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 Can you get arrested or fined for attempting to buy alcohol under 21?
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 The smoking ban! UK!!?
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 How can I find out if my boyfriend was killed?
I'm not TOTALLY freaking out but for future reference, sometimes my boyfriend drives when it's dangerous to drive (weather reasons) and I get scared. However we live far away right now, ...

 Why do people run from the Cops?
Ok, so I watch Cops 2.0 a lot. Constantly people are trying to run away or get away with obvious situations that there going to get caught no matter what? Resisting arrest.... come on, there COPS ! (...

 How can you defend driving whilst using a mobile phone?
Beacause it was not a mobile phone ...

 Can I get in trouble for asking a cop for his phone number?
Every word of this story is the read deal. A day in the life of Josh... So I've been pulled over twice by the same police officer... The first time I was doing 60 in a 45. He asked why I was ...

 If a man goes to see a prostitute and gets arrested but he tells cops he has a video of the encounter?
would they let him go? because according to the law prostitution is legal as long as it's videotaped and you call it "porn"....

 What should an officer do when confronted with a traffic violater that refuses to sign a traffic citation?
Police make decision on the street everyday. Now it is your turn. You stop a vehicle speeding 45 in a 35. You just wrote a speeding ticket 10 minutes ago in the same location for the same speed. T...

 What does SWAT stand for?
Special weapons......

 Cyclists rarely stop when they injure pedestrians. Shouldn't they have insurance and wear number plates?

 Shoplifting Disaster!?
oh god, a while back (in january) i was shopping for a bday present for my brother. my mom let me walk around while she picked up the cake. I saw this toy i really liked (called a squrmi/squirmle) ...

 I need tips to "suck up" to a judge! please help!?
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 If you are attacked and are disabled and cant run to retreat and you defened your self to deadily force?
if you cant run but you are armed and defened your self.what are the likly out ...

 Why are Police Officers stereotyped as dumb?
I make good grades and I have a GPA of 4.5 in High School right now. I want to be a Law Enforcement officer but I've heard people say that with my grades I should do something else...I've ...

 Can I call the cops on a 5 year old delequent kid?
I have this little kid living upstairs causing a whole bunch of trouble. He litters, bother other kids playing and bad mouth and yell racial comments to residents walking by.

I love kids ...

 Who would win a fight!?
50 tweddy birds and all american polices, oh manbe 50 tweddy bierd are too much, how about 10 tweddy birds and all american polices?...

 Is it possible to acquire a licence to carry a concealed firearm in the uk?
i know its possible to get a firearm ilecence for rifle, pistol, shotgun, etc
but these dont allow you to carry it in public apart from in you car on you way to a shooting ground etc
so can ...

 What are the rules regarding temporary traffic lights?
Can I go through a red light if the road is clear?...

 Question for people familar with law enforcement agencies...?
A friend of mine has her doubts about her new boyfriend job/ job history. He is currently 26 years old and says he works for the secret service but cannot tell her anymore than that. He also says he W...

Can a cop show you their penis?
if a male cop is setting up a female escort for prostitution is he allowed to show his penis? and if he is how can a female escort test a customer to see if he is a cop first? this is in california

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that sexual harassment. report it.

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Depends, how big is he?

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Soldier For Life
If a police office does that he wants to loose his job.

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"Their" is plural, so unless all cops share just one, I guess not.

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me too
If i was a cop and they was paying I might even knock off a peice

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No. Prostitues get busted when they offer sex for money. A cop can not offer money for sex, he must wait for the prostitue to make the offer, otherwise it is entrapment.

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Non-Compassionate Liberal
Not in Pennsylvania.

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Listen, just tell the "customer" I would love to give you head right now b/c im horney...If he complies, he is not a cop (on duty at least) An undercover cannot legally get a "*******" and you cannot get arrested if you do it for "fun" and not for "money"
sooooooo if he does in fact recieve a *******, for free he is absolutly not a cop!!! (at least not a cop who is actually working)

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Of course not. What kind of a question is this at 4 o clock in the morning?

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If a cop shows you his penis, that is grounds for disciplinary action! He can be fired! That lewd conduct is not part of his job!

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Dog Lover
Obviously your a person ( notice I did not specify sex )thinking about entering the prostitution business.

OK, sport, bottom line, us undercover guys cant engage with you in any aspect.. that violates the rules... so, don't ask me to show you my cock!

Next, all I need is the offer to put you in the joint.... so, maybe you need to stop what your thinking of doing and go to college and find a job that you don't have to worry about.

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James P
Here it is from the horse's mouth.

A police officer can absolutely, positively, show you his penis in the course of this type of investigation. It is such a popular urban legend that the police can not show their penis that many prostitutes (male and female) will directly ask to see the penis before they will even discuss sex for money.

Remember that officers serving as John's in prostitution stings are working in an undercover capacity. Although a uniformed officer would very likely get disciplined for such actions, an undercover officer is allowed to take actions necessary to complete his (or her) job. An undercover alcohol enforcement officer may drink on duty if necessary. An undercover drug officer may simulate drug use. An undercover vise officer may have to show his penis. Rules apply VERY differently to undercover officers and vary dramatically from agency to agency. That being said, it IS NOT illegal for an officer to show his penis at the request of a prostitute as a means of proving that he is not a cop.

Cops also do not have to tell you they are cops if you ask. That's another urban legend.

As to entrapment remember that entrapment only applies if the officer's actions make the suspect commit a crime that they otherwise would not have committed. Showing your penis to a woman (or man) who then offers to perform sex for money is not entrapment. Showing your penis to a woman (or man) and then badgering them for an extended period of time, encouraging them to give you sex for money, forcing them into it, etc., would make the situation one of entrapment.

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