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The threats are in writing and I am in the UK....

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 I own a car that my Mother has been driving, she has both sets of car keys.?
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 Shannon Matthews is alive!! Have you heard??
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 Is that true that, in US, Civilians has rights to have arms without license?
Is that true that, in US, Civilians has rights to have arms without license?...

Can I go to Canada if I'm on probation?
I'm on probation for shoplifting and my probation says that I need permission to leave the state however they cannot grant permission to go to Canada unless I already have permission to enter Canada. I just want to go for one night and it's for a formal dance that I've had planned for about a year. The dance isn't until April and my probation will almost be up then. Do you think I can get through the border without them checking? And if not how do I go about trying to get permission to enter Canada?
Additional Details
Thanks for all the answers but I'm just asking since my probation says there's a possibility to get permission from Canada....How do i do that? Who can I contact

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Juan O
better yes

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Joe S
I would think that would be completely up to your probation officer. I have never heard of anyone being denied entry to Canada by Canada because they are on probation. If you are not sure I would say call your local police and they should be able to direct you to someone who can answer your questions.the or visit this website. http://www.rcmp.ca

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Why does everyone hate me?
Hello. I am a Canadian citizen working in Louisiana. I am very educated with my countries legal/justice system. Canada is getting tougher and tougher with there laws. The law states that if you have a criminal record, you may not enter the country. But at the same time, we are still a pretty liberal and forgiving country. If you are very serious and intent on going to Canada, I would contact a customs official in Ottawa and apply for a pardon. But I am not sure your state probation officer would be to keen on you leaving the US. If you want more info, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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LMT in training!
OK why are you risking it?!?! If your probation would almost be over, why would you even try it? If you don't follow the rules of your probation, you will be in even more trouble! If you wanted to go so badly, you should not have shoplifted!

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if i was u i would not go because if ur leaving state ur probation officer could find out...sorry u better wait..

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pretty sure they don't want shoplifters up there. they probably won't check, but you don't want to be caught if you do.

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No you can't go to canada if you are on probation.

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que otro hay
depending on where you are, look up the nearest consolate general for canada and ask them. they are real government representatives of canada and can probably direct you in some way. each office only deals with certain territories of the usa so check accordingly. the link is below. it seems like a logical resource for your situation.

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Chilly Willy
Someone is controlling you.Don't tell them,how will they find out,if you don't get into trouble up there.

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Probably not, but if you're smart you can get away with it and they'll never know you left.

If you have to check in with your probby just call from a cell phone that way he cant tell your in canada by the weird phone numbers

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My mom just moved to canada from the states and got married. Both my sister and my husband can not cross the border because they have records. My moms husband in canada had a drug charge from like 30 years ago and he can't even get into the states. He had to apply for a waiver just so he can come to the states and meet the family. The border crossing to and from canada is very strict!

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Are you asking me if it is legal to do something illegal?
Because, I would have to say that's a yes.

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You'll have to get a travel waiver from the Pardons people. If you don't have this waiver they can deport you back to the US and you can get in a whole butt load more trouble. I know the waiver here in Canda costs around 450.00, so I can't imagine it costing much more then that in your State.

Here's the website for the American Pardon Services, it'll have all the info you need on travelling to Canada when you have a record:


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If you go without both Canadian permission and that of your probation officer, you will get busted and probation will be revoked. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.
KrazyKyngeKorny(Krazy, not stupid)

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I would talk to your probation officer about it.

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You need to get permission to enter from the Canadian Ministry.

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boo to shoplifters! up with payers. go me. GO WAFFLES!

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yeah but you have to tell your P.O. before you even leave the state. just ask your P.O. it should be no problem.

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You'd get jailed. Your better off checking with your probation officer. They'll find out ... they always do. And think of how unhappy you'd be if they found out you snuck out of the country ... LOL!

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Magma H
Girlfriend, postpone your trip.
Not unless you wish to do some "deep" servicing to Big Bertha locked up in the same jail cell as you do when you get detained at the border.

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I know Canada may not let you in. They have full access to your criminal record at the border. They are stopping people with things like DUI from entering, even for a day trips.

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