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LoL, SRSLY?!?!
Can you get arrested for...?
trying to commit suicide in certain places?

like if a negotiator or sumthin convinces you not to jump off a building, can they arrest you afterward?

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um, from what i know, I'm pretty sure they can. But I'm not positive on that.

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Juan R
well i think you can but they will have to find proof to see of they did say that but it could be hard. if they are i think it is the lowest murder charge

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Yes of course because they protecting your life.
life is precious.

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no they cannot. however, they can if you cause alot of trouble ie:reckless endangerment of innocent civilians.
they will or can try and put you into therapy and into a psycologist

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In three provinces I have worked in in Canada, they had a mental health act with similar abitlities for Police to arrest. If you are threatening suicide or are a danger to others, you can be arrested and taken to be assessed by Doctors. There are no criminal charges, but it is possible the Dr. can commit you to the mental health ward for a period of time.

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You may be taken into protective custody, and transported to an approptiate facility. You may be handcuffed and searched, but the officer will read a statement something to the affect "I have placed restraints on you for your protection and mine. You are not under arrest. I have searched you for your protection and mine. I am transporting you to a facility where you can recieve treatment."

You are usually not arrested, although Suicide is a crime in many places.

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