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 Does Trespassing count as getting arrested?
Ok well me and a couple friends were in a grass field outside my friends neighborhood, and a policeman pulled up and told us that it was private property. So we told him we would get off because we ...

 Do you really think philip markoff is guilty?
i think he is but what's the evidence that defends him? his attorney says he's innocent but a great amount of evidence contradicts that. so what do you think?...

 I just got a speeding ticket and officer pus 80+ in a 65. Does that mean i went 16-25 mph over or 1-15?
If it's 16 mph or more, it's about $150 more for the ticket, so i want to know. What will the court say?
Additional Details
The issue is that it said "80+" not 80, ...

 What do you call the person who has been attacked or killed?
i am doing some science coursework about a CSI day at school that we had, what is the name of a person who have been attacked or killed?...

 How long are you allowed to park on Michigan conty roads?
Hello, I recently parked my car at my girlfriend's house in Northern Michigan while we took a trip downstate. I didn't want to have it in the way of her parents coming and going, so I just ...

 Controlled buy is set up the dealer doesn't want to sell but informant offers double $ is this entrapment?
I'm just curious if police set up a controlled buy and used an informant to enter the premises and leave with drugs for the purposes of gaining probable cause for entry.

What if the ...

 Is Craigslist responsible for the killing & could they have stopped it?
An erotic masseuse places an ad on Craigslist, her 'client' meets her in a hotel, tries to rob her and kills her. Does Craigslist share a responsibility and what could they have done to ...

 Cop was a no show at court, and they continued it to another day?
How many times can they carry over your court because the cop doesn't show up? Can it eventually be dropped because they didn't show.
This really isn't fair, because if civilians ...

 What kind of gun is this..?
what is a 2 by 4 or 4 by 4?
i don't know what kind it is or what it stands for..
can someone tell me what kind it is
and why its called a 2 by 4 or 4 by 4?

thanks heaps<...

 Our county just laid-off another 40 officers because of the economy...good or bad?
We have had 3 major plant closings in our county in the past 16 Months. Job loss and lay-offs seem to be the norm, even our school system has laid-off teachers. The tax base has shrank with 12.5% ...

 I am scared and I have NO idea what is going to happen. I don't want him to get in to anymore trouble.?
My boyfriend got home from his Probation officer and told me that someone made a few anonymous phone calls to his PO saying he has been at the bar and partying. Can he get into trouble for this?...

 Can I get into federal law enforcement (DEA, FBI, Homeland Security etc) if I was charged with a felony?
When I was 16 I was charged with two felonies and a misdemeanor in New York State. All of my charges, were reduced to an 6 month ACOD (Adjournment in contemplation of dismissal), where after 6 ...

 Why are cops paid more than teahcers?
why?Teachers usually have more education than cops. Why do cops with no education get paid more than teachers? It makes no sense?...

 Who you gonna call (what state dept or city agency..?
If you know (from what the person said and by their behavior) that a person , who is required to live on the premises where a condo board is, does not ; how does a person go about finding out where ...

 What relevant information should be in a presentence investigation?

 If there are enough police to harrass citizens for speeding 5 miles over and all sorts of silly stuff?
does that mean police have way too much funding and manpower that they can spend on this kind of stuff and should have their department funding cut by 50%?
Additional Details
Hey, J...

 Why doesn't the court just use lie detectors to prove people guilty?
There's always cases where they're not sure who's guilty.
Why not just use a lie detector ?!

Is it because some people won't answer the question?...

 Oklahoma law? Legal age to move out.?
Okay. So I'm 17. My friend and I want to move out of our houses(she is also 17). We live in Oklahoma, and we need to know if we are able to move out at 17. Without being considered a "...

 Is it legal to own and carry a Arwen 37 in the state of GA?

Additional Details
I havent yet purchased this weapon i'm intrested in using it,in my skip retrieval work. But I want to make sure this weapons is legal weapon as per US ...

Can i get arrested for hacking into my friends email?
I did and he said he filed a report with ic3. am i in trouble? am i getting arrested? help!

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g spot
say goodbye to your family you will be locked up for a long time. your looking at least 2 years.

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ic3 deals with crimes amounting to damages greater than 10,000 dollars. the case will go no where and he will be told to report to the local police dept in which case i do not know what will happen and is not in the scope of this question.

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Anyone who hacks into a friends email is no friend
You should do jail time enough to think about what you have done.

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I cant wait to hear the answer either..hope I'm not in any serious trouble

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