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Can a off duty police officer (in street clothes) do this????
1. Hold you in their custody-Physically
2. Not state that he/she is an officer
3. Search your property/person/vehicle

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Yes. They can do all those things. 1)If the person has authority from the state you live in (certified police officer), they are always on 'duty'. 2) They need probable cause.

Also, that juristiction stuff, it isn't 'real'. Police have to obtain state approval, so technically thay can perform their duties anywhere in the state they are certified. Most agencies however, tell their police to not get involoved unless it's a felony in progress.

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yes it doesnt matter if he/she is on or off the clock, they are still cops, and have taken an oath to uphold the law, and can get into trouble if they witness what they feel is a crime and do nothing, you and i both know that they cant illegally search your belongings, but there is loopholes, and you cant win, they can pretty much get aay with murder, youd be wasting your time to fight it, they are friends of the judges so they judges seldom ever overturn a officers decision so we are helpless vitims of swelled headed cops, i was pulled over last week on the water by marine patrol, he accused me of lying to him and searched every inch of my boat and was the biggest asshole that i have ever had the displeasure of meeting, i reported him for abuse of authority, and i was told that he was doing his job, although he was harrassing me something terrible

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It would depend on the laws of his state. In my state an officer can't do those things unless there is an immediate danger to human life, and/or a felony is going to/or is about to occur, and the officer has his credentials on his person.

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No, get a lawyer, he was probably not even a cop. They can't take you into custody or search your vehicle without cause or identification.

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as an off duty police officer, even any citizen can make a public arrest. that is if you are actually breaking the law, they only thing that he did went too far is not stating that he was a police officer before going and searching your private property, for that he needed to state he was a cop and then call for back up so some one on duty can proceed with what ever.

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He is on duty till death. But he has to identify him self as an officer and show proof in credentials, anddisplay a badge.
if he searches any thing, he has to state what for

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If warranted, they can make a citizens arrest and pass it along to the local police. If they are out of their jurisdiction they have no authority

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Any person can make a citizen's arrest. However they are not a police officier and it would not be legal to search you or your vehicle or hold you against your will somewhere. They could transport you to a police station however.
On the other hand if a plain clothes police officier did a search it would not be legally admissable anyway. You have to be read the Miranda rights for an arrest, a search warrant has to be issued for a search of car, UNLESS they have cause. For example if you act under the influence or have made a threat (for example if someone told them you have a gun) they could search. For anything to be admissable in court they do have to identify themselves as police officiers.
You really did not give enough detail to judge.
I would suggest calling your local police station (you can do so anonymously) and ask advice, or call a lawyer.

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In our area they can hold you in custody till the other police get there but they do have to state and probably show you proof that they are a cop. I really wouldn't think they could search your property or anything else untill the uniformed officers get there.

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here in va
no they can not do that that is very illegal and should of been reported to the authority.asap

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You haven't really met the burden of proof on whether they were truly off duty. When I worked narcotics, I wore street clothes all the time. And we technically didn't have to identify ourselves as we wore our badges on our necks or belts.

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brenda y
Sue!! Sue !! Sue!! Don't let this happen without pursuing it ! How did he make you stay? Couldn't you have Run away ? You don't really tell us details we need to know. How did he search your person/property? I really don't believe in frivolous lawsuits but this one is a necessary precaution against people who think they are above the law.

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1. They can physically restrain you but are subject to struggle and retalliation that can occur during any asault/battery situation. i.e. you can fight back, unless they properly identify themselves as police officers. That means clearly stating in an acceptable tone for the situation that they are a police officer as well as providing identifcation if the situation allows it.

2. In order to act as a law enforcement officer the person must state and show reasonable proof they are indeed an officer.

3. Searching property/person/vehicle can be performed to ensure no immediate threat such as hidden weapons or people, again only if they identify themselves as a police officer.

Of course, the identification issue becomes blurred in situations where it is common knowledge that the person is an officer of the law. This is very common in small towns or with prior encounters with said officers.

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I'd say NO. You should use your cellphone to call for help if this ever happens again.

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first they have to tell you they are law enforcement. then after tht they can detain you and ect. but the most important thing is they have to state they are an off duty officier other wise its consider;d kindnapping. if they didnt state tht and you have enough crediable whitness's you can charge the officier with unlawful arrest and detaining some one against thier will which is called kidnapping in my state. and only can search you if they have probale cause or your permission. if you dont think its a cop pulling you over dont stop, call 911 on your cell phone and tell them the situation, they will send another officier out to assist. but they have to state they are an officier of the law and off duty before they can do anything to you period. otherwise entrapment and unlawful detainment ect.

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An off duty officer has to identify himself to you and show you an ID if you ask. Once he has done that and if he has probable cause he can call the his buddies to come in. Before he searches the cop has to ask your permission. See an attorney if any of this has been done.

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If a person does not identify himself as a police officer with credentials, then you can defend yourself using whatever means to protect yourself from this guy. After all, you don't know him from Adam. If an off duty officer does the things you stated, he won't be a police officer any longer once the dept. finds out about it.

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yes and no, they can do all 3 IF they ID themselves; if he didn't, its your word against his. probable cause justifies a search at anytime.

fyi - they are always a cop on or off duty if in their state. there are many kinds of law enforcement, most don't wear a uniform, but they shld ID themselves if searching you by flashing a badge.

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Police are on duty 24/7. I doubt they didn't tell you they were law enforcement. You probably didn't hear them.

Besides, I could do that as a citizen arrest most likely.

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David L
Unless you are fully aware that this person is a police officer, you can do whatever you need to do to prevent this. Someone cannot hold you against your will. This is called kidnapping.
If someone does this without stating that they are a police officer, you can assume that you are being attacked and defend yourself ny whatever means necessary.
However, if its a case of you not hearing it, then yeah, they have that right. However, without your permission, or placing you under arrest, they cannot search your vehicle.
Get a lawyer.

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As stated.... no

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Problem Child
A police officer is a police officer 24 hrs a day.They are never "off duty" In NYS, for example, they MUST, under state law, act if a crime is comitted in front of them. Also, a Police Officers jurisdication is the entire state he works in, not just the boundries of his agencies. He is empowered to enforce state laws, regarless of where he is. In NYS, a police officer can not enforce traffic laws outside his geographical area of employment as well as laws that may be applicable to his governmental jurisdiction.
To answer you, yes, if you commit a crime in front of a Police Officer, you will be arrested.Regardless of his duty status. He is only off duty until he takes police action and then he is on duty. Anyone can actually make an arrest for that matter. As far as not stating, I find that hard to believe. Why would he not want to ID himself? The laws of search and seizure are still the same. Once he takes "Police Action" he is no longer off duty and is now on duty.Laws do vary from state to state, with some more liberal, but for the most part, a cop has police power 24/7. Thats why the are able to carry guns 24/7. They are not only expected to act off duty, but in many cases are required.

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He can do 1 and 2 but not 3. If this happened to you then I suggest you consult your attorney.

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