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 Can I still get in trouble by an officer while being on probation if he never gave me a citation?
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 Am I going to jail for this?
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 Will i have to go to court?
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Can I break up a fight?
If I'm walking with my friend and this girl comes up and starts grabbing or pulling my friends hair can I pull the girl off my friend or will I be the one in trouble?

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Matthias G
Awesome question, no idea though I wanna see what the answer is.

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You could get in trouble, but it wouldn't be anything serious. Anyway, if she's really your friend you wouldn't debate it, you would just do it.

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>"can I pull the girl off my friend"

No, you should let your friend get beaten to death! :)

Let me ask you this, if someone came up to you and started physically assaulting you and you were with a friend, how would you feel if your friend just stood there and watched? Breaking up a fight or preventing one is not the same thing as participating/encouraging a fight. Try to do what's reasonable short of getting hurt or escalating the situation.

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sure you can break up a fight. you won't get in trouble unless you join in and knock out the other girl

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arabian goddess
yes you can break up the fight because you are helping your friend and there is nothing wrong.

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You can pull her off depending on the situation if its just a joke type thing then i wouldn't but if its a serious thing definitely break it up and if you get in trouble then your friend isn't a true friend.

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Using minimal force possible you can break up a fight.

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It's a pretty sad world we live in when we have to worry about defending another human being. If your purpose is purely aid in defense, I cannot think of a statute that would make that illegal. Self preservation is a basic natural right. So too is the right to defend those who cannot defend themselves.

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Soph H
Of course you can, that's your friend the girl is hitting! But there is a thin line between breaking up a fight and getting into a fight. Use calm language and try and break up the fight by words, if you cant and their just not listening obviously you have to do something. Just make sure YOU don't take it too far!

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There is nothing illegal about breaking up a fight. Now, if you jump on her back and start beating her down, that is another story.

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