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Can a police officer catch you on radar if he is driving directly behind you?
I was driving on the highway at about 63 mph.... a police officer in the center lane switched to the right lane directly behind me... he pulled me over and said i was going 70.... i asked him how he determined i was going 70 and he said that he caught me on radar....IS IT POSSIBLE??? I know was not going 70 but i wanna be sure that if i do go to court i know what i am talking about??

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He didn't get u on radar, he paced you. Take it to court, he might not even show up.

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I was also unaware that they can detect your speed while moving, but I used to have a cop friend and he said that if the cop said he detected you by radar, you could ask to see it to prove his statement. They can always say no you can't see it, but then why wouldn't they let you if they really did catch you on the radar?? Cops lie too, they're also human.

At the end of the month they must complete their quotas so they tend to be on the road more at the end of the month. Keep your eyes open and try not to speed too much.

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very very possible... but if you want to fight it in court you could bring up something about the radar equip. bc everytime a cop goes onto a shift he/she is supposed to check the radar to make sure it is accurate

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Ah, is it possible he clocked you by using HIS speedometer?

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yes they can radar you from behind plus they know how fast they are going and can figure out how far ahead you are from him.

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Yes!!! He could even catch you if he was moving the opposite direction

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Philip McCrevice
Yes, he can.

Unless you look like a total ******, cops have more important stuff to do than pull innocent people over.

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yes they can

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Yes, radar has been a proven technology for decades.

Years ago -- well, decades ago -- radar would only work if the unit was stationary. That's because if it was moving, you wouldn't get a good reading because both the unit and the target were moving. You'd get a false low result if you were travelling in the same direction as the target, and a false high reading if you were travelling in the opposite direction.

Modern radar guns give accurate readings because of increased computing power. It knows that almost every reflection a radar pulse will give out is actually a stationary item -- a tree, a building, a hill, the road. Then, there are a small number of items that are moving. The gun calculates the speed of the fastest moving target, subtracts from that the speed of the "stationary" targets, and arrives at a reliable speed reading that will stand up in court.

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♥Creole Lady♥
yessirree,. he can!!

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Yes, your speed can be clocked from a patrol car driving behind you. You always have a right to ask that the officer produce the radar reading. Otherwise, it's your word against his.

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They can, actually: I've been on a ride-along before. Well, actually 3 of them. Your speedometer could be off, or maybe you don't have the right tires on your car, and you're going faster than you think. The officer can actually gage oncoming traffic at the same time as his flow of traffic, too. You really want to take him to court over it? 9 times out of 10, you'll lose on this one: the only time you DON'T lose is when the officer doesn't show up to court on the day of the hearing. Besides, if you go to court, plead "guilty," the judge will more than likely knock down the fine amount.

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Some radar units have two antennas and a two switches. One antenna faces out the back window, the other out the front. The officer selects which antenna to use, and the other switch tells the radar which way the vehicle he wants to target is going.

The counting unit in the radar then makes the proper calculations based on the position of the switches. There is a diagram at the link below, look at the Golden Eagle or the Hawk.


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Yes, it is completely possible. Why wouldn't it be?

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yes, it is called "moving radar" it should state it on your ticket

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Yes. Most current radar units are designed to function both while moving and while stopped.

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amy g
yes he can, don't argue about it in court there is nothing you can do but pay the ticket.

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Yes; radar works while moving, and from any direction.

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