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Can cursing to a police officer get you arrested?
In america, since we have freedom of speech, can we get in trouble for cursing at an officer? i.e (Fu*k Off)

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Robert G
You're kidding, right?

It is a FACT that here in Amerika, you can be placed under arrest simply for telling a badge-bearing bully 'no'.

The charge is usually "disorderly conduct" or it might be called "failure to provide information to a law-enforcement officer" or it might be considered an admission of guilt to some question he/she asked earlier in the conversation, as in at some point the bully asks "Are you telling me you AREN'T trying to get away from robbing a bank?" and your response at that point is "Huh?" and then after several other questions, he/she asks you some very simple yes/no question and you answer "no", his/her audio recording of the event can then be edited to eliminate all the stuff in-between, and make it appear on tape as the conversation went "Are you telling me you AREN'T trying to get away from robbing a bank?" "No" which can THEN be interpreted as saying "Yes, I AM trying to get away from robbing a bank."

The fact of the matter, however, is that, as one of the self-proclaimed badge-bearing bullies on this forum


has said it's called a P.O.P. ... "Pissing Off Police"


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Sadly, yes. We live in a facist police state.

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one time me and my mates were bunking school and we got caught well not realy we got a way anyways the were asking question and i got rude and they werelike i can get arrested so i got a lil bit mad
my friend soon calm me down the piont is they think they have so much power when really they dont

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daren s
yes even not swearing can. cops will fack with you .its thier way of venting because thier wives cheat on them

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just wonderin
you could be arrested. probably for disorderly conduct or use of abusive language or something like that

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the person who stated the supreme court said it was ok is 100% lying.it is called disorderly conduct and it can buy to a fine and trip to jail.most of the information you get here is completely false.people are basing everything they know on tv or what someone else said.
------retired texas deputy sheriff------

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No... that won't get you arrested, but it will make the Police look long and hard for any other reason to arrest you.

It's also a really bad idea... and would show a lack of maturity and class.

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You can get away with it just by rephrasing some words with the cursing. "IN MY OPINION Officer YOU ARE AF@$@##$"

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Dad's found yer scoo'er
Think it comes under "Using foul and abusive language". In the UK it's an offence under Section 5 of the Public Order Act.

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i'm not sure about where you are from but in texas it falls under penal code 42.01 disorderly conduct and is an arrestable misdemeanor offense.
42.01. DISORDERLY CONDUCT. (a) A person commits an offense if he intentionally or knowingly:
(1) uses abusive, indecent, profane, or vulgar language in a public place, and the language by its very utterance tends to incite an immediate breach of the peace;
(2) makes an offensive gesture or display in a public place, and the gesture or display tends to incite an immediate breach of the peace;
(3) creates, by chemical means, a noxious and unreasonable odor in a public place;
(4) abuses or threatens a person in a public place in an obviously offensive manner;
(5) makes unreasonable noise in a public place other than a sport shooting range, as defined by Section 250.001, Local Government Code, or in or near a private residence that he has no right to occupy;
(6) fights with another in a public place;
(7) enters on the property of another and for a lewd or unlawful purpose looks into a dwelling on the property through any window or other opening in the dwelling;
(8) while on the premises of a hotel or comparable establishment, for a lewd or unlawful purpose looks into a guest room not his own through a window or other opening in the room;
(9) discharges a firearm in a public place other than a public road or a sport shooting range, as defined by Section 250.001, Local Government Code;
(10) displays a firearm or other deadly weapon in a public place in a manner calculated to alarm;
(11) discharges a firearm on or across a public road; or
(12) exposes his anus or genitals in a public place and is reckless about whether another may be present who will be offended or alarmed by his act.

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Would be a dumb thing to do, because basically it depends on the mood they are in. If they are happy you might catch a break if not, you will being paying a fine for disorderly.

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Im not sure one police officer answered this question yet. Good for the UK if they have a law regarding this.

I can only say in California.... No, you can not be arrested. Disturbing the Peace (415 PC), in general, DOES NOT apply to a police officer while working. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech, one of the rights we are charged with protecting.

If the response is ANYTHING other than speech alone (furtive movement, delaying, obstructing), then their might be a law violation. If anything, it just directs attention and scrutiny at you that you otherwise would not have had. No matter how hard we try, we all break laws everyday. You might be putting yourself in a position to be held responsible for those laws.

But, again, speech is a protected right (with some exceptions, but this isn't one of them).

***As a note to Robert G, the 'top contributor' with the cute 'badge-bearing bullies' refrain - It might be time to head back to your wilderness shack and start building bombs again. Maybe you could write another manifesto. If times get to bad, just remember that there are PLENTY of people who will buy you a plane ticket to any other country as long as you promise to stay there. Your ignorant, misinformed, paranoid answer is only possible because of the very freedoms police officers provide everyday. Be thankful or STFU.

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Tim I
In Florida, if it creates a public disturbance, or draws the attention of the public around you --- yes. We have a state law and local ordinance here that governs that. Disorderly Conduct.

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Yes, you can get arrested for disturbing the peace, or maybe on some trumped up charge. This is definitely NOT the smart thing to do.

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It won't get you arrested but you shoudn't do it. You should always show a person of authority respect. They have earned by going out there and keeping us safe.

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Earl B
oh yeah. Disorderly conduct. If your saying directly to a police officer YES. But if your describing something and use a slang word or cuss word then no.

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Stephanie K
You won't get arrested for the cursing itself (in the USA, anyway) but I can practically guarantee that cop will find another reason within the scope of the law to arrest you anyway...just to get back at you for telling 'em to fu** off.

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Yes a person can be arrested for disorderly conduct. And I hope they beat the crap out of that person. Their jobs are hard enough without people like that talking smack. They put their lives on the line everyday to keep us safe. How about some appreciation?

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Lou Diamond
It can...but why do you want to exacerbate an already tense moment with hysterics? Display courteous demeanor and you go on with your business."Tell it to the judge" if you have a legit complaint but keep your head at all times.

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Geoff C
Yes they could. They could charge you with disorderly conduct if they wanted to.

Would they? Most likley not.

when I was a Sheriff's Deputy I heard it all but you get thick skin and just ignore people for stuff like that. It is too much paperwork for such a stupid thing. Freedom of speech doesnt allow you to say what ever you want there are limits on it.

you can yell fire in a crowded building if there is none.

you cant say crude thing to little kids. like asking them for sex.

Free speech has limits

In the UK you will get done for what they call an ASBO for it (anti social behavior order)

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Darth Vader
That is not freedom of speech, that is freedom to get arrested.

It is also very stupid. Never cuss out somone who is carrying a gun and billy club.

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It did me. BUT that is not right, the supreme court of the US has ruled u can curse those pigs out. Look up the use of the big bad F word on the net.

Reversing Conviction for Saying “**** Off”

Contact: Jack Van Valkenburgh, Executive Director – 208-344-9750

Dennis Benjamin, Cooperating Attorney – 208-343-1000

BOISE, ID - The American Civil Liberties Union hailed today’s ruling of the Idaho Supreme Court that reversed the conviction of Patrick Suiter for disturbing the peace by saying “**** off” to an officer.

The Court’s news release can be found at: http://www2.state.id.us/judicial/opinions/suitnrl.pdf

and the decision can be found at: http://www2.state.id.us/judicial/opinions/suiter.pdf

The unanimous decision of the Court was that “**** off” is protected speech, was not likely to provoke a reasonable person to violence, and that the conviction by the jury could have been based upon his use of the protected speech.

The ACLU of Idaho and the Idaho Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers jointly submitted an amicus brief on this case. Dennis Benjamin, as cooperating attorney for the ACLU of Idaho, provided argument to the Idaho Supreme Court. In response to the court’s ruling, Benjamin said “The speech was offensive and regrettable, but the government should not be trying to play Miss Manners. That is not the proper role of criminal law in a free country.”

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