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Dear Friend,

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 Can i anonymously call the cops and tell them about drug activity?
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 My friend might be a child molester.His actions say alot?
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Can u still be a cop if u have tried drugs?
i have always wanted to be a cop, its been my dream in life. but now im a litttle worried that they won't accept me because i have tried certain drugs (weed a couple times and i've tried shrooms once). i was wondering if i was to be completely honest with them and tell them everything if they would still accept me. i would be going into the adademy with a degree in criminal justice so i think they would take that into consideration, and i haven't touched a drug in 3 years, it would be like 6 when i applied.
thanks for the help

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Ilya T
HELL NO! if they find out ur it maybe the end of your life but really matters what type u take

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Officer Matthew
Law Enforcement is all about honor, duty, and fidelity. Hopefully these drugs haven't affected you much. You might still be able to get into law enforcement, but remember, they do random drug testing!

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KC V ™
You don't state your age nor do you state whether or not you were ever arrested and/or convicted for a drug charge.

If you were a minor and never arrested...it's like it never happened!

Remember, however, honesty and integrity are very important in law enforcement. If asked about prior use...it's up to your conscience to tell the truth!

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Rock Firestorm
Yes, you can. However, you cannot be a cop if you write like you're in third grade. I don't know how old you are but you write like a ten year old and trust me, you wouldn't get past the first round of apps with your writing. Learn about grammar and spelling and what the caps button is for, take a couple English classes and I'm being totally serious.

You probably think I'm being mean and I'm giving you the absolute best advice you'll ever get.

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not an issue i believe, just dont say anything unless asked directly and be vague as possible

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Art Vandelay
You can. They will ask you and may consider your answer in making a decision, but there is no rule that says you cannot be hired.

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Yes, just tell them that you tried it when you were younger and didnt like it. BE HONEST! They give lie detector test and psych tests.

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Yes of course you can.

As long as its not in your system anymore which it shouldn't be a month after you have done it.
You could have been the biggest pothead when you were young and become a cop.
To be honest with you some police officers actually pass buy with smoking and such.

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It's not breaking the law if you don't get caught. If you didn't get caught, you never did it. but dont tell them, just lie. most of the cops i know break laws and do drugs that they confiscate

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As long as you are honest and were also never arrested for drugs, you have a chance.

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Dont get Infected
some departments have a limit for 5-10 years if you have used drugs before. and there are also some departments that will hire you if you showed a life change over time from when you last used it. if they ask about it just tell them the truth. thats the key to get hired or not hired

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I think this may be a requirement to be a cop.

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Psssst..... don't tell them....

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Fox 5.3
So you smoked pot a couple of times, big flippin deal, who hasn't?

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Anthony D
No i am good friends with a police officer who was on the other side of things at one point. He was honest about it and he was a minor(arrested for possession of class B cocaine). He was looked at in some depts like he had 10 heads. He never gave up though and one dept did eventually accept his application. He did the police academy and he is a cop in a big city actually working in the drug division. I wouldn't worry about it. I believe though if you were never arrested don't even mention it. Unless you live in a state that allows lie detection during interviews.

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