree with the police keeping d..n.a samples of everyone, how would they force me to give one ?

if i was touched in anyway shape or form wouldnt it be ...

 If every smoker in England carried on smokin in pubs.. What are the autoroties gonna do?
They can`t punish everyone..even if they fine all of them, if none pays the fine they can`t lock all of them up!!

Keep smokin I say.... PS- I am a NON SMOKER...

 Why is it that the pizza deliverer arrives faster than most cops?

 For chasing a police car, this question?
Remember the scene on 30 days of night when a vampire ran really fast and chased the police car and went on the hood trying to pound its fist into the police car

what if I Run real fast, ...

 Was 9/11 Carried out by the US GOVT and George Bush??
Was it an inside job?...

 Can you get arreseted if the cops see a picture of you drinking?
like on facebook or myspace..if you have pictures partying and drinking and someone turns it into the police...can you get arrested? what would happen?
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let's say ...

 I got sacked from work for using the F word, never been given a warning ever my records clean. Is this fair?
I have worked for the company for 7 months now, and as a manager a had accusations made against myself which made me stressed upset and frustrated, and when one of my advisors was being nosy i asked ...

 Can a wife file a complain against her husband 4 having an extramarital affair?
if yes, wat punishment wil he get?

is it possible vice versa? tats can hubs file against wives?
Additional Details
in india?

and if its not illegel then how do ...

 Is this true about policemen?
Is this true about cops? They get free donuts? and there are a certain amount of tickets they have to give out by the end of the day?...

 Tobacco and alcohol - are both legal. Is this moral?

Additional Details
..but its all about the badword money isnt it...some countries have hardly no money. why cant uk etc face some money problems in order to create healthier ...

 The police did not read me my rights will my case be dismissed?
will my case be dismissed?
Additional Details
nooooo people I didnt brake the law thats my homework question.......I try not to brake the law b/c Im in law school. Im trianing to be a ...

 I saw a police officer driving whilst texting on a mobile phone?
The other day whilst I was on the school run, a police officer passed me and I couldnt help but notice that he was texting on a mobile phone, his head was down and was not looking at the road in ...

 Would you actually get in trouble for going up to a policeman and calling him a 'poodle on a stick' ?
I've heard of people doing it but I've never known the consequences :-(...

Do people nowadays, have absolutely no respect for Law Enforcement Officers?
I know there are people out there who do respect Police Officers, then there's those who don't. It pisses me off, I mean, its bad enough that their job is dangerous, but they have to deal with bad a** people who always complain. I mean, just put yourself in their shoes, I know I CAN"T last even ten minutes doing their job. I know there are bad cops, BUT, there are a heck lot of good ones. If any law enforcement officer read this post, God bless you, and thank you.

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Tell that to Rodney King. That Air Force Soldier that got shot while complying to his orders & the Three dead wifes of that police Sgt. in Ohio as well as the child who is motherless in Ohio as well.

To all law enforcement type out there, you want respect you have to earn it, by having self respect. If you have that you will probably retire a very old man. You want to act like your the man, and show no respect, you will probably end up in a pine box. Your 60 to 120 days of training doesn't mean s*** to law abiding citizens who are tired of your cr**.

Just because you have a few of you getting caught, that doen't even bring to light the millions that haven't.

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Lost Boy
yes, there are those (jerks) that hate the pawns of justice...but lets not forget that some of these pawns give the rest a bad name

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amercan cops are rude, self centered and cocky they have no respect for people from other parts of the world my friend and I were in new york city and they acted like a bunch of asses when we went down the wrong way street. they could not even get a permit to drive in England because our police are polite and courteous, so glad to be out of the states.

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"That One"
If we cared about being liked, we'd have become firefighters.

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I would have to say yes due to the police being hampered with the department of justice in there business.

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There are a lot of people on here that have nothing better to do with their time but bash the police. BUT... If you say one thing that upsets them (the bashers) they will report you in a heartbeat! I would love for the useless people to be a cop for one day... they would definitely be singing a different tune, after they stop crying to their mommies.

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you have to earn respect and not envoke fear

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Warren D
I respect law enforcement officers, and have several of them as friends.

There are some people in law enforcement who are not worthy of respect, unfortunately, but I believe they are a very small minority of a fairly large community.

Like you, I wouldn't want the job.

What was your question?

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Torro de intel
It's a thankless job. We have to make split second decisions then have untrained politicans decide if our actions are appropriate or not. Most people who don't like cops ironically are people who want to do as they please yet seem to have no trouble dialing that 911 speed dial. We don't have to earn your respect! We represent YOU our job is to enforce the laws YOU voted on to make your community a safer place to live. It isn't a popularity contest for all those posting negative comments. I got into L.E to help people and put people who think they can do as they please in front of a judge because regular law abiding citizens and good people count on us. Those who appreciate us, thank you. Those who don't, don't worry, we will still come when you call for help.

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As someone who does not give law enforcement the benefit of the doubt, nor do I commit crime, I can tell you that it is not the officers themselves that I do not respect or trust. It's the people they work for. If we were supposed to trust agents of the government why does the Constitution place so many limits on them?

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events in our time line has given leos a bad rap. some are good some are bad as long as you don't break any laws they shouldn't be in your face. and if you are harrased by one you have the same freedom to press charges just like he or she can.

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They're doing what they're being paid to do (if that) so why do they deserve my respect any more than the next guy just because the job that they voluntarily chose is more dangerous than some others?

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Thank you!

When people see cops, they're usually in pretty bad moods because the cops are involved in the first place... Hardly anyone sees police when they're not in trouble!

Thank goodness for Community Policing, which will hopefully help to change that!

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amanda k
Too many let their "power" go to their heads.

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Cracka please
I want to respect them, I really do. But so far in my interactions with them they really haven't earned it. It's true what people are saying, if you've had no run-ins with the police then you have no reason to dislike them. To me though, it really seems as if a great deal of them simply antagonize decent people.

To be fair, it's not all their fault. They are pressured to give out so many tickets. Many of their policies are dictated by the ridiculous war on drugs that this country has attempted to wage. But when you sit at the bottom of an empty hill with a speed gun or randomly pat someone down because they smell like marijuana, who are you protecting?

I hope someday I meet cops that take their job seriously and who are realists. Cops who use reason and discussion as much as arrests and fines. Cops who assume that most people are good, not criminals. If that happens, I'll respect police officers as much as I respect anyone.

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The ones who do not respect the law enforcement officials are most generally criminals or have been in trouble with the law such a speeding tickets or tickets for other offenses that they didn't think they deserved.

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usually the people that don't like cops are people who break the law and get caught, or who know people that have been caught. i love cops and also appreciate them!

don't worry, the cops don't give a crap who likes them and who doesn't.

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well people who usually don't like cops are people who have has run ins with the law so for some reason they were breaking the law abiding people usually have no face to face contact with police there fore those people have nothing negative to say about them so it varies but reality cops don't really care if criminal like them or not police officers are their to do their job regardless weather they make everyone happy or not

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Sinn Fein
I don't because the ones in my town do absolutely nothing at all aside from sitting outside the local convenience store eating and handing out speeding tickets. If they were't 75% pompous douchebags who failed in the military or are out to pay back the world for the beatings they got daily in high school then they might get some respect. There are good cops out there who do good jobs and are concerned with important things. There are far more cops out there who get a little too excited about getting that next law breaking jaywalker.

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I'll give a cop as much resect as he give me. I have run into a FEW good ones in my time but they majority of those I have dealt with over the years have a genuine Nazi Gestapo mentality

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John S
I know, I deal with the public every day, most are ok. But I really hate stoners, they have no brains left. I have a dozen or so police and homeland security officers that come in all the time, and they are the best people. I don't know how they do it, take all that abuse and still be nice to everyone. Some people are just pissed of at the world I guess and take it out on the police. I am a ham radio operator and have worked with lots of law enforcement people with emergency services as a radio specialist, in some hairy places under crap conditions. I have never seen a policeman or firefighter not jump in to save someone under the worst of conditions.

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people nowadays have absolutely no respect for ANYONE anymore. in the next few years i plan on being an officer and if it comes up in conversation some people actually put down the police force and its officers to me. more than likely some time in those peoples lives, a police officer will save thier asses, and more than likely they'll still put them down. it's shame.

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Dungeon Master
Cops are just thugs with shiny badges and legal guns. They breed the 'us against them mentality.' If there are a lot of good ones they are hiding in the corners.

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