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Ansar H
Can a cop arrest you with out reading you your rights?
i went to Ohio and there is a place called Columbus the police dont read your right to you is that illegal

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No, they can't, yes it is illegal.

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They can, but it is not standard procedure and it involves investigation and litigation.

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likely, no

but the secret police, FBI and others can come in and dissappear you without charge, based on executive interpretation of 'enemy'

any person who does not share same political (religious included) views can be deemed a threat or danger to thier power and you can be locked away without charge indefinetly thanks to GW and his PNAC henchmen's attacks on our rights.

think you are safe? even sects inside Christianity are considered (like Mormons with polygamy sects) illegal and felons for belief alone

wait until the ball drops and you will regret your silence

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Yes -- they can arrest you. However, the arrest will not hold up in a court of law.

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And how would you know whether or not the police read people their rights in Columbus, Ohio?

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Joe T
they can still take you to jail, but your charges will be dropped before you actually get to court....

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Chit P
Yes. it is illegal. it's called a miranda violation. A person must be read his rights and understand them once placed under arrest, but not for a simple interrogation. For example, if a polish person is put under arrest, read his rights, but did not understand them, the case will be thrown out because he didn't understand that he was entitled to an attorney...However, there are special circumstances under the patriot act. but that clause could be overturned if someone challenged it...maybe in ohio?

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Eric F
The CAN arrest youif they ahve an arrest warrent or resonable cause, however if they forget to properly mirandize you you can easily get off.

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They can handcuff you bring you in for questioning, but that time is limited. They have have up to 24hours. However, that depends on the state you live in. Then they can decide to charge you are not. If they charge you then they must begin by reading you your rights.

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In some states they do not have to read you your rights, I found that out in oklahoma! you might check with a lawyer

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miss advice
by not giving you your Miranda rights, they are violating your civil liberties. in such cases, anything you might have said to the police before your lawyer arrives- even if you confess to the crime- is inadmissable in a court of law. (though i would never advise confessing.)

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This Is Not Honor
Nope, but the government can.

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If a cop dosn't read you your Miranda rights it means that anything you say can not be used agansit you in a court of law.

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Screaming Eagle
It is if you say "I already know them", or don't let him read them to you.

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Yes it is legal not to immediately read your rights. In most states, you can be arrested, taken in and held in jail for up to 24 hours without being charged and they do not have to read you your rights. Also, they may take you into protctive custody (not an arrest actually, but it sure can feel like it) as a material witness, in which case you have no rights to be read to you since you are not accused of a crime.

The thing is what they can use in court later. Anything you say before they read you your rights might or might not be admissible in court (they may not be able to use the fact you said you killed the guy, but they CAN use a witness who heard you say it before they read you your rights), but AFTER they read you your rights, then anything you say can and will be used against you...

If arrested, whether they read you your rights or not, say nothing except to ask for a lawyer and then KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT.

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pat s
Yes they can arrest you without reading you your rights.....they have to advise you your rights before questioning you about the crime.

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Brian S
It is illegal to do that

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Mama Pastafarian
The police are only required to read your rights to you when:
1) You are clearly being detained, and are not free to go
2) You are being interrogated.

If you are not under arrest, or you are not being questioned about the alleged offense, they don't have to read you your rights.

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It is not illegal but it opens the door for an arrested person to keep his or her statements to the police out of court.

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big bad momma
i don't believe there is any place in America where once your told your under arrest they are not suppose to tell you your rights that grounds for a dismissal if you could get them to admit to not telling you

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Nothing says that a cop has to read you Miranda when you are arrested as long as probable cause exists to arrest without your statements. MIranda comes into play if you are questioned about a crime either before or after an arrest. All it really is, is a warning that you have the right to not incriminate yourself by making a statement before you have consulted an attorney and it really is good advice to take.

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acid tongue
you let homeland security take that right away

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Pretty much yes.

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Criminal Law: Arrest and Evidence FAQ

What are Miranda rights?

I wasn't read my Miranda rights. Does that mean all charges will be dropped?

If I don't want to say anything after being arrested I'm within my rights, correct?

I was arrested but the officer didn't have an arrest warrant. What gives?

Q: What are “Miranda rights”?

A: Your Miranda rights include:
You have the right to remain silent
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law
You have a right to have a lawyer present while you are questioned
If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you
Miranda rights do not have to be recited prior to an arrest or to ask routine questions such as your name and address needed to establish your identity. Generally, the police will "read your rights" if you are going to be questioned. If you are questioned outside the presence of your lawyer without providing you with your rights, any answers you give probably cannot be introduced in court as evidence against you.

Q: I wasn't read my Miranda rights. Does that mean all charges will be dropped?

A: If these warnings weren’t provided to you before you were questioned, the information you provided may not be used against you. However, this doesn’t mean the case will be dropped, only that the authorities will need to proceed with the case, should they choose to, without using the statements you made. If you voluntarily gave information without being questioned, that information may still be used.

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Lori H
No it is not illegal. You can be arrested and jailed without being read miranda. Lets say you get stopped for drunk driving. He inventories your car and finds a bag of weed. He takes you to jail reads you implied consent for the breath test, you take the test or not what ever. He charges you with DUI, and possession marijuana. Before the Officer can ask you questions about where you got the weed he has to read you miranda. An officer does not have to read you your "rights" unless he is asking you questions.

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Ok, obviously too many people have no idea of the law.

Yes they can arrest you without reading you your rights, They only have to read your rights to you before they question you.
And if they do question you without, they just can't use what you say against you.

So if they catch you with enough evidence, and don't ever question you, you can be arrested, tried and convicted without ever hearing your rights.

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I'am a lawyer, yes they can.

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Reading the Miranda Warning to an arrestee only pertains to obtaining statements, not the arrest itself. You can be arrested, booked, jailed, and prosecuted with no one ever reading rights to you. It's only if the police wish to question you and use your responses as possible evidence against you that the implications of no Miranda Warning takes effect.

Many arrests don't require questioning.

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The US supreme court has ruled that there are two triggers to Miranda. One is that you are in custody and the other is that you are being interrogated for a crime. A person can be arrested without being read their Miranda warnings if they are not being interrogated. For instance, an officer sees someone taking a leak on the side of the road in full view of the general public, that individual can be arrested without being read their Miranda rights. However,. if after he was arrested, the officer wanted to ask him questions about why, then the arrestee would have to be read Miranda.There are numerous other instances where Miranda does not apply. This is just one example.

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