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Haley D
Cops:reading you your rights?
is it against the law for the cops to not read you your rights when they arrest you?
Additional Details
they already searched the truck and put the people in handcuffs

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yes. They must read you your marada rights

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yes, it definitely is! It's called the Miranda rights!! As soon as they put you under arrest, they have to read you your rights! That's the law, and if they don't, that evidence cannot be used in a Court of Law

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Cin Reaper
Some kids watch too much TV. A cop need only confirm that you are aware of your rights, not necessarily read them to you word for word. For example, a lawful arrester might say"Do you understand your rights, like you can remain silent" If the arrested says "Yeah, yeah." That's good enough.
Back when the Miranda ruling was new, the standard was more strict.

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Steven C
If you are arrested for a major felony yes if it is a simple misdemeanor then no. It is standard for felony charges.

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ja man
well you'd think so but I have been arrested and not had my rights read until I got to the jail and was in the booking process although that was like 10 years ago

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no only if they are questioning you but not if they just arrest you. by now most people should know that is one of your rights and whether an officer informs you of it or not the best thing is to remain silent until you have an attorney present. that way you protect your rights.

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mike g
only when you are being charged of a crime and being questioned

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I agree with the Fishguy.

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Miranda merely states you must be read and understand your rights before questioning in a crime you may have committed. If you fail to understand or are not read your rights then any statement made after the fact may not be admissable in court. It doesn't mean your case is thrown out but your statements against yourself maybe. Other evidence could lead to your conviction.

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Many of you watch to much TV...First off it is Miranda Warning. Not rights. And, You only have to be read the warning if you are under arrest, not free to leave, and being questioned. Also, You have to be questioned about the crime or specifics of the crime. Your name, DOB, address, etc, are types of information not covered under the Miranda Warning. Now here is a question for you...Did you know Miranda was named after a dirtbag who was let off for a crime and later killed by another shxxbag. He should have just been a man and admitted he messed up...

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The officer only needs to tell you what you are being arrested for.

A person is not read their rights under Miranda until prior to being questioned and at that point you receive your rights both verbally and most often in writing.

And if you are in the back of the patrol car and you blurt out that you just committed a crime, without being asked, you may not be protected by the 5th amendment because it is considered a excited utterance which can be used against you.

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Only if they question you. And it's not really against the law anyway. They can't be arrested for not advising you of your rights.

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El Scott
Kenneth (above post) has it right.

The Police do not have to read Miranda to you. In fact I rarely read it to people I arrest.

The only thing I might add that I don't think Kenneth touched on and I saw another poster screw up was this:
If you get arrested and start talking about your crime (without being asked about it by the Police) then the officer still does not need to read Miranda to you. In other words if you just start talking about a crime it can be held against you.

Kenneth gets the thumbs up here.

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No it is not illegal for the police to arrest you without advising you of your miranda rights. This is usually done prior to any questioning being accomplished. They do have to tell you what you are being arrested for.

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NO! Police only need to read your Miranda Rights under two conditions...and both must be met.

1) You must be in custody.
2) You must be being interrogated by the police.

As a street officer the only times I had to read a suspect Miranda Rights was on misdemeanor domestic assault cases.

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There is no requirement that you have any rights read to you when arrested.

Read the Miranda holding. The requirement to read so-called Miranda rights only applies to "custodial interrogation".

Arrest counts as "custody". However, if the cops are not interrogating you, then the Miranda rules don't apply.

FYI, interrogation is defined as either asking questions, or making statements likely to provoke an incriminating response.

But, if there is no conversation or interrogation, then the failure to read rights has no implications on whether the arrest itself was valid.


Great constitutional analysis by KennethC (above). Kudos.

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It is not against the law for the cops to read you your rights when they arrest you. As long as they have probable cause and believe that the suspect has committed a crime, the arrest is valid.

When a suspect is in custody and being interrogated then, by right, the Officer should read him/her their rights. If the Miranda Rights was not given during the time of interrogation any information given prior to the Rights being read or given, is inadmissible. Anything after the Miranda Rights is admissible.

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Miranda comes into play only when you reach both circumstances of:

1) being under arrest
2) being interrogated

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They only need to read those to you if they are going to ask you any questions about the crime in question. If they are arresting you because they have a warrant, there is no need.

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Kenneth C

There is no law at all for it. It is considered a prophylactic rule.

Police only have to read you your rights when you are in custody and being questioned about a crime. Pedigree information doesn't count as being questioned (name, age, DOB, ect)

So if you are arrested for driving while suspended, the officer will probably never read your rights because he probably won't question you. And that is perfectly acceptable.

Miranda covers the 5th amendment (self incrimination portion). Arrest is a 4th amendment issue. So Miranda doesn't come into play until you are being question.

If police fail to mirandize you and you are questioned. Only the questions they ask and your answers or confession would be thrown out. Not the entire arrest or any other evidence (unless it was found due to your confession)

In the original Miranda case, Ernesto Miranda was still convicted of some of his crimes. Just his confession was thrown out.

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♥ ♥Be Happi♥ ♥
Yes, they need to read you your rights prior to any questioning, if you start talking without them asking any questions, they need to read you your rights.

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