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Can you go to jail for pulling a gun on someone?
Lets say you have a concealed weapons permit , and some guy is trying to fight you , and you stick the barrel down his face and tell him to fck off , can he call the cops or something?

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Patrick U
If you can show that you felt your life was in danger by this person then may be you are ok.

If a person wants to fight you with fists then man-up and scrap with that person as a man.

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El Scott
That is an assault and you could be arrested for it. It would be up to the judge to decide if the level of force you used was appropriate or not.

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Question 1, where are you??? The laws on self defense using a firearm differ from state to state and sometimes even withn a state.

Question 2, did you instigate the encounter? If so then you probably would have a hard time claiming self defense.

Question 3, if you have a CHL then you already know that EVERY TIME you pull your gun, you are in fear of your life and your should make a report to the police. Therefore why would you be worried about the other person calling them, since you are going to anyway?

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x gamerz x
somtime, but if i shoot him the ull go to jail but if u dont have a gun permit and still take out a gun u will be arresed 4 or 5 years trust me it happened to me but luckly i had a gun permit and didnt shoot him and 1 more thing, if he has a gun then u can shoot him or if u hvave some weapon stab him or shoot him or have a knife or somthing u can stab him in the leg u wont get in trouble if u do it for no reason yea u will

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Why would you pull a gun and say anything? If you pull a gun, the time for talking has long since passed. Sounds like you've been watching too much TV.

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Depends on your state, and the specific circumstances. A concealed weapons permit is not a blanket license to use a gun in a threatening manner. Not enough specifics in your question to really say...

The law everywhere in the US does have a "proportional force" concept, where the force you use in self-defense has to be in reasonable proportion to the minimum required to defend yourself. You can't shoot someone who calls you names and yells. Only if there is no other way to reasonably defend yourself, and you have a reasonable fear for your life, can you use that level of force. Even then, the law expects you to just wound someone if that's at all possible. The definition of "reasonable" force in a given situation is left up to a court to decide, on the idea that a judge and.or jury are disinterested and dis-passionate third parties.

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Crazy Horse
I agree with Joe in Texas. I will vote for the open carry law and shoot to kill anyone that breaks into my home, or tries to do bodily harm to me or my family.

"If you kill us, we will kill you back" Ron White

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CAN SOMEONE GO TO JAIL FOR PULLING A GUN on someone or somebody? YES absolutely, it is considered to be a felony. TRYING TO FIGHT is not a license for somebody who has license to carry to bring it out for this reason only.

THAT IS WHY IT IS DANGEROUS FOR SOME people who have guns to bring them out just for altercation or verbal tossle in the streets because they might shot the person in cold blood. THAT PERSON who received the threat under the barrel of the gun CAN COMPLAIN TO THE POLICE and charge the other guy who stick his gun to his face. HE CAN BE ARREST by the police whether HE IS A COP OR JUST A CIVILIAN, if he is a cop the more he must be administratively charge and dismissed.

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Joe in texas
I only know about Texas. If you have a concealed carry liscense and are carrying a gun for your defense you can use your gun to stop (kill) someone who is attempting to kill you or do serious injury. The danger must be imminent, and you must have no opportunity to escape.
If someone is threatening you with assault and you have reason to fear injury or death you can certainly aim your weapon at your assailant. The law does not require you to wait until he is actually assaulting you to remove your gun from concealment.

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Of course he CAN call them, it really depends on the situation thought as far as the outcome. IF you have a concealed pistols license, then they really can't take you to jail for it, and if they do for some reason, it wouldn't stick in court.

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If he's merely verbally threatening you and he's unarmed, pulling a weapon on him will get you charged with "menacing", among other possible offenses. If he first threatens you with a weapon, then it would likely be justified. You should never display a firearm unless you reasonably believe that your life is in danger. Besides, you never know how some people will react when they have a weapon pointed at them. If the other guy is psychotic, suicidal, drunk, or on drugs, you may actually *provoke* him to attack and then you'd have no choice but to shoot him. Then you'd be guilty of manslaughter, because you unnecessarily escalated the situation. If somebody gets in your face, simply walk away. If he pulls a weapon, attacks you, or keeps you from leaving, then you're only legally allowed to use the minimum level of force necessary to safely get away from him - you cannot use any force or threats of force merely to protect your pride.

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yes he can, the law is "brandishing a weapon"
unless you call the cops 1st and say you were defending yerself youd be in some deep stuff

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It's never a good idea to threaten a person with a gun even if they are being beligerant Jack @ss. Most states or municpalities have laws governing the appropriate use of a fire arm. It is not always necessary to brandish a gun to get a person to back off, the mere sight of a gun is enough to give most reasonable people a moment of pause. So the act of uncovering your gun without unholstering it so they can see it aught to be sufficient in most cases.

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It is against the law (in Missouri) to "display a firearm in an angry or threatening manner."

So, yes, you can (and probably would) go to jail for that.

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