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Cambria S
Can my ex get in trouble for posting lewd photographs of me on the internet?
My ex-boyfriend recently posted lewd photographs of me on the internet. Do I have any legal recourse against him? Thanks in advance.

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Stephanie S
You absolutely do! He has no right to post naked pictures of you on the Internet... it could endanger your safety let alone ruin your image. You need to gather proof immediately that the pictures are up there and were posted by him. You will maybe have to get the police involved as well and definitely call whoever the Internet server is that is hosting the pictures and have them removed and have them prove that he posted them, because otherwise it could just be that you posted them to get him in trouble... so you need to prove that he posted them.

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NO WAY!!! The problem is, you posed freely for these photo's. They are his property. As long as he didn't put your name and phone number on them, and then advertise for money without your consent, he's in the clear. So go ahead and get a lawyer and waste your money like some of the girls on the "girls gone wild" video's. Some signed consent forms, and some didn't.Lot's have tried to take legal action against that company, with ZERO success.Just forget about it,...live and learn, everyone makes mistakes, we just try not to make the same ones over and over.Besides if you do go to court, they will make you out to be a whore even if you are not.so get ready for that.Good luck

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not unless you are under 18! if you are over, there is no law against it, but you can go after him civilly...and good luck with that!

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Yes. Get a lawyer and sue him for defamation.

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That depends, what's the website?

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yes you can, i would report it to the police, make sure you bring evidence...you can cover up the nudity parts on the pictures. if he did it without your consent, then u can bring him to court and they will do something with him....good luck in your decission`

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Just a little itty bit of trouble for that.. rights violation

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if you can afford the lawyer.

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wilsonicolas w
First of all, did all these photo taken with your knowledge and did he seek your approval for posting them on line?

If not then you can file a suits against him for posting lewd photo and causing physically and mentally hurt, the social stress that is facing you when talking to friends and file for damage.

You could ask him to returns all photo and negative and pay for all the fees incurred for the legal processing or apology via the media, should you desired.

I believe that you can have a 100% win in the case unless you can proved that he did it without your knowledge.

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Which web site are they on. Depending what they look like, maybe you should be charge with lewdness.Send them to me ,and let me judge.

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send them to me and i will tell you

and dont ask for too much cash when you sue...might lose your welfare

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sure can....sure can do....report that swine....that ungrateful pimp!

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Caint help unless you tell me the website.

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Reader asks: "Can my ex get in trouble for posting lewd photographs of me on the internet? Do I have any recourse?"

superbooks ANSWERS:

1. First you have to find the photographs. Get the link, get copies of the pictures. Bookmark the link/url. Have it all time/date stamped. Copy the links if these links are put in search engines. Acquire all the evidence that you can acquire.

2. You need to tell him ( and I'm sure he knows or she knows) that you want all of your pictures back (if they are yours), and you do not want them displayed or exhibited or shown anywhere on this planet at anytime.

3. You need to find out if you did at any time sign a "release" for him or her to use the photographs. If you did sign a release, see if it is specific for special purposes or if it's a 'general' release with no specifics.

4. ONce you find that out, then check your photographs and see if any have been altered against your will and see if any are breaking that specific release.

5. I'm not a lawyer at all, but I'm willing to bet a nickle that even if your release was 'general', that if he or she is posting the photographs to hurt or harm you and that is obvious, then he or she will get in trouble and you might possibly have a good, large lawsuit on your hands.

However, I have a suggestion that you might take first before considering getting the law invovled. If that person is reasonable and you can safely talk to the person tell them what you want and see if they listen. Tell them on tape -and reinforce it in writing to them, clearly stating that they have no permission to use your photographs.

Your question should be a lesson t o us all about


Everyone signs releases at least once or twice in their life and possibly more times than that. AND, most individuals don't even read what they are signing. And, they just sign the release.

Use your releases this way.

1. READ the contract. (yes, this release is a contract).

2. Cross out what you do not want to agree with (if you can't type it over) , and then initial the changes. Have a witness.

3. Sign ONLY when the release says exactly what you want it to say and exactly what you agree to.

DATE: Never sign any release that doesn't have an expiration date.
So if you sign a release today, there is no reason why that release needs to be valid a year or two years from now. You can always sign another release at that time.

So, if someone hands you a UNDATED release , then YOU date the release and initial it..and make sure your contract person sees this is a DATED release.

So there you go:

Those should help you, and if you still have troubles, see a counselor, teacher or a lawyer.

And, never ever ever give in to blackmail, ever. If this person threatens to put these photos somewhere and then says he /she will not do that if you pay him/her. Tell them NO and walk away quickly.

Blackmail is illegal and is a punishable crime. Only you can stop blackmail by not participating in it, and by not being the victim.

Just say NO!

Have a peaceful day.

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XXXXXXXXX ofcourse you do, sue the bugger for every penny he's made. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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