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corey m
Can you shoot someone that broke into your house?

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Chuck P
That depends on where you live, some areas have laws that allow you to shoot first and ask questions later, like the Make My Day Law in Colorado, if someone comes onto your property in a threatening manner you can shoot them to defend yourself. I have only heard of it being used once and the old guy that did use it was found to be within his rights.

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The Fabulousity of Gorgeousness
In Colorado you can, i think it is the make my day law.

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Most states: it is only legal if they are currently inside your home, and you walk up on them. Not running down the street, or off your property. If you shoot 'em make sure they are dead... or the person can sue the shyte outta you and take the house that they broke into illegally. Best thing is probably not to even try and stop them and report it from both a safety and a legal issue, but I'd shoot them dead if it was my home. Good luck

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do you have a gun.

Some states and countries allow this others DONT.

Some places have property and self defence guidlines for shooting someone...

others treat all instances of firearms use against a human where not given that authority through special immunities due to occupation an offense (potentially manslaughter)

although there may be some defences but don't count on it. If you don't need to shoot someone don't.

Oddly in some places if you shoot and injure someone in your home they potentially may be able to sue you for damages.

It depends where you are and if you have a gun or other weapon that you can shoot them with.

Just remember you can only get charged if they find the body or find out you shot someone.

Why the hell would some guy name Santonio be in my house? Never heard of him.

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"Martha oh yeah, I forgot again, this week for sure."

30 years latter,

"and this here is the skeleton my grandfather made for me isn't it kewl, He says it's name is Mr. Santonio Bones or Mr. Bones for short."

"Warren but why is Mr. Bones missing half of his face"

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Dr. Rekhaa Kale
You can; if you need to save your life or property from that person; under the right to self defence; given in Indian Penal Code.

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jason b
Generally speaking yes. Make sure you kill them so they can't sue you. Check your State laws on this though because it varies from state to state.

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Todd C
Not just for breaking in. Supposedly (never really verified this), the laws of self defense state that if your life is in danger (i.e. the person who broke in is threatening you with a weapon), then you can use deadly force. But if you're using a gun, you're expected to fire off a warning shot first or something ludicrous like that.
So no, you can't shoot someone just because they broke into your house. That's murder.

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Asok G
If he has come to save you,please don't.Otherwise do it if you have the weapon.But check the law of your country if you want to escape from punishment.

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If you do it while they are in your house. You must shoot them in the front not the back.In the back they can say they were trying to flee in the front you can say they were attacking you.

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Paul Hxyz
It depends on the law of the state you are in. Where I live, you have to prove that you feel that you are in mortal danger or the answer is no, which is a little weird, but its true. However, if someone literally breaks the door down where I live you can probably guess what I might do.

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Gauranga B
Even if you have licensed weapon, you can ONLY shoot if your life is in danger and not your properties.

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ok here is the deal. If they broke into your house, and are still in your house, Castle Doctrine states that you have the right to protect your home, your belongings and and people in your home by any means necessary. now i would actually give it a few years and let some case laws get started before i tried. but in an ememergency situation nonetheless, you have the right to protect your life and lives of loved ones. if you feel your life hahs been threatened or serious bodily harm is about to occur, you have the right to defend yourself

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You can shoot but not kill the intruder. Otherwise, you have to explain in the court. And you may or may not win, depending on your luck.

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especially if they threaten you

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It depends on a given situation. If they are four or more persons or person involved you have the right to defend whatever grounds you have especially inside your home. But if it just one and he is just a minor or 12 or 13 y/o I donot think shooting him/her would give you the edge over that person who broke inside your home.

It is a matter of right thinking and good judgement, but I suppose not all person have this qualification, especially in America, just watching those movies makes me think that all Americans have guns in their home. Shoot now and ask question later is usually the motto of Americans that is why there are more homicide incident in the US, partly to blame with people who got less brains but more guns in their house.

Actually your question can be answered directly by simply saying YES you can shoot someone or not just someone but everyone that broke into your house. The person can just say this is PRIVATE property and enter at your own risk, this is my right to defend my house, truely right in the eyes of the owner, but what about the other person's rights of being shot at and getting killed? The other person is considered just a mere cat or a mouse or a dog who entered the said house without consent, naturally he or she should be shot, is this the kind of principle we should be proud of?

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lol I wouldnt give them the chance to break in. BANG!

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if you got a gun yes
cos its illegal to break into someones property without permission
if you shoot for no apparent reason just say that guy tried to attack you or something

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I think you are passing through the same agony I experienced
I regret why I did not shoot a sikh gentleman who tresspassed my house last year in , without any provokation with a sword. I drovre him out with a brick.
I complained to PoliceStation but no action was taken against him. Inspite of my spending complete day in Police Station.
I have decided to shoot the bastered who boasted to be relative of PM , once he again repeats the mistake & enters my house with any similar intention

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Blue Jean Baby
You can in Texas. It may vary state to state, though.

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Peter V
In my country, only if your life, or the life of others, are threatened.

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In some states you can't.

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In the UK, the law stands that you can only shoot someone who broke into your house if they are (or you suspect they are) armed, and you fear for your life. The law was tested severely some 10-12 years ago or longer with the case of Tony Martin, a british farmer who shot 2 burglars in his house in Norfolk, UK, even though they weren't armed. He was jailed for Manslaughter, but released later on appeal because he claimed he feared for his life.

Otherwise, you can only use what is called "Reasonable Force" - if faced with someone with a baseball bat, this means you can get an object of comparable size and disable your intruder or attacker.

What the law is like in the US, I have no idea, but thats how it stands in GB anyhow. HTH

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Yes, and pull the body back in over the doorstep when you are done shooting.
Where I live you can. But you better not shoot them in the back, that means they were leaving. It is called self-defense.

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Only if you reasonably believe the person is a threat to you or some other family member present. That's the default.

Some states modify this, removing the "reasonable threat" requirement and making it purely subjective -- if you think someone is a threat, you can defend your home with lethal force.

Laws vary by state. Check your local listings.

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Depends on the state you are in. I'm not sure what the heck the "castle doctrine" is that was mentioned earlier but in all states that I lived in down south it was refered to as "Law of Eminent domain". English translation I suppose would be something along the lines of you are king of your castle.Now for the northern states. in the North east it is pretty much split. In half of the states if you shoot an intruder you are going to face down murder charges, manslaughter if you are lucky, among other charges. You would have to prove extenuating or extrordinary circumstances to avoid charges, and you still would have to dodge a grand jury idictment. bottom line, check the laws of your own state before you do anything that could land you in a prison for 25 to life.

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Dead Marxist

It's called the Castle Doctrine

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I live in Lawndale, CA. So yes. Two in the chest, one in the head.

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In Canada, the only time you could shoot someone who breaks into your house would be if you feared serious bodily harm or death from him/her (like if they were armed, or threatening to kill you).

You would be responsible for any excess force used, just like the police are.

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lana s
Yes!!! Just make sure they are over the threshold of your home. If you shot them while they are breaking in and are still outside, it is considered murder.And don't drag them into the house, the crime scene investigators will DEFINTLEY notice this. Just make sure it is in your home. Once in your home a burgular is considered a threat to you and your family.

Criminal Justice Major

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