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 Should cop's be able to just?
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 Why aren't police officers in London allowed to carry firearms?
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 Question about this test?
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 Gun Control Laws in Great Britain?
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 Why and how would a probation officer need a letter or some proof that you are GOING TO move to another state?
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 What are the fines for first degree misdimeanor in ohio?
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 First time to attend the traffic school...what should i bring?
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 What irritates you the most about the Police?
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 When can I get my Driver's liscence?
If I get my permit on Wednesday, May 3 can I get my liscence on Friday, November 6 or will I have to wait until Monday November 9?
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it's actually not in the book....

Can cops come into my house and search without a search warrant?
This morning cops came into my house while i was in school and my dad was home but he doesn't speak english very well, the police officers did not have a search warrant did the have the right to search my house?If not what should i do?

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Rock Firestorm Sexytime
Yes I do it every day. I say I smelled marijuana and then push the home owner to the ground and spray them with mace. then when they are blinded I go into their kitchen, and make myself a sandwich.

You have no rights I am the law, and I will take what ever I want. You can't keep me out of your house, because I am the authority.

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No, tell them to come with a search warrant, if not you can get out your gun and shoot em' dead cuz thats what we texans do down south'

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I don't believe they have the right to search your house without a search warrant. They can however enter your home if they have probable cause (example: they are driving by and someone is screaming like they are dying) I don't think they can prosecute you for anything they found since they didn't have a warrant.. It would be dismissed in court.

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tell sumone! they broke the law, those *******. its in the U.S. Constitution, that they cant come in ur home

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If it was your dad's home or he was responsible for the home the police would have to have his permission to search without a warrant, depends on what they find. they might have to get a warrant then return

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If your dad allowed it, yes.

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absolutely NOT! eventhough the police are the 'law', they have no right to go into ur house without a warrant the only reason they copuld have gone in there is if

1. they had a search warrant (certified by a judge)
2. or they thought that someone was getting murdered (or someone is dead)

u should go to your local authorities and ask them why and on what grounds did they come in. if they have no answer for it, then you should file a complaint and say that your rights have been violated.

p.s: and if ur dad doesn't speak alot of english and they didn't offer him a translator, then u can say that violated his right as a person (maybe they'll see that as racisim though)

good luck :)

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Generally speaking, the answer is no. There are several exceptions, though, and without more information than you've provided there's no way to know if any of the possible exceptions might apply.

If you believe your father consented to a police search without knowing what he was doing, that's something that will have to come out in court (assuming something about the search ends up in court).

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Dan burtnick
NO There is absolutely NO QUESTION ABOUT IT. The Police are NOT allowed to enter your home unless 1 of 2 things are met.

1. The police have obtained a warrent from a judge.
2. You have allowed them to come in,

If it was 2, then you can ask them to leave at any time. The police may not enter your home unless they have a search warrent, or your dad invited them in, which is probably what happened.

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