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Do inmates in Prison have regular Computer access?
Someone we know has been sent to prison, i wont go into details. However a man with the same name is contacting my daughter and her friends via Bebo. Is it possible he is doing this from inside Prison?
Additional Details
We know hes in a UK prison, and probably an Open one.

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They've got everything in prison

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The Wiz
I sure as hell hope not access to Internet. Can you imagine a murderer or pedophile able to contact their prey while in prison? Sick!
The Internet is becoming more & more dangerous every day.

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Of course NOT.

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STAND2 is a prisoner.
That is why he berates the police all the time!

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jed slade
YES it is,but they should have only restricted access to the outside world.The pc brigade have won lots of concessions for criminals in prison,but think nothing of the victims.But ,HEY!!! This is Britain ,if you are destitute just kick an old lady to death or a bit or profitable mugging,let yourself get caught and its relative warmth ,food and luxury for a while.

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Gary L
There are certain times when a prisoner would be allowed access to a computer (for instance, if he/she were conducting their own defence) however, it would not be Internet enabled and any discs etc would be logged & "searched" for innapropriate materials.
All other contact would be for education purposes, and this would be supervised (computer courses etc).
If you think that your daughter is being contacted by a current prisoner, contact the prison and talk to The Duty Governor, Head of Operations or Security Manager.
They will put checks in place to ensure that any unwanted contact is blocked immediately.
Good luck.

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No. I've been to jail, and there is no computer access. Not here in Cinci anyway. No cable tv either as others think.

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Probably,it"s more like Butlins than prison.My father would turn in his grave if he knew how cushy it is now.He was a pison officer for 20yrs.They now have to knock on cell doors+call prisoners MR/mrs or miss.

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Usually if their is a facility allowing prisoners to use computers, they have to earn them or not loose the privilage, and ones I have ran across appeared to be monitored. As in read in the middle or screened. Is it possible someone wants you to believe they are from a prision? I'd report it to the police and allow them to sort it out. There is a big issue out there right now on internet pedifiles.

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Miz Choco-la-te'
no I would think not, but who knows I heard they have cable TV. I work everyday can barely afford cable

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joan k
I am no friend of STAND2 but I think carswoods remarks about him are not very nice. Yes inmates do have access to computers.

OK carswood being drunk isn't an excuse, but at least you have apologised. Thanx.

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i know for a fact that federal prisons have access to computers, its similar to e-mail. but before you can write to someone they have to be put on your "list" and it takes a couple of weeks to process. but i dont know what they do when they process it. i know because i was in federal prison. they just got computers in 2005.

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Hope not. their supposed to be in prison to have their freedom taken away. but who know in this politically correct gone mad world .

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The One
Hope they ain't most people in jail would not know how to use a computer and most of them are sickos anyway.

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Contact the police
Keep all correspondence

Whether or not the person is the offender they may well be committting an offence.

Stop wandering about whether things are physically possible just contact the police.

Is the offender still in jail ?
eg If given 12 month sentence will be out on tag after 3 months

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elin j
Yes, it's possible for access, but I don;t really think regularly, I guess it depends on the type of prison... If it's possible for a prisoner to purchase something on Amazon.com, then I'm pretty sure it's possible for them to go on other sites too...

Check Amazons delievery terms, if you don't believe me..

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Karl 09
If he does have Internet access it would be monitored by the prison and would only be restricted to certain websites for a limited time period.

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Iam able to say yes they do if they want it but it should be supervised .find out where he is and voice your concerns to the prison

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It could be possible. If your unhappy about this contact and if you know the prison the person is in ring and complain.

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Daniel C
Prisoners may work on computers, but they do not have internet access. No sane administrator would allow this; it violates the security of the institution. All communication in and out of a prison is strictly monitored; mail is opened and read in both directions. You seriously think a prisoner is going to be allowed access to the internet with instant communication???

Whoever this person is contacting your daughter, he is not the one in prison.

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prisoners can use computers;
(1) To pursue their legal case on appeal. This is rigidly controlled they can do nothing else.
(2) In eduation classes, tis is also rigidly controlled.
They do not have general use nor the use of the internet.
Some prisoners try all mannerof ways to get round the system.
You should write to the Governor of the prison. or to the Director general or Area Manager you can find them on the internet just type in HM Prison Service and go to your area.
If your daughter is under 18 the prisoner must stop contacting her if you deem it. If he is in an open prison he will be transferred backto a closed prison if he has breached any rules so go for it.

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