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 My husbands grandfather just died but he is in jail for 30 days can he go to the funeral?
He only has a week and a half left but will they let him go to the funeral its in puerto rico. His grandfather and grand mother raised him most of his life when his mom died when he was 9 he is in ...

 Is there any reason why people say "He received 400 years for murder" instead of just saying "life"?
When someone gets arrested for murder and convicted, I often hear them say "He was given 400 years" or sometimes they say "He received 4 consecutive life sentences". I mean whats ...

 Why don't cops use blinkers?
Among other things. I swear they are so cocky they think they are above the law. Can I make a citizens arrest when I see them not obeying the laws of the road?...

 Where can I buy handcuffs?
Ok well I'm 16 and would like to buy a pair of handcuffs to put in my purse for safety. I want double-locking police style handcuffs, not sex handcuffs, furry handcuffs, fuzzy handcuffs, toy ...

 Insulting a police officer?
Im curious to know, is insulting a police officer punishable?
Additional Details
BS charges? even with witnesses?...

 Why do cops shoot unarmed mothers & their 8-year-old kids?
and he's back on the job to hurt more of us. Sad...

 Crime rate is so high,police are supposed to serve and protect?
i recently asked a question why do we pay taxes to the police when they are supposed to protect and serve the citizens.they seem to be more concern about writing tickets,and i said they are not doing ...

 I got into a car accident at work while driving the company car, can they make me pay for damages?
I drive a shuttle bus for Holiday Inn. I side swiped a car while I was turning right (exiting from a gas pump at the gas station) and the other car was in my blind spot so I didn't see him. The ...

 Heres a funny joke?
One day Billy Graham was going out. He got in his limo but asked his driver if he could drive this time. he always wanted to drive a limo before. So graciously the limo driver let him. He was just ...

 In the even of a nuclear war, Marijuana will be our only viable food source, will police still attack it?
In the even of a Nuclear war the fastest sustainable food supply to grow would be marijuana. It is the highest source of protein next to soybean.

Pot just might save the remaining ...

 Have you ever contested a parking ticket and won?

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It's a $40 ticket!...

 My uncle is a judge in Cuba. Do you think I may have an FBI/CIA file because of this?

 How do i keep peta from calling me at 3 AM And Calling me by the name of ''an Animal Hater''?
I own a farm Nuff' Said
Also I Shoot Chickens So the kids at MacDonald's can have chicken nuggets :(
But i mostly Use them for the eggs
Also i used to Be the Manager at KFC<...

 What do you do when police harass you 4 over ten years,plus,extort,falsely ac use,and judges back them up.?
police ann arbor,washtenaw county.ypsilanti,and packard,have given me $20,000 plus,in driving tickets.repeatedly pull me over,15 times a month,in ten years.i quit driving and started walking,yes ...

 How can i find someones last name? He damaged my car, police told me it is a civil matter and will not get inv
i have his first name, address and mobile number, but everyone keeps throwing the data protection act back at me. Need his full name to take a civil action out against him for the cost of the repairs....

 Have you ever been made to walk the plank?
I was keel hauled once, paid a fortune for the priveledge and got seaweed up my nose....

 Okay I have a problem this person won't leave me alone?
This guy on utube email me asking 4 my myspace page and I said I don't give it out until I get to know the person I only have people I know on it like my friends from school. So I said no cuz ur ...

 What would happen if i was found carrying a gun ( for prottection) and it had not been used?

Additional Details
yeah i know i would be arrested but what would happen to me?...

 If 15,000 child molesters held a rally to DEMAND that they be allowed to move about freely. Would ....?
Law Enforcement be there to protect their civil rights, to insure that they were not harmed? Or would we be rounding them up?...

 Do you respect honorless law enforcement for tasering defensless women?

Can fingerprints be lifted off paper? Just curious!?

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That you Dan Rather?

Still trying to push that BS story on Bush?

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i've seen it done in movies and i'm pretty sure it's possible.

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Yes. Paper will absorbe oil from the skin.

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yes, they can.

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Dirty D
Yes they can be lifted off just about anything these days. Don't you watch CSI

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California Street Cop

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D squared
Prints can be obtained from paper. Did you also know that when you use a copier machine there's a code embedded on the paper? Law Enforcement can look up the copier code and know where the paper came from. Don't believe me? Hold up to a light a piece of paper that went through the machine. You will a series of dots or numbers. That's the identifying code. A bit of trivia for you.

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Not "lifted" as you are thinking but yes paper can give you some of the best fingerprints.

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Yes, the oils in your skin can be transferred to paper.

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For fingerprints on paper a chemical substance commonly refered to as "ninhydrin" (Triketohydrindane hydrate) is used. This causes the oils from the fingerprints imbedded in the paper to fluoresce a bright purple color, called Ruhmann's purple. The other chemical commonly used is called "DFO" (1,8-Diazafluoren-9-one) which can be used alone or in conjunction with ninhydrin to produce latent fingerprints of higher quality. Once the latent prints are fluorescent, they are photographed for evidence.

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yes. And whoever it was dont list CSI as a source cause 95% of it is fake. it dont work like that

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Yes. These days fingerprints can be detected on just about anything.

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Not lifted, but if you put the paper in a container with certain chemicals, a coloring agent attaches to the oil in the fingerprint, and it appears. It can then be sealed and/or photographed.

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Yes. Patricia Cornwall tried to lift finger prints off the Jack The Ripper letters. And DNA. Because of the age I don't think she was successful in either case. But yes.

Oh yeah to all you CSI groupies get a life. Half the crap on CSI is fake. What is with that spinning xray machine the coroner was using on CSI NY to look at the victim's skull? Garbage. CSI is the crime show for couch potatoes that don't know any better.

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Charlie Fingers
Absolutely. Sometimes even print dust can pull them up. But the best results come from iodine fuming.

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