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Yahoo Man
Can you get arrested for swearing and cursing at someone in public?

Additional Details
For example, what if I said:


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John G
Local ordinances apply. If that kinda talk is a violation in the area you spoke, yer fu*****g TOAST, OK?!

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What state?!

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Lil S
Depending on how big you make the situation get, like if you want cause a scene in public enviroment then you will be kicked to the kirb. Far as getting arrested, depends on what you do. I guess for Disorderly Conduct....maybe.

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Raymond T
Im afraid so even if the the dumb *** dot head deserves it,its called dis conduct punishable by 90 days in jail so just do a gas and go or man up,cause mouhammed aint worth it homie.

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Becky A
Yes rude and disordely, public nuisanse , and creating a disturbance are just some of the charges then can get you for.

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It depends on the cop and if som eone conplains about u

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very simple...YES..!!..but usually it just involves a citation (ticket) for disorderly conduct..!!

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yes Disorderly conduct and the state were I live all you have to do is yell at someone and if the feel threatened you can be charged

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Brian C
Sounds like disorderly conduct, and yes, you could be cited or arrested for it.

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Yes. It would be considered disorderly conduct.

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Annie Oakley
Yes, and I am glad. I don't want to hear some loud-mouthed, rude, uneducated individual using foul language because they are too ignorant and stupid to be able to communicate with others in an intelligent, civil manner. If you don't like the prices someone is charging, go someplace else. How difficult is that to figure out. Standing in public, yelling and cussing does not one positive thing for anyone.

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Dog Lover
Depends.... It could be considered Disorderly Conduct. And for that you can be arrested.

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Yes, the use of 'abusive' or 'threatening language' in public, where it may offend another person, falls under disorderly conduct . And can cost you up to $500 and/or 6 months in jail.

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I dont know about other states but in Michigan you can be arrested for cursing in public if it is within the hearing range of a woman or child. This actually has happened with in the last 5 years that someone was arrested after a cursing bout in a public park.

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It depends on the city/state some areas have laws disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace laws that entail loud or offensive language.

But a simple middle finger is always legal.

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Most speech is protected in public, as long as it doesn't cause a danger or disturbance to others. Most cities don't allow the use of bullhorns. You can walk up and down the sidewalk with a sign saying or showing whatever vulger thing you want. You can say what ever you want, as long as its not a direct threat, "I'm going to kill you!' "I;m going to blow this place up!" etc.

The police will be called. BE COOL to them. Don't fight or resist. In fact, be nice. We deal with protestors all the time. When I speak to them they are always polite and talk to me. But they know and I know I can't stop them, so they continue on after we talk.

Chances are the police you will be contacted by have not come into this situation before. So go easy on them. They will ask you for ID and ask what you are doing. Tell them. I'm pissed at gas prices so I'm marching up and down the sidewalk in protest.

Now cussing isn't nice with small children around (think of your family). but its not illegal. Be prepared to be arrested or issued a citation, don't sweat it. You can beat it in court.

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It can be considered disorderly conduct, creating a disturbacne and depending on what is said public lewdness. While these are seldom enforced unless things get really out fo hand it is on the books.

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Sheila E
I don't know about being arrested but you could be fined for it (personal experience) I cursed out my sister-in-law in public and (well not real public it was in front of her house) and she filed charges on me and I had to pay a fine for intent to disturb the peace. Best money I ever spent.

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