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 How does having my record expunged effect my life? Does it help me or hurt me?
I know that if I apply for a job in law enforcement I have to tell the employer about it but other then that how does it effect me? Does it help me? Does it truly mean I'm clean right and that I ...

 Should I have said no to this question by police?
I am living in a 3/4 house on the north east side of Detroit for ex-cons and drug addicts. The police and neighbors hate us because of past problems here. Yesterday a cop came to the door looking for ...

 What is a class A1 misdemenor?

 If a Felon who has gun charges gets gun charges again how much time can you get in prison?
Says it all.
If a felon who had gun charges before gets gun charges again how much time can they get in the state of California
Additional Details
She was off Probation.and i dont ...

 Bust for drug paraphernalia in Missouri. What is going to happen?
I got a citation for drug paraphernalia last night in Missouri and don't know what to do. The officer took my pipe and gave me a ticket for it. He also found a dugout but I don't think he ...

 How to avoid a DUI/OWI?
So i had this idea the other day...say you have been drinking and you have a bottle of vodka or whatever in your car unopened. Cop goes to pull you over....you stop, turn the car off, take the keys ...

 My friend was caught shoplifting but they let him go. Why?
My friend was caught shoplifting, and the security guards let him go. Why did they do that? I know he handed back the merchandise, but what will happen next? The didn't take his I.D, name or ...

 Would a teacher have to report rape under the following circumstances?
my friend was raped 9 months ago by a guy she doesnt know who she thinks is about the age of 19 or 20. and this guy was on vacation at the same place she was and he is from the east coast and she ...

 What does "the law is up for grabs" mean?
The Jurist's version of it......

 How can i look someone up that is in Jail?
How can i look some one up in jail? I called the county and they told me that they have him but they wont tell me why they have him. I need to know what he did because i'm deadly afraid of him. ...

 Firefighting gear?????????????????????...
what gear should a firefighter carry with them

ps dont say bunker gear i already know the basic
Additional Details
i know it law enforement but i dont know where to put the ...

 Police Officer Blackmailing?
My friend, a minor, was told by a police that if he didn't name everyone that was at an underage drinking party, he would have to go to court for underage drinking. But, if he told the names, he ...

 Is there a Police Academy that You can get licensed for every State?
Is there a Police Academy that You can get licensed for every State? I want to have the flexibility to look for jobs anywhere after the academy. Is there one that would allow you to work anywhere?...

 Firefighter Discounts - What places give them?
Let me know of any places you have been that offer discounts to firefighters! Always love to know!...

 This is my second time charged with drinking and driving and the fine is alot...?
when i set a trial date to challenge it, what excuses can i make to get me in the clear?...

 What are ways of making search and seizures illegal?
EX: You are searched and found with an unregistered weapon or drugs. How would the officer or you have gone about if the seizure was unlawful?...

 Wrong information on ticket?
I'm in South Carolina and got a ticket last night for "driving too fast for conditions". It has the wrong name, address, city, state, license number. But has the right vehicle and ...

 Can i get punished twice once for gettin caught with a fake bottle of urine and againd for failing the drugtes?
Im deployed in Afghanistan and one day i made a mistake and smoke marijuanna. A few days later i was notified of a 100% drug test. I had a fake bottle of urine and I got caught with it. I admitted to ...

 Can a police officer do this?
Can police officers from the united states, travel to another country and bring their gun along with them?...

 Criminal Justice question?
Why is Terry v. Ohio considered a landmark case?...

Do I have the right to sue a town for not enforcing a law/ordinance?
I live on a busy street in a resort town, have complained to the police department many times regarding motorcyles without mufflers. The cops just ignore the current laws requiring motorcyles to have mufflers instead of straight pipes. Do I have the right to sue the town, for not enforcing laws and ordinances? What attorney would handle a case like this in Maine?

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No. how can they enforce a law when they dont know who is breaking it? they cant waste their time tracking down motercycles they have more important things to do. also you would have to say how this effected you. other than it being annoying.

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No you dont have the right to sue because you think they are not enforcing the law. And really how have you been harmed by this if it is true. What loss have you suffered from this. Write a complaint to the police commissioner and tell them your problem.

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i got haters
its called officer discretion. that means the officer can enforce watever he want to. it all depends if he want to right that person a ticket or not.

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John U
You can try to sue them as that is your right but I don't believe even an attorney would pick up the case for you unless they just want some free money on a case your going to lose. The city and the cops can't be everywhere all the time and certainly don't have the resources to sit outside your house and wait for a loud muffler motorcycle to come by. Might also be they are ignoring that particular law for the moment in lieu of assaults in progress, burglaries, traffic accidents, domestic violence calls and all those petty things we should ignore for your loud mufflers Might want to give Century 21 or Remax a call.

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Most lawsuits for failure to enforce the law are barred by doctrines of governmental immunity. Generally speaking, government agencies have discretion in how they expend their resources in providing public services. The government has to prioritize what it does to protect the citizenry, and courts are loath to second-guess those discretionary decisions.

You are, of course, free to go out and sign private complaints against those bikers with loud mufflers.

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