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Can i call the cops on this kid? please anwser asap.! veryy imporant!?
ok. so i was babysiting my neighbor with her bro at my house and when wlk back over w/ her 2 give her a bath we caught two kids we know hangin on the tree. they have done this before. that night they even tried to even get on my swings when no one was there but my dad scared them off. and there was absoluttly none of us out there so they were there 4 atleast a 15 mins and hangin on the tree and vandilized (litered) it. there was a doritos bag and crumbled of doritos on the ground and gum rappers and chewed gum. We kknow this kid and his family and he is very bad. we cant find him or his family at his house. Would it be okay if we called the cops on him cause this is gettin very annoying. PLEASE PLEASE ANWSER RIGHT NOW!
Additional Details
thanks guys! well we ended up not callinthe police cuz he is only in 2nd grade and so was girl. but his mom finnaly came home. and we ran across the street and got the kids to clean it up! and i made them take the trash bag w/ them! drama drama! thanks 4 the anwsers anways.! it really helped cuz nxt time the police will get a call1 =D

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Cristy B
I would recommend talking to the boy directly and tell him this needs to stop or you will be contacting law enforcement tell him he is on private property, then warn the parents either in person or by mail if all else fails I guess you could speak to someone in your community about it. It does not sound like the cops need to be involved.

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Yup, its called trespassing. Call them everytime.

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Blue Foots Eve
Sure. Illegal tresspassing, loitering, and littering.

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go out and warn them that you will call the police first so you can prove that you warned them. (use a tape recorder or a cell phone or ipod, or camra that can record while you say it so they cnt say you didnt). if they stay call the police and tell them you dont want them on your property, or who's ever property.

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Yes, by all means!
From what you've said they may have committed trespassing, vandalism, littering, invasion of privacy, stalking/menacing, public nuisance, etc.
Let the cops deal with them!

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absoloutly he is tresparcing and littering on someones property!!definatley

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You could file a complaint.
The more complaints you file the better a chance you will get for a restraining order.

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Ultimately, you can call the police for anything. Whether or not it will do you any good is another story.

There is some difference between someone leaving their trash about and vandalizing something. If the tree/swings/whatever are on your property, then you can certainly make a complaint for trespassing, though the police are limited in what can be done in such matters, and may wind up directing you to file charges on your own.

Perhaps you might call the police and ask for an officer to call you back, and you can explain the situation and ask the officer to explain your rights in that particular situation, as they will vary in different areas. Not all, but most police agencies are only too happy to do so. This would also avoid a police visit to your house, which certainly wouldn't go unnoticed by the neighbors.

The thing that would concern me is that if the child is 'very bad' would calling the police (which I suspect would amount to little more than an officer speaking with him and advising him to stay out of others' property) help matters or hurt them? Would he be likely to be there more often or would the visit from the police be sufficient to keep him away?

I may be wrong, but from prior experience, kids like this rarely care what the police tell them and, if they aren't arrested, will continue to do as they please. Likewise, or possibly the underlying cause, their parents rarely care either. Food for thought.

That said, I wish we could go back to the days when you could go outside and decorate his behind with a well-placed footprint. I do believe that would have much more effect on him. Sigh.

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Paula L.ove
The police can't do anything for you. First of all, you didn't see them or have them on camera dropping the bag of doritos or gum, so you cant call the police on your suspicion of them littering.

Second no crime has been committed.

The police have better things to do than get involved in this type of matter and it would be very bad of you to tie up their time, from protecting the public and putting away real bad guys, for time spent on this kid or kids.

Best bet is next time you see them, tell them not to climb your tree or hand out on your property.

and next time you see the parents have the adult or property owner tell the kids' parents that they aren't allowed.

For now thats all you really could do.

Good luck!

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yess. they have no right to do that

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YES! There's always a police number that says it is not for emergency. Perhaps you can call that one. Explain the problem very specificaly, trying to put all the best details in all the right places.

I do accept that kids have to learn these things, so I think it would be okay. You know, our world can end at any moment, because of... Guess what? Global warming!!! These naughty kids should be taught what to and what not to do!

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It is tresspassing.. but there's not much cops can do about it. I wouldn't freak out about it. The cops would probably laugh if you called them..

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one foot in
At the very least, if they are on your property without your permission, they are tresspassing. That makes it a police matter. If they hurt themselves on your swings (property) you will surely hear from the parents' lawyer! Call the cops. If they aren't there when you call, say so, and state that you just want to make a report. I'm sure the cops already know of the little darlings. You should be prepared for more trouble from the kids (for the short term) after talking to the police. Its astounding how few kids are raised with to respect other people's property -- or even other people!

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yummy mummy
if he is on your property and is causing a nuisence then yes you can hun

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Yes, Call......Do you know the number?

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I'm pretty sure you can report it since they're vandalizing your property, just don't expect them to go to jail or anything -.-

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Of course..trespassing is against the law and so is littering.

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hell yes call the cops maybe it will give them just enough of a scare to respect other peoples property, as well as alert their parents to their early warning signs of acting out behavior.

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Omar S
Go right ahead. Its your right to do so

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brittany =]
if you want to call the cops, you could. they might just tell the kids to stop. I wouldn't call 911 though, just the local line. look up your town's police department phone number.

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yes call the cops....maybe by trying to stop this young offender now, he will turn out to be a better citizen!!! GOOD LUCK

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It never hurts to call the cops. The most they're going to do is talk to him.. there isn't much else they can do unless he is doing it all the time. Then it could be harassment or tress passing.

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call the local police department. just not 911.

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Yes, it's perfectly okay.
Why? Well, these a*holes are totally vandalizing and trespassing on private property, and that, my friend, is an offense. Both are indeed. Give the cops as much information and evidence as you can and provide the frequency that this happens.

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i know the answer
ya you can i dont think they will do anything though

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